tb-coax installation.indd

tb-coax installation.indd
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Guidelines for Installation of Flex Coax
Install in accordance with the installation drawing.
Any tech sheet or manual deals in generalities to some extent. Your installation may contain unique features that will
only be shown in your installation drawing, so study it and follow it carefully.
Do not stress flex coax cable by bending it too sharply or too close to a connector.
Semiflex cable has a minimum bending radius, specified by the manufacturer. Bending it too sharply will damage the
cable. See the folllowing table for the various sizes.
Min Bend
Min Distance from
5” (127 mm)
8" (203 mm)
8” (203 mm)
8" (203 mm)
10” (254 mm)
8" (203 mm)
bend radius,
Stressing a coax connection after assembly can detune
the system. Therefore, never make a connection and then
bend or twist the cable. Likewise, do not use the connector
and flange to force the coax into shape. Form the coax to
the desired shape before attaching it and align the connection properly, then make the connection. It may be helpful to
model the coax layout before bending, using a semi-rigid rope or water hose.
"Bullets" and bullet guides
Inner conductor connectors are often called "bullets." Install coax sections carefully to prevent "split bullets," when an arm
of the inner conductor connector is stuck outside the conductor instead of inside.
Feedline inner conductors include “bullet guides” to help prevent split bullets. Be sure the bullet guides are in place
before assembly.
Do not use silicone grease on the O-rings, as this tends to dissolve the silicone O-ring. Use only a light lubricating coat
of petroleum jelly; too much may hamper electrical contact and contaminate the interior of the system.
Be very careful that each O-ring is seated in its groove and not pinched between flange contact surfaces, as this will
cause a leak in the system and will be expensive to find and repair.
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