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Nokia Holder Easy Mount
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This mounting device allows you to
attach your compatible Nokia mobile
holder to the windshield of your
To use the mounting device with your
compatible mobile holder, attach the
mounting device to the windshield,
adjust the mounting device into the
desired position, and attach your
mobile holder to the mounting device.
General safety instructions
Obey all local laws. Always keep your
hands free to operate the vehicle
while driving. Your first consideration
while driving should be road safety.
Only operate the mounting device or
mobile holder if it is safe to do so
under all driving conditions.
When you install the mounting device
or mobile holder, ensure that they do
not interfere with or hinder the
steering or braking systems or other
systems used in the operation of the
vehicle (for example, airbags) or
disturb your field of vision while
Check that the deployment of the
airbag is not blocked or impaired in
any way.
Ensure that the mounting device or
mobile holder is not installed where
you might come in contact with it in
the event of an accident or collision.
Periodically check that the suction
cup at the bottom of the mounting
device is firmly attached to the
windshield, especially if the ambient
temperature changes a lot.
Never leave the mounting device
inside the vehicle in direct sunlight or
in excessive heat. The mounting
device and suction cup may be
damaged and adhesion may be
impaired if the inside temperature
exceeds +70°C (160°F).
Attach to a windshield
Locate a safe mounting surface on
the windshield, and clean the surface
thoroughly with a glass cleaner and a
clean towel. If the ambient
temperature is below +15°C (60°F),
carefully warm the surface and the
suction cup with a hair dryer to
ensure a firm grip on the windshield.
Ensure that you do not heat the
windshield excessively to avoid
damage to it.
Press the suction cup at the bottom
of the mounting device firmly on the
windshield (see step 1 at the start of
this guide), and carefully push the
locking lever inside the mounting
device (2) towards the suction cup to
create a vacuum between the suction
cup and the windshield. Check that
the suction cup is firmly attached.
To detach the mounting device from
the windshield, carefully push the
locking lever toward the top of the
mounting device (3), and pull the
strap located on the edge of the
suction cup (4).
Set to the desired position
Do not adjust the mounting device
while driving.
To set the top of the mounting device
to the desired position, loosen the
two screws in the middle of the
mounting device, turn the top to the
desired position, and tighten the
screws (5). Ensure that the top of the
device is firmly locked into place.
To set the mounting plate at the top
of the mounting device to the desired
position, loosen the screw below the
plate, turn the plate to the desired
position, and tighten the screw (6).
Mount the mobile holder
To attach a compatible Nokia mobile
holder to the mounting plate, use the
screw supplied with the holder.
For example, to use the mobile holder
CR-39, remove the protection plate
with the Nokia text from the holder,
attach the holder to the mounting
plate with the supplied screw, and
replace the protection plate (7). Insert
your phone into the holder, and press
the clamps at the sides of the holder
until the phone is firmly in place. To
release the phone, press the button
below the left clamp. The mobile
holder CR-39 supports mobile devices
with the following dimensions: height
95 - 120 mm, width 42 - 55 mm,
thickness 13 - 26 mm, weight 200 g
at maximum.
When attaching a mobile holder,
ensure that the phone display is
clearly visible for the user. For your
safety, install the holder in the
upright position.
Care and maintenance
Your device is a product of superior
design and craftsmanship and should
be treated with care. The suggestions
below will help you protect your
warranty coverage.
• Keep all accessories and
enhancements out of the reach of
small children.
• Do not use or store the device in
dusty, dirty areas. Its moving parts
can be damaged.
• Do not drop, knock, or shake the
device. Rough handling can break
fine mechanics.
• Do not use harsh chemicals,
cleaning solvents, or strong
detergents to clean the device.
• Do not paint the device. Paint can
clog the moving parts and prevent
proper operation.
If the product is not working properly,
take it to the nearest authorized
service facility for service.
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