HP Blue Spot Color Print Cartridge
HP Spot Color Print Cartridges
HP designed the C6168A (red), C6169A (green),
C6170A (blue), and C6173A (yellow) Spot Color print
cartridges for industrial printing applications that require
spot colors to enhance their operations.
HP's Spot Color ink and thermal inkjet technology make
color printing quick, easy, and as affordable as
monochrome printing because it relies on easily
replaceable ink cartridges rather than ink drums and
plates. These print cartridges are designed to print 600
dots per inch in applications where high-quality output on
porous media is required.
The HP C6168A,
C6169A, C6170A, and
C6173A Spot Color print
cartridges achieve
low-cost, high-quality
printing, and enhance
“eye appeal.”
• Faster drying time – less than one second on most plain
paper – enables higher production rates and faster
printing on porous media.
• A cost-effective option for personalizing and enhancing
mailings and direct marketing messages with
eye-catching color.
Color Performance
These cartridges produce the equivalent of the following
PMS color values when printed at 600 x 300 dpi on
plain white multipurpose paper and viewed under office
light conditions:
Integrated Driver Head (IDH) technology coordinates
individual nozzles through a multiplexing scheme that
fires all 300 nozzles through 52 interconnect pads.
179 U
355 U
3005 U
HP Spot Color print cartridges can be snapped in and out
for easy replacement. These cartridges have a thermal
sense resistor, which measures temperature, and enables
thermal management and burnout protection for the
print head.
Pantone yellow U
HP's Spot Color print cartridges offer:
• Non-contact, drop-on-demand thermal inkjet technology
that ensures quiet printing.
• Easy replacement, which ensures print quality and
lowers maintenance costs.
These PMS values are for reference only. Results may vary
depending on paper hue and light source.
Why choose HP?
HP is the worldwide leader in imaging and printing
technologies. We bring our innovative, reliable,
environmentally-friendly, and easy-to-use solutions to a
variety of industrial markets. As pioneers of thermal inkjet
printing, HP knows the technology inside and out.
HP Spot Color Print Cartridges
Frequently asked questions
Who are the ideal users of
Spot Color print cartridges?
Spot Color print cartridges are designed for companies in a variety of industrial markets that require spot colors to
enhance their operations.
What are the key
advantages of these print
• Changing from black to color can be almost instantaneous.
• Achieves low-cost personalization of mailings and direct marketing messages using color text and graphics.
• Drying time is fast – less than one second on most plain paper.
• Enables the use of color to attract attention to key words and ideas, accelerate recall, and improve comprehension.
How can Spot Color print
cartridges increase
response rates?
Research shows that consumers respond to print quality and color. For example, in the direct marketing industry, color
sells products more effectively than monochrome. Color also improves consumer comprehension and recall. For
example, Spot Color cartridges can be used to:
• Add targeted information, company logos, or messages right on the substrate in one simple operation.
• Attract attention to key words or ideas.
• Increase the likelihood that the recipient will open and read the mail piece.
What are the advantages
of HP Thermal Inkjet (TIJ)
• Cost-effective. Requires no warm-up cycle and no downtime. When it's time to replace a print cartridge, replace only
the one that's needed.
• Easy to use. No special training is required to operate and maintain thermal inkjet printers. The print cartridge
design allows it to be snapped in and out for easy replacement.
• Fast. Hundreds of tiny nozzles firing at a high frequency allow high-quality printing at high speeds.
• Reliable. TIJ is less sensitive to air bubbles in the firing chamber than other printing technologies, avoiding print
quality problems and delays caused by trapped air.
• Flexible. Supports a wide variety of media.
• High quality. TIJ places smaller drops more accurately, producing consistently superb image and text quality.
• Environmentally safe. With thermal inkjet, there is no need for service technicians qualified to handle volatile
solvents, and no noxious fumes.
• Lower cost of ownership. A thermal inkjet printer can cost tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars less than other
printing equipment, reducing the market entry cost.
Technical specifications
Contact information
C6168A (red), C6169A (green), C6170A (blue), C6173A (yellow)
Ink type
Red, green, blue, and yellow dye-based aqueous inks
600 dpi
To discuss inkjet technology OEM opportunities with HP:
• Go to www.hp.com/oeminkjet and send us an email
Nozzle count
• Call 858-655-3524 and leave a voicemail message.
Print swath
.5 in
Maximum firing frequency
12 kHz
Avg. drop volume
26 pl
Avg. delivered ink (ccs)
42 ccs
Number of electrical
interconnect pads
Operating conditions
10 to 40° C, 10 to 80% RH
Shipping/storage conditions
(in original packaging only)
10 to 30° C, 5 to 80% RH
Altitude: 0–5000 meters
Orientation: nozzle up or side
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