What is Geo-Coding? - Real Green Systems

What is Geo-Coding? - Real Green Systems
What is Geo-Coding?
Geo-coding is the one time process of locating and recording the
map coordinates for each customer record. Once the customer
has been correctly located Mapping Assistant will use that
coordinate from then on.
The Service Assistant has automated and interactive geo-coding
tools to help us with this task. Let’s take a look…
Map Point 2013 is available Now.
Current Map Data also helps With improved geocoding Results.
Geo-coding with Carrier Route Data
Installing the Carrier Route data will greatly improve the geocoding process especially the interactive portion. It is highly recommended to install prior to performing any geocoding activities.
Geocoding Tools?
Automated Geo-coding
The first option is “Geo-code Customer Database”. Once selected,
Service Assistant asks you if you are sure. Simply click yes and it will
automatically go through and locate as many of your Active, Canceled
and Estimate status customers as it can. Once finished repeat this
process with the “Geocode Marketing Customers” utility.
Interactive geocoding
It is important that the manual geo-coding process be
done as accurately as possible, as geo-coding
the foundation for successful routing.
If the customers aren't located correctly, your routes
will not be sequenced correctly.
customer list report
A quick interactive
geocoding utility.
Customer List
The Un-geo-coded Customer List allows you to select those customers
that are missing a latitude and longitude coordinate, by route code or
status. You can print, preview or export this report.
To start the geo-coding utility, press the Mapping Assistant button.
Find Window
If an exact address match can’t be made, Mapping
Assistant will display the best matches possible.
Select and press OK if there is an acceptable match in
the list.
Can’t find the address?
Don’t worry - we have some
other tools available that will help us locate the customer.
Lets take a look at the
Geo-coding Tools.
Carrier Route Search
•Same Street
•Carrier Street Segment
•Carrier Route
•Postal Code
By clicking the binoculars, Mapping will send you to either a carrier
route, same street or street segment of a customer that already exists
on that street.
Yahoo, Google,
Start Over
The Start Over button will
reload the address into the
Find Window and let you try
to locate the customer
another way.
Manually Move/Locate
the Customer
1) Click on the pin to select, a box will appear around the pin.
2) Hover the Mouse over the selected pin, the cursor will switch to a compass
3) Press and Hold the left mouse button to drag the pin to the new location.
View & Update Directions and Map
Any Directions currently on the
account will be displayed here.
New directions can be added
Directions are written back
to the customer’s file.
Directions will print on tech
copy of the invoice.
The “Skip” button is used if you or the mapping program cannot locate
the current customer. When you press the “Skip” button, you will
move on to the next ungeocoded customer.
The “Next” saves the customer once it has been located correctly. You
simply hit the “Next” button, press “Yes” and move on to the next ungeo-coded record.
The “Cancel” button is used to exit the mapping program. Once
you determine you can’t locate the customer or just want to exit
mapping, hit the “Cancel” button.
Geocoding from
the customer
We can also geocode a customer from the customer screen. Clicking the
Globe button will launch the geo-coding utility.
from the
If Service Assistant
can auto locate the
customer the
location will be
displayed on the
If customer
cant be
located the
same tools
are available
to help
locate the
Manually Moving a
customer from
customer screen
If you press and hold the left
mouse button on the stop, you
can drag and drop it anywhere
on the map. When a customer is
incorrectly geocoded, this is a
quick way to correct them.
Once the stop is where
you want it, click on the
MapPoint Tools Menu in
Mapping and select an
“Update Service
Assistant Geocoding”.
This will save the
customers new location.
Otherwise the customer
will revert back to the old
When geocoding from the customer
Page Only… Muy importante!!!
Inventory Page
The Latitude and Longitude coordinates are stored on the customer
property inventory page. If you made a mistake, you can correct it by
deleting the lat. and long. from this screen and then try try again from
the customer tab.
Where to put the customer when a
street doesn’t exist???
• When a customer is located on a street that doesn’t exist, locate
them on the nearest cross street or at the entrance of the subdivision.
And then use the directions button to update directions to walk the
tech in. Those directions will print on the invoice.
•Update MapPoint data for better Street level data.
• Use our Mobile Assistant GPS devices for routing,
•Consult paper map books.
Re-Geocoding Utilities
These utilities should only be ran with caution when updating from any previous version of Map Point to Map Point 2013. The utilities will try to find a more accurate location for any customer records that were manually geocoded.
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