Full Feature Soft Client, iPECS Phontage

Full Feature Soft Client, iPECS Phontage
Your Communications Solution
Full Feature Soft Client,
iPECS Phontage
iPECS Phontage is not a CTI agent but an integrated virtual phone on your PC. Thanks to the advanced application design of the iPECS Phontage, you can experience seamless portable communication and productivity enhancing collaborative communications.
Powerful communication tool
User friendly interface
the Phontage delivers a pop-up with details
The iPECS Phontage is a PC application that
User centric interface is one of the major dis-
from your contact manager. You’ll know who
integrates the extensive iPECS voice com-
tinctions of the iPECS Phontage. The Always-
is calling and details of your calling history.
munications capabilities with communications
on-top Call assistant, Smart system tray,
Scheduled dialing adds to the power of
aware applications on your PC. The iPECS
Audio tuning wizard and wireless hook-switch
the Phontage as a personal assistant. The
Phontage user friendly interface enriches
integration provide an intuitive operational
iPECS Phontage has all the capabilities of
your communications experience and eases
interface for every user.
your desk phone and more, you’ll enjoy the
ability to send and receive SMS messages
access to contact databases. The iPECS
to stay informed, assuring everyone gets the
support a variety of clients all supporting ad-
Simplify personal contact management
vanced QoS tools to assure high quality voice
The iPECS Phontage integrates with the most
to gain the advantage of a true collaborative
and video communications.
common contact managers including ACT!,
multimedia communication including video
GoldMine and Outlook. You can easily down-
conferencing, peer to peer instant messag-
A variety of client types
load and upload personal contacts to the
ing, and application and file sharing.
The iPECS Phontage is available in 3 ver-
iPECS Phontage and automatically synchro-
sions to meet the needs of each individual,
nize the database with Outlook contacts and
Basic, Deluxe and PDA. The Basic version
scheduler for simple database management.
Phontage is available with several versions to
works as a powerful tool for users with intense
provides the one-on-one multi-media commu-
Enhancing the communication
nication functionality. For the frequent
The iPECS Phontage is a powerful personal
traveler, the iPECS Phontage PDA is the per-
assistant that enriches the communica-
fect multi-tasking mobile communicator. User
tion experience. With links to your contact
can also make calls from their web browser
manager simply dial by name and Phontage
using the ActiveX controlled compact client,
finds and dials the number. Register Phon-
the iPECS Web Phone.
tage with your desk phone and seamlessly
communication needs. The Deluxe version
switch voice from your PC by just lifting the
desk phone handset. With incoming calls,
message straight. Add the Phontage Deluxe
High quality voice
• High voice quality w/GIPS voice engine
Multimedia communication
• Multiple codec support: G.711 & 729
• Video conference: QCIF, Up to 3 party
• QoS, Echo cancellation, Noise suppression, Auto gain control
• Virtual conference room management*, Conference group call*
• 3 party application sharing during call connection, Instant messaging
during call connection
Call handling
• Dial by name from local DB
Value-added features
• P Bridge: PC base DB dialing and handset conversation
• LDAP search and click to call
• 24 flexible buttons: BLF, Speed btn, Loop, etc.
• Automatic call recording: Working as a call recording agent
• SMS: Internal SMS, Fixed line SMS ETSI Type 1 & 2
• Call assistance: always on top DB search window
• On-demand call recording, Incoming call pop-up, 12 hot keys for
• Personal voice mail back-up to local HDD, 48 flexible buttons
frequently used features
• Outlook call pop-up: Incoming/Outgoing call pop-up from Outlook DB
• Hook switch integration: Audio910 Wireless, CS50/60 USB(Plantronics),
GN8120 USB(Jabra/GN Netcom)
DB management
• Latest mobile OS support: MS Window Mobile 6.0, Symbian 9.1&9.2
• DB import/export: ACT!, GoldMine, Outlook, Excel
• Automatic DB sync: Pocket Outlook DB, Selectable window theme
• Outlook scheduler auto sync., Scheduled dial and notification
• Phonebook and call log management, Click to call, Save to phonebook
iPECS Web Phone
• Web base Active X control compact phone client, Web admin as
User interface
access portal, High voice quality
• Smart tray icon with interactive pop-up menu, Quick call menu, Audio
• 12 fixed keys : TRANS, Redial, FWD, Conference etc.
tuning wizard for sound card control
• Password protection using TLS
• GUI call forward management, Clock or calendar mode display in main
• Keypad dialing
window, Multiple user log in profile
System Requirements
Phontage Basic/Deluxe
• Station LCD: Station number, Time & date display
Major Specifications
Operating System
Pentium 4 or compatible CPU
Microsoft Windows Vista
1 GHz clock speed or higher
Microsoft Windows 2003
256 Mbytes RAM
Microsoft Windows XP Home
200 Mbytes of free hard-drive space
Microsoft Windows XP Professional
1024 x 768 resolution monitor
Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional
Web cam ( Optional )
Headset (USB headset recommended)
Phontage PDA
iPECS Web Phone
ARM CPU (400 MHz or higher)
Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.0 Classic
Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.0 Professional
10 MB of free space
Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 for Pocket PC
320 x 240 resolution display
Microsoft Windows Mobile for Pocket PC 2003
Built-in wireless LAN Adapter
Symbian 9.1 & 9.2
Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or later Active X control enabled
* MCIM is required
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iPECS is an Ericsson-LG Brand
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