Philips 908210009819 Datasheet

Philips 908210009819 Datasheet
4.7GB / 120min
Inventor of CD and
DVD technologies
The DVD+R and DVD+RW markets are growing, and Philips is playing a leading role
in meeting end users' requirements by being among the first to introduce innovative
developments like for example high speed & high capacity discs.
Perfect solution for data, PC music, photo & games
• Excellent solution for back ups or temporary file storage
Ultimate Convenience
• Record over & over again at least 1000 times
• Access to your data on most existing DVD-ROM players
• One disc for all applications bringing environments together
• No time consuming formatting and finalisation required
• watch your recordings on most existing DVD video players
Save recordings in the highest digital quality
• Be assured you always get the highest picture quality
4.7GB / 120min 2x
Product highlights
Storage Media
• Disc capacity: 4.7 GB / 120 min. video
• Recording speed: 2x
Record over & over again
High ability to play back
Coverging environments
Date of issue 2007-02-23
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