Once you`re STB is up and running you may have to adjust your

Once you`re STB is up and running you may have to adjust your
Once you’re STB is up and running you may have to adjust your viewing habits a little. The system might be slightly
unfamiliar but very soon it will become second nature. These tips should help you along the way.
Getting Started
To access the television service, use the left and right arrows to find Television and press Ok. Within the television
menu you will see our television service. Select this icon and press Enter on your remote control.
Box TV Remote control
The EPG (Electronic Programme Guide) - The Pop-Up Menu button will bring up the main menu for The Box. Use
the up and down arrows to select your channel and press Enter to watch that channel. The menu updates every two
hours and the blue NOW line moves across the screen with the current time. When the channel you would like to
watch is highlighted in green press the Enter button to load the channel.
Exit the EPG - To exit the EPG without changing channel press the Pop-up Menu button again to return to the
channel you were watching.
On screen information - The Info button displays on-screen information about the programme you are
watching. On most channels it will show a description, channel, start and finish times.
Navigating the Menus - As with a Sky remote, the arrow buttons are used to navigate the menu. The OK button
will select the item highlighted (in green), much like a click of the mouse.
Panic Button - Due to fluctuations in the internet connection the menu can sometimes get stuck or otherwise
misbehave. Pressing the Top Menu button will close the television service and take you back to the STB menu.
From here you can reload. This will resolve most common issues. In the event this doesn't resolve the issue turning
the box off and back on is the next thing to try.
14 Days Catch-Up
The Catchup menu can be found on Channel 0 or at the top of the list of channels in the EPG. Press 0 > OK. A
selection of channels are recorded for 14 days and can be watched anytime on the Catchup channel.
The leftmost column contains all the channels that have been recorded. You can move up and down this list using
the arrow buttons on your remote control. As you browse channels the list of recorded programmes can be seen
updating on the right.
To watch a programme, move across to the programme list with the right arrow button, use the up and down arrows
to highlight the programme and press OK. You can sort the list of programmes by name and by date using the red
button on your remote. The date the programme was aired can be seen on the right of the screen and a description
can be seen at the bottom.
While watching a programme, if you would like to get back to the Catchup menu, for example to watch the next
episode of a series, press the stop button. This will stop the current video and load the Catch-up menu as you left
it. To get back to the EPG, press the blue power button. The video will continue until you change channel or press
the exit button to return to the video.
Videos on Demand
The Videos on Demand (VOD) work in a similar way to the Catch-up programming and can be found from channel
8001 to 8160. To find these channels enter the EPG, press 8001 on your remote. Use the up and down arrows to
choose the film you would like to watch and press OK. Films can take a few seconds to load. The 20 least watched
VODs drop off the bottom of the list each month and are replaced with 20 new ones.
Fast Forward on Catch-up and VOD
If you select a film or a catch-up programme that you have already started watching and would like to skip the
beginning, here are some methods of fast forwarding:
1. Pressing the right navigation button (next to the OK button) will fast forward by 10% of the programme.
2. Once the program has started:
a. Press the pause button (II), then press OK.
b. You will see a box appear on the screen allowing you to enter a specific time.
c. Enter a time and select the option Jump.
d. Press OK and you will be taken to the point of the programme you require.
3. To fast forward by 30 seconds press the BLUE button.
4. To rewind by 30 seconds press the YELLOW button.
In the event you experience any anything untoward with your box the first thing to try is the menu button, which gives
the box a quick reboot. When you press the Menu button the EPG should briefly appear, then be replaced with a the
loading screen. If the box does not respond to Menu, unplug the power lead from the back of the box and then plug it
back in. The box can take 2-3 minutes to load after being unplugged. This is normal; please wait.
Internet Connectivity
If your TV stops or the screen goes black and you receive a message saying "Buffering media stream data,
Please Wait" and, if after unplugging the box and plugging it back in, you get the error "Network problem" it means
that your STB is not getting a connection to the Internet. On a good Internet connection this should be a rare
occurrence, but often, when it does happen, rebooting your box and Internet router will solve the problem.
• Unplug only the power leads from the STB and internet router
• Wait two minutes and plug the router back in
• Wait two minutes for the lights on the router to settle down
• Plug your STB back in.
Upcoming events and online resources
Occasionally, maintenance and upgrade work have to be carried out on our equipment and software. This can result
in downtime. We plan these tasks for the early hours of the morning and we always give as much notice as
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