ScreenBeam™ USB Transmitter 2

ScreenBeam™ USB Transmitter 2
USB Transmitter 2
USB Transmitter 2
Wireless Display Transmitter
Enables Legacy Devices to Optimize
ScreenBeam Receivers
The ScreenBeam USB Transmitter 2 is an adapter that enables wireless
display from Windows devices that lack native Miracast™ support. The
global standard for wireless display, Miracast technology creates a point-topoint connection between the source device and the display, allowing users
to project the digital content from their laptop onto the big screen.
USB Transmitter 2
SBWD200TX02 ScreenBeam
USB Transmitter 2
Sold in USA, Canada
and China only
Educators and business professionals who have legacy devices can simply
plug in the ScreenBeam USB Transmitter 2 to the source device and obtain
wireless display connectivity to collaborate, create and communicate.
ScreenBeam USB Transmitter 2 extends the value of legacy devices and
enables wireless display from Windows devices that lack native Miracast
support. Windows 7/8 devices with an outdated CPU, Wi-Fi or graphics
cards can use this external transmitter to connect legacy laptop, tablet
and desktop devices to a ScreenBeam wireless display receiver. The USB
Transmitter 2 comes with software that is able to support and deploy
multiple laptops at a time.
Built for Dense Environments
ScreenBeam USB Transmitter 2 is specially designed to avoid channel
interference. Once plugged into a legacy device, the intuitive software of
the ScreenBeam USB Transmitter 2 automatically scans and allows users
to select the cleanest 5GHz channel for a strong transmitter-to-receiver
connection for maximum performance. Users also have the ability to
manually assign a 5GHz channel.
Extend the value of
Windows 7/8 devices
Connect to channels
automatically or
manually for maximum
Only wireless display
transmitter that works
with ScreenBeam
Enable visiting users to
connect to the wireless
display systems
ScreenBeam | Transmitter 2
Modern Conference Rooms and Classrooms
When paired with ScreenBeam receivers, ScreenBeam USB Transmitter 2
increases productivity and collaboration by enabling real mobility for educators and
business professionals. No longer tethered to the projector, presenters are able to
walk around the room engaging their audience, creating an interactive environment.
ScreenBeam USB Transmitter 2 is a high-performance commercial solution that
enables users of Windows legacy systems that lack native Miracast support to
experience the freedom of wireless display.
Compatible with all ScreenBeam receiver products
Intuitive software assigns the cleanest channel available to ensure
connectivity between ScreenBeam wireless display receivers and device
Supports 802.11ac, dual band
Devices Supported/Compatibility
Windows 7/8 laptops, tablets and two-in-one devices that lack native Miracast support
ScreenBeam wireless display
is the only solution that truly
enables commercial deployment
of secured and IT manageable
ScreenBeam wireless display receiver (sold separately)
wireless display. ScreenBeam
System Requirements
wireless display is the industry
Laptop or Desktop with Windows 7 or 8 (32/64-Bit) and AMD A6 or Intel Gen 3 Core i3 equivalent
with 2GB of memory, 150 MB of hard disk spaces and a USB 2.0 port
solution available. ScreenBeam
Dual-band 2.4GHz and 5GHz
USB 2.0 type-A
solutions are used as the validation
platform for wireless display
functionality by companies like
Regulatory and Compliance
device interoperability, making
it the most broadly compatible
standard for benchmarking and
Microsoft, Intel, and leading PC
OEM and device companies.
Actiontec is Microsoft’s co-
• Actual display resolution depends on a number of
factors, including source signal quality and CPU power
engineering partner for wireless
• Minimum system requirements apply
• Not compatible with iOS devices
display technologies in Windows.
Because of Actiontec’s status
as the industry leader, and our
ongoing investment in supporting
One year limited
you can be assured that you’re
industry device manufacturers,
deploying the most broadly
compatible, feature-rich wireless
display platform.
© 2017 All rights reserved. Actiontec and the Actiontec logo are registered trademarks, and ScreenBeam
is a trademark of Actiontec Electronics, Inc. All other names are properties of their respective owners.
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