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EN Installation and configuration instructions
Dürr Dental Mobile Connect
1 Information
•Start "Dürr Dental Mobile Connect Installation".
The Dürr Dental Mobile Connect software configures and connects the
DBSWIN database to the Dürr Dental Imaging iPad app.
The images stored in the DBSWIN database are transmitted via the Mobile
Connect interface to the iPad where they are displayed.
2 Requirements:
99 Wi-Fi access to establish the connection between the Dürr Dental
Imaging iPad app and Dürr Dental Mobile Connect
99 Windows 7, Windows XP operating system
99 Microsoft .NET 4.0 Framework
99 iPad with installed Dürr Dental Imaging iPad app
99 Dürr Dental DBSWIN from Version 5.3, including Mobile Connect
3 Installation / Configuration
3.1 System environment
With an existing network installation, check whether DBSWIN from
Version 5.3 is installed on the server.
If more than 5 clients are to be used, we recommend installing
Mobile Connect on one of the client in order to relieve the load on
the server. When using the iPads, the client on which Mobile Connect is installed must be switched on.
It is sufficient to install Mobile Connect on just one PC in the network even if several iPads are in use.
It is possible that the DBSWIN software is not installed. This is required, however, for the operation of Mobile Connect on the server.
Please read also chapter "4.5 Installation of DBSWIN (Clients)" in
the "DBSWIN Installation Manual, 9000-618-43/01".
If Mobile Connect cannot carry out the installation, it might be unable to access .NET Framework, see 5. Troubleshooting tips
•Follow the installation assistant to carry out the installation. Clicking
"Next" takes you through the installation. As soon as the button "Installation Complete" appears, terminate the installation by clicking "Close".
3.2 Installing Mobile Connect
•Activate the Internet access so that .NET Framework can be installed
during installation of Mobile Connect.
If no Internet access is available, download .NET Framework from
the DBSWIN DVD, see "6 Troubleshooting Tips"
•Start the DBSWIN installation assistant from Version 5.3 from the DVD
with "CD_start.exe" or if no DVD is available, download from the Internet at
Höpfigheimer Strasse 17
74321 Bietigheim-Bissingen, Germany
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Points of Particular Note During the Installation with
Mobile Connect
If the DBSWIN database has been installed on the server with drives (mapped network drive), you may be additionally prompted
to enter "User name" and "Password" during the installation of
Mobile Connect.
•Enter "User name" and "Password".
Please remember to enter the data for Windows users (not DBSWIN
The configuration page is automatically opened on terminating the installation of Mobile Connect.
3.3 Configuring Firewall
•Create an incoming firewall rule that permits the previously noted
TCP port, e.g. 2011, for the corresponding network.
In seldom cases the port can differ from 2011; in this case, enter
the port number noted in the previous step.
3.4 Starting the Imaging iPad app on the iPad
•Start the iPad app.
•Touch "
•Carry out a restart if the system has been installed on the server.
•Note the IP address and IP port for later steps.
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3.5 Configuration of the Imaging iPad app
•Click on "Register".
Data from the remote Mobile Connect server are set in this section. A
connection to the server can only be established with valid settings.
•Enter the previously noted IP address of the Mobile Connect PC. It is
automatically displayed after successful Duerr Dental Mobile Connect
•Enter the address and serial numbers of the devices in the top field of
the registration window.
•Enter the previously noted IP port. It is automatically displayed after
successful Duerr Dental Mobile Connect installation.
•In the lower field check the box "Mobile Connect".
•Enter the user name set in DBSWIN. Upon connection, the Imaging iPad
app will be registered with DBSWIN under this name. The user name
can be set within the DBSWIN configuration.
•Enter the password for the DBSWIN user.
3.6 Registering / Activating Mobile Connect
To activate Mobile Connect centrally, the registration data have to be sent
to Dürr Dental once.
Additional costs apply for the registration. The prices can be found
in the latest Dürr Dental price list or ask your dental dealer.
•Start the registration window: In the "Help" menu under the menu input,
click "Via DBSWIN".
•Send the registration to Dürr Dental by phone, fax, or e-mail.
If the registration is made by phone, keep the details in the
registration form as well as the station number at hand.
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3.7 Enter the activation code centrally
4 Update
•After receipt of the activation code, click
•Stop the Dürr Dental Mobile Connect service in the service manager of
the system manager.
•Enter the activation code in the fields and confirm with selection field
•Install the latest version. This updates the previous version.
•Start the Dürr Dental Mobile Connect service in the service manager of
the system manager.
Dürr Dental Mobile Connect is not updated when DBSWIN is
Please read also chapter "5. DBSWIN - Update in the DBSWIN
installation manual, 9000-618-43/01".
5 Deinstallation
•Mobile Connect is deinstalled via the "Programs and functions" manager
in the system manager select Dürr Dental Mobile Connect and deinstall.
When DBSWIN is deinstalled, Dürr Dental Mobile Connect is also
deinstalled automatically.
•Confirm the message with "OK".
•Close DBSWIN.
6 Troubleshooting Tips
Probable cause
Mobile Connect aborts installation
.NET Framework could not be downloaded as there •Connect to the Internet and start installation again.
was no Internet connection
•Start the .NET Framework from the DVD supplied
with the latest DBSWIN from Version 5.3. Install
Connection cannot be established between Mobile Connect and the Imaging
iPad app
Mobile Connect service is not automatically started
•Check whether the Mobile Connect service has
the attributes "Started" and "Automatic". This
information can be found in the service manager
under the system manager. If the service is not
running, start it.
Do not activate the firewall rules
•Carry out a restart under Windows XP to activate
the firewall rules.
Port settings of the corresponding firewall rule are
not correct, or not entered
•Check or enter the port settings.
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