Licencias de Axis

Licencias de Axis
Quick Installation Guide
Revision Date:
January 2015
Before installing the AX-PeCo application
Licenses for AX-PeCo
A. Before you install the AX-PeCo application the AXIS
camera has
to be configured to be accessible
through the network (use the Axis IPUtility or go to
“Basic Setup/TCP/IP” to configure the network
connection). For further information, please consult
the AX-PeCo manual.
B. The following camera features must be configured to
for the correct operation of the AX-PeCo application.
a. HTDV capture in M-3006 camera model.
b. 50 Hz frequency, you can set it on the start-up.
c. Date and time through NTP server,
Setup/BasicSetup/Date&Time. There are public
servers available such as
d. Internet access router; required to access the
NTP server.
e. DNS, e.g. and
C. The AX-PeCo application can be installed in the
following AXIS cameras.
To activate the AX-Peco application you must purchase
a license from your distributor or get a temporary trial
license as follows.
A. Buy a license: contact your distributor, remember
that each license is specific of single camera. The
distributor will provide a specific license code for
each camera you wanted to use with AX-Peco.
B. Activate the AX-PeCo license in the camera. Select
Setup in the top-right menu, select Applications in
the left menu, select the AX-Peco option, in the
drop down menu and click on License.
M3006 model: ARTPEC 4 processor
M3014 model: ARTPEC 3 processor
M3204 model: ARTPEC 3 processor
M3203 model: ARTPEC 3 processor
M3004 y M3005 AMBARELLA A5S processor
Note that the camera processor is important to select
the right AX-Peco application file. Download the right
application file either for ARTPEC-3 or for ARTPEC4 processors from our web page The file
has the following format:
AX-PeCo_version_processor.eap (e.g. AXPeCo_1_512_ARTPEC-3.eap)
D. A camera must be powered through its Ethernet
connector using PoE (IEE 802.3af). You must use a
PoE midspan or ensure that your network switch
provides PoE.
E. Finally, you will need a file with the license key (AXPeCo_serialnumber.key) or the license code as
explained in section Licences for AX-PeCo.
If you have already your .key file, click Browse to
select the key file and Install to install it in the
camera. Otherwise, click on the link,
to connect to the Axis license service
s/). This page will supply a license key by inserting
the License Code provided by your distributor and
your camera Serial Number.
(You can find the serial number in the product label and in the
Basic Setup screen as MAC address)
When clicking Confirm you will be informed of the
successful generation of your license key. Download
the license key file by clicking the link under the
lock icon, see figure below.
How to install the AX-PeCo application
To install the AX-Peco application you must select
Setup in the camera top-right menu and then select
Applications in the left menu.
Click the Browse button to select the appropriate
application file depending on your camera processor
and then the Upload Package button to send it to the
This will install the AX-Peco application in the camera.
Now, you must activate it with your license key.
C. Note that the license key filename identifies the
application and the camera serial number, for
example: ax-peco_00408cdc0533.key.
D. Trial Key. You can also request a Trial License
which will allow you to test the application for 30
days. After this period it will stop working. To get a
trial license select the option Get Trial Key in the
Axis page mentioned above. You only need to
specify the camera Serial Number to obtain a Trial
E. License key installation. Go to the camera and select
the menu Setup/Applications/AX-Peco/License.
Click the Browse button to select your license key
file and then press the Install button to install the
F. Final check. Click again on the Applications menu,
select the AX-Peco application in the list and check
that it is running and that the license is installed (if
the application is stopped, click on the Start button
to make it run)
Please keep in mind that:
Count Line Configuration.
On the left menu, use the
arrows in the Count Line
section to set up the people
traffic line in the image. To
define the counting zone
use the arrows at the
Width option.
Person Size Configuration.
Use the arrows in the
Person width section to
match the pink silhouette
to the actual person image.
Input/Output Configuration.
Choose the passing
direction in Input
Direction, press the
Toggle button to change
the selection.
Finally don’t forget to save the configuration.
 The camera must be placed in an overhead
position, over the counting area.
Setup up a timetable
Mounting the Camera
 The Count Line is the imaginary line set to count
people crossing in both directions.
 The camera must be oriented to ensure that the
Count Line will be horizontal with respect to the
camera view, i.e. people crossing vertically.
For further information please consult the technical note
with the camera selection table based on the passage
width and the available height in our web site
Counter configuration
You will configure the AX-Peco application in this last
Select Live view in the camera menu and click on the
link Visual Tools People Counter at the bottom left
The application has several tabs. Select the
Configuration tab. Click on the Refresh button when a
person is under the camera and centered in the field of
view. This will help estimating the person size as viewed
by the camera as explained here after.
Select the Counting Schedule tab to set up a
timetable. You can specify up to five different periods
per weekday. Don’t forget to save the changes before
you leave the screen.
Check the counter
Go to the Live tab to check that the AX-Peco is
counting properly. Press the Start button and check that
the counts are updated when people cross the counting
line. Press Stop to end the test.
Data download and management
To download and aggregate the people counting data
coming from different cameras and to display
sophisticated graphic representations you can download
the free software PeCo-Graph, available at our web site,
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