How to Capture from VCR

How to Capture from VCR
How to Capture from VCR (Fall 2007)
1. Put tape in VCR. The VCR/DVD recorder should be on VCR mode with both VCR
lights on:
2. The DV/AV converter should be on AV 16. Press the <source> button on top of the
converter to change it from DV to AV. It should look like this:
For Windows Movie Maker
1. Place your tape into the VCR. You might want to rewind if you haven't already.
You can also check to make sure the tape is working by viewing it on the video
2. Open Windows Movie Maker by double-clicking on the icon on the desktop.
3. The program should look like this:
If the program looks like this instead:
Then click on the Tasks button
in order to see the lists of Tasks.
4. Since you want to capture your video, click on the "Capture from Video Device"
option under the "Capture" heading on the left side of the screen.
5. A window will come up asking for a name and a place to save your video. Please
put your name or a name you will easily recognize on your video, so you can find
it later. By default, the video will be saved in the "Save Here" drive, in the My
Videos folder. NOTE: If you save to the "Do Not Save Here" drive, your file will
be erased automatically when the computer restarts or is logged off. If there are
problems while you're working on your video, you may lose the file and have to
start over from the beginning.
6. Click on the Next button.
7. Choose "Digital Device Format (DV-AVI)" in the video setting window. This will
give you the highest quality video file possible, which is perfect for burning to
DVD. If you are planning on editing your video, you will want to capture at the
highest quality. After you're done editing, you can save it to a smaller, lower
quality version for uploading to the web.
8. Click on the Next button.
9. You can choose to capture automatically if you're simply capturing the entire
tape. If you want a little more control, or will be capturing it in parts, choose the
manual capture. Manual capture is recommended.
10. Click on the Next button.
11. Press "Start Capture" to begin capturing video after you've pressed Play on the
12. Once you've captured the video, click "Stop Capture." When you click on Finish
at the bottom of the box, a video file will be created on the computer hard drive.
You must click Finish, otherwise you will not save your video.
For Premiere
1. Open Premiere by clicking on the Premiere icon.
2. Create a new project by clicking on the New Project icon.
3. It will ask you for a name and where you'd like your project to be saved. Be sure
that you select the F ("Save Here") drive on the DLL computers. Use your name
so you can find it easily in that folder.
4. The empty project file will look like this.
5. To capture video, go to FileÆ Capture.
6. The capture window will open. Press play on the VCR, then click on the red
button to start capturing. Press the black square stop button to stop.
7. It will ask you for a name for the clip you just captured. Premiere will save your
video as an .avi file 720x480 in size. It will make a new clip every time you press
stop. All clips will be saved in the same place as your video project file, and the
program will automatically add the clip to your project window.
Created September 2006
Updated July 2007 - DK
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