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lo get the best sounding audio
out of vour radio start at the
source - your microphone.
Ihe RF Limited CR577 Ceramic
Cartridge Power Microphone is
the new definition of quality
CB Radio Power Microphone
with Ceramic Mic Cartridge
vu TAM: AO one LOTO! TATE, Ta fe Г-Н Kadi
transmitted audio.
The CR577 features a ultra-clear
ceramic microphone cartridge,
low-noise audio amplifier with
volume control and a variable
tone control to ‘dial in youl
Get heard, and more Important
be understood!
Microphone Гуре: 1 Ceramic 4 artridge
Microphone Sensitivity: -60dB
| requercy ef sponse: su | 5,000 Hz
Volume (Amp Gain) 4 ontrol
Audio Toit Control
Battery Type: 9V (006P or PP3)
Unit CR577 Lirnirec
РО Вох 1124
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wos AF Limited com
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Macke Ir Cora
2010 RF Limited. All Rights Reserved
Volume Control
Microphone Hanger—
and Primary Back
Case Screw
Battery Cover
"y a
_— Tone Control
„= Push-to-Talk
(PTT) Lever
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