Description Features Wireless POS/EDC Terminal

Description Features Wireless POS/EDC Terminal
Wireless POS/EDC Terminal
Aimed at the portable/mobile temporary location retail
market, the NURIT 2090 maintains the Lipman tradition
of outstanding engineering expertise in state-of-the-art
wireless technologies. No trade-offs have been made in
reliability and ease-of-use, so you, the retailer, are the
winner! In addition, the terminal's integrated design
permits the incorporation of the widest range of innovative
features packed into one compact unit. The large, highcontrast LCD display and menu driven software, together
with four “soft” keys and four programmable function
keys, allow the user to easily and quickly access all of the
terminal's powerful features. The fast and extremely quiet
built-in thermal printer plus optional PIN pad and smart
card reader combination, make this POS terminal the most
exciting and practical wireless countertop electronic
transaction platform available on the retail market today.
If your business conducts “sales on the go”, the NURIT
2090 is the perfect low-cost solution for maximum
communications flexibility and efficiency.
Low cost, all-in-one wireless POS terminal/printer solution
Optional built-in PIN pad, smart card reader and SAM
Occupies minimal counter or wall space
Average tel-line transaction response time - 8 seconds
Analog & digital wireless networks including Mobitex,
CDPD and Motorola DataTac cellular, plus standard tellines (3 to 5 seconds per transaction for all except cellular)
Integrated fast and quiet 12 line-per-second thermal
printer that generates high quality receipts
Easily replaceable paper roll
Automatic “drop-in” paper feed function
Highly visible back-lit LCD display
User-friendly keypad and operational menu system
All versions consist of dual-track, dual-way card readers,
2400 bps modem, 1 MB Flash and 256KB of RAM
Multi-host capability including AMEX PIP
Handles multiple EDC transaction types: credit, debit,
electronic benefits transfer (EBT), check guarantee and
truncation, phone cards and more
Current and history batch reports available
New download initialization function with menu
(in addition to the NURIT Operating System [NOS] )
Human Interface
32-character back-lit LCD display
Highly reliable 32-key ergonomically designed keypad
Full alphanumeric entry capability
Dual track 1 and 2 card reader (tracks 2 and 3 optional)
User-friendly menu-driven system
Easily accessible rear peripheral ports
Powerful 32-bit Motorola EC68000 microprocessor
1 MB flash memory for loader, operating system, application,
protocol and parameters
256 KB rechargeable battery backed-up RAM for user data (including
RAM disk)
Optional 512 or 1024 KB battery backed-up RAM
Six month minimum data retention
Easy-to-use API, minimizing application size and programming efforts
Same application runs on all Lipman terminals
Application downloading via phone line or RS-232 connection
Easy-to-use debugging tools
Complete and detailed hardware/software built-in tests
Add-on application libraries for major third-party credit, debit, check
and verification and truncation programs, EBT, phone cards, prepaid, added value and private label cards
User key function security by password/magnetic card
Operator, manager & programming password protection
Loading center ID issued to terminal prevents easy reprogramming
by third parties
Clearly distinguishable merchant & consumer receipts
Dial-up modem @ 1200/2400bps for telephone communication (CCITT
V.22bis and Bell 212A). Asynchronous and synchronous protocols
supported by operating system. Higher bit rates in future models
HDLC protocol supported by operating system.
Radio Communication
Built-in radio modem
Built-in radio power supply battery pack and charger
Hardware/software solutions for the following networks:
Mobitex (MASC & MPAK protocols)
Motorola DataTac
Two RJ-11 2/6 connectors for tel-line and telephone.
One RJ-11 4/4 connector for external PIN pad interface (RS-232 port)
One RJ-45 connector for RS-232 communication
One RJ-45 connector for extra RS-232 communication or two RJ-11
type 4/4 connectors for RS-485 communication
Built-In PIN Pad (Optional)
Eliminates the need for external device
Meets standards: ANSI X3.92, ANSI X9.24, ANSI X9.8
Built-In Smart Card Interface (Optional)
One smart card interface (supports ISO-7816)
Eliminates the need for high-cost external devices
SAM Security Module (Optional - Up to Four)
Two accessible SAMs
Two internal SAMs
Fast, highly-reliable thermal printing mechanism
Simple-to-use automatic “drop-in” paper feeder
Standard 2.24 inch/(57mm) wide paper
Printing speed: 12 lines-per-second
Supplied Underwriter Labs (UL) approved AC/DC adapter 15Vdc/2.5A
Built-in Ni-MH battery pack (9 hours or 150 transactions)
Dimensions: 101 mm/3.97 in. (H) x 150 mm/5.91 in. (W)
x 260 mm/10.24 in. (D)
Weight (with antenna/without paper): 2450g/5.4 lb. [approx.]
Complies and registered with FCC parts 15 and 68
Power supply adapter recognized by Underwriter Labs (UL)
All features and specifications are subject to change without notice. All trademarks mentioned are registered by their respective owners.
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