CTL / E-Learning Team Swivl and iPad Supplies List Please ensure

CTL / E-Learning Team Swivl and iPad Supplies List Please ensure
CTL / E-Learning Team Swivl and iPad
Supplies List
Please ensure that all pieces are present before you return the Swivl and iPad to the Circulation Desk.
1. Swivl (aka base)
2. Marker (small remote stowed away in a
compartment on the top of the base)
3. Lanyard
4. Charger
5. Audio cable
6. USB cable
7. Shims
8. Info booklet
9. Carrying case
USB cable
Outlet plug-in
Info Card (taped to the box lid)
To record using the Swivl:
1. At the very least, you will need the following items:
 Swivl (aka base)
 Marker (lanyard optional)
 Audio cable
 iPad (or your own recording device, such as a smartphone)
2. The marker is essential for recording audio as it contains the microphone. You can wear the
marker in a lanyard around your neck or place it on a table in your presentation space.
3. Swivl and marker must be fully charged OR plugged into a wall outlet to operate.
4. Place swivl on a flat surface and press and hold the power button on the base until the lights
come on. Then press and hold the power button on the marker until the lights come on. A red
light indicates that the device is on. A green light indicates that the base and marker are
communicating properly with one another.
 The other button on the base can be pressed to re-sync the marker and swivl.
5. Place the iPad in the base in landscape orientation and open the Camera App. On the side bar,
make sure “video” is selected (it will be yellow). To switch between the front-facing lens and
back-facing lens, touch the small camera button in the corner.
 A message may appear on the iPad informing you that a Swivl App available in the App
Store. Press “Ignore.”
6. Plug one end of the audio cable into the Swivl base (the port with the microphone symbol) and
the other end of the audio cable into the headphone port on the iPad.
7. Stand at least three feet away with the marker in hand and observe the effects of the base
following your movements. You might consider moving the Swivl to another location in the
room where it has the best view as seen on the Camera App.
8. On the iPad Camera App, press the red record button. When you are finished, press the red
record button on the iPad again.
 Do not use the record button on the marker.
Saving your video:
1. Using the iPad’s USB cord, connect the iPad to a computer. Turn the iPad’s screen on and select
“Allow.” On the computer, select “Open device to view files” in the window that will appear
after connecting the iPad. You can also find your video in Windows Explorer in Computer\Apple
iPad\Internal Storage\DCIM\100APPLE.
2. Copy the video file to a safe place you will remember, such as your network folder or Google
3. After you have saved it in its new location, right click on the original file and select delete. The
iPad should now be empty.
Please ensure that all supplies are included in the Swivl case and iPad box when you return them to
the Circulation Desk.
You may contact Mara Kilgore ([email protected]) with questions.
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