How to Nail the Sale Using a Tablet

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How to Nail the Sale
Using a Tablet
Congratulations on bringing
your tablet into your sales
meetings. As you have already
seen, your little device can
impress prospects, increase
your productivity, and close
sales faster.
That is, if you know how to
use it confidently. Do you?
In the next few minutes,
you’ll learn:
If not, you risk losing credibility. Missing the
sale. Wasting time.
• How to keep your prospect’s attention
focused on your message, not your tablet.
Although tablets are easy to use, you may
still be able to improve your performance in
sales meetings.
• Why it’s more important than ever to keep
all your sales collateral organized.
That’s why we wrote this guide. To help
you close more sales, fortify customer
relationships, and become even more
• Where a rigid sales presentation can lead
to more failure.
• What your prospects expect to do in your
sales meeting.
• And much more.
Organized and Optimized
As soon as you decide to use your tablet in sales
meetings, take these steps to maximize its’ performance.
Preserve the battery
Disable notifications
These principles apply to all tablets.
The instructions here are for the iPad.
Focus your prospect’s attention on your
sales message. Not LinkedIn updates and
email notifications. If you’ve turned Wi-Fi off,
you’re already set. However, if you need WiFi, disable notifications:
How: Settings > Notifications > Click each
application in “In Notification Center” and
change each app’s setting from “On” to “Off.”
1.Store your tablet in a cool place. Heat
saps the battery’s life.
2.Dimming the screen is a bright idea.
Easier on your eyes, easier on your tablet.
How: Settings > Brightness & Wallpaper
3.Minimize Wi-Fi. It hogs energy. Use
airplane mode when you don’t need the
Internet. (Besides, you should already
have all of your up-to-date sales collateral
loaded on your tablet. Don’t rely on Wi-Fi
in your sales meetings.)
How: Settings > Airplane Mode > On/Off
4.Close unused apps. If you’re not using an
app in a sales meeting, close it.
You can close unused applications by
removing them from the multitasking bar.
How: Settings > General > Multitasking
Gestures > On/Off
Avoid motion sickness
Drivers always expect the next turn.
Passengers don’t get that luxury. Respect
your prospect with these favors:
1.Unless it’s necessary for some detail,
resist the temptation to pinch-zoom the
2.Lock the tablet’s screen so that it doesn’t
swivel unexpectedly.
How: Settings > General > Tap Rotation
Lock ‘On.’ A small lock symbol should
appear on the Tap Rotation Lock icon.
Keep your apps organized
Choose your photos wisely
A few years ago, you wouldn’t have entered
a meeting with a briefcase billowing with
sales collateral. Apply the same discipline
to your tablet’s home screen and apps. Keep
all sales-related apps and folders on your
home screen. Shove everything else onto a
different screen.
How: Hold your finger on an app until its icon
starts to shake. Then, drag one app on top
of another to create a new folder containing
both apps.
Nothing helps your prospect envision your
offering in her business like photos. Create a
folder for all the photos that you’d normally
use in your presentation.
Three tips to help you
organize your apps
List your daily tasks. Lump the
corresponding apps into one folder.
In general, how do you interact with
customers? Streamline their experience
before you get started.
What does your sales process look like?
Have all of the relevant apps fired up by
the time you meet with your prospect.
Ruthlessly cull your photos down to the
absolute essentials to convey your point.
As ever, more is less. A few powerful
images will focus attention and drive home
your value. Also, your tidy organization
will support your professionalism and
He’s a prospect,
not a spectator
If you want to engage your prospect on a
deeper level, be ready to switch apps. You
never know where he’ll want to take the
conversation. To encourage a healthy flow
in your meeting, open all the apps that you
expect you’ll want.
Your prospect can approve and sign
purchase orders and invoices directly on
your tablet. Have the proper app open
beforehand. You’ll be ready to close as soon
as your prospect is.
Branding these days is becoming less and less about
talking and more and more about listening (that is,
responding to customer’s need in real-time, and
having the proper information at your fingertips to
be able to give accurate and intuitive advice.) - Gary
Practice, practice
Confidently referencing your tablet for
information from previous engagements will
speak volumes about your professionalism.
And earn your prospect’s confidence.
However, he’ll be equally unimpressed if you
aren’t confident with your tablet. Practice.
Use it, instead of your laptop, whenever
you can. If there were ever a good business
reason to play with your tablet, here it is.
Keep everything up to date
Nothing looks worse than an out-of-date
brochure, presentation, or price list. You
want to be able to bring up the latest
information without hesitation. Before every
meeting, ensure that you have the latest
sales materials in one folder.
What if wifi
falters in the
meeting? Keep
all of the latest
sales collateral
saved on your
As mentioned earlier, don’t rely on the
Internet, or your email to access documents
during your sales meeting. What if the
connection falters in the meeting? Keep
all of the latest sales collateral saved on
your tablet.
Ready. Aim. Sell.
You’re prepared. You’re confident.
You’ve exchanged pleasantries.
It’s time to get down to the meat of
the meeting.
Captivating and Conversational
It’s not about your solution. It’s about your prospect’s problem.
Cultivate dialogue. Seek engagement. Be flexible. Properly
used, your sales collateral can support a conversational
Remember Powerpoint’s
Golden Rule
Your slides should support your
conversation, not substitute for it. Reading
to your prospect—for no good reason—will
insult her intelligence and waste her time.
Video: shorter is better
You wouldn’t subject your prospect to a
lengthy read. Keep video clips short, too. A
30-second snippet with just a few succinct
points will have greater impact than a twominute video crammed with every benefit
your product touts.
Use the 7x7 rule
No slide should have more than seven lines.
No line should have more than seven words.
Minimizing the text will keep the
conversation moving, and keep the attention
on you.
Correct font size
respects the eyes
Keep the font size comfortably large if you
expect your prospect to read on your tablet.
(Another great reason to minimize the
amount of text on the screen.)
Stun them!
For more ideas on using video and
graphics to tell your story check out
Stun -
Give him the tablet
Put the tablet down
One of the major advantages the tablet has
over a laptop: it eliminates the traditional
barrier created by the laptop’s screen.
You’re freer to engage your prospect in a
personable conversation. Take it another
step: put the tablet in his hands. You’ll
leverage the novelty of the technology and
help your prospect to imagine using
your offering.
Remember that the tablet is there to support
your conversation, not substitute for it.
When it seems appropriate, put your tablet
down. Devote your full attention to your
prospect and his problems. Technology can’t
substitute for face-to-face rapport.
Be clear
Everyone suffers from information overload.
Distinguish yourself with clarity and candor.
The more you help your prospect sift
through her options, the bigger a favor you’ll
be paying her. Focus on the challenges she’s
struggling with today.
Remember that the
tablet is there to support
your conversation, not
substitute for it.
Momentum and Memory
Your tablet sets a high level of expectation. Once your sales
meeting has ended, impress your prospect (or new customer?)
with a prompt follow up.
Share generously
As soon as possible, enter your notes into
your Customer Relationship Management
(CRM) system. The sooner the details are off
your mind, the sooner you can focus on your
next steps.
As you’re leaving, your prospect may ask for
a brochure or video that appeared during
your talk. A golden opportunity. Share a link
to this material, not an attachment.
Note: Some sales apps allow headquarters
to aggregate and analyze sales data. Over
a longer timeframe, that could identify the
most effective sales reps and presentation
styles, improving the overall performance of
the sales force.
Milk every moment
Thanks to your tablet’s connectivity, you can
use travel time to complete your end-of-day
tasks early. Between sales meetings, make
follow-up calls, enter data remotely, and
complete customer orders.
Why not share an attachment? Analytics. If
you use an app that tracks these links, you’ll
collect priceless information:
• The number of times the link is opened.
• Whether the link has been forwarded.
Essential measurements of your prospect’s
genuine interest. What’s more, the shared
material –and its associated analyticsprovides the ideal excuse and context for
your follow-up call.
Some apps will even allow you to queue
and send sharing-links automatically as
soon as wifi is re-established.
Thank you for your time and attention. If you think of another
tip that would complement this guide, please share it with us.
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