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Wi-Fi Set Up for iOS
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The SJSU Premier Wi-Fi service transmits your data across a secure, encrypted connection. This
ensures that your data will not be compromised as it is transmitted wirelessly through the air from
your computer to the network.
The San José State Premier Wi-Fi Service uses WPA2 Enterprise (Wi-Fi Protected Access) technology
that causes all data to be securely encrypted while traveling through the wireless network. We
strongly recommend the use of the SJSU Premier Wi-Fi service for all wireless network transactions.
SJSU_Premier Wi-Fi Set Up Guide for iOS
This guide demonstrates how to configure iOS 7 and 8 devices for SJSU Premiere Wi-Fi services.
1. Be sure that Wi-Fi is on.
Forget previous settings.
Sometimes the network
settings on an iOS device
are so problematic that it is
best to forget the old
settings and start over.
2. Skip to step 6 if device has never been configured for SJSU’s SJSU_premier network.
3. Navigate to Utilities >> Settings.
4. Click the circle-i icon.
5. Click Forget This
IT Services
Wi-Fi Set Up for iOS
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Configuring for
6. Select SJSU_premier.
7. Enter your SJSUOne ID
and password.
Trouble Shooting
Sometimes with iPhone 6
and 6 plus devices, when
the Enter Password screen
opens, the keyboard does
not become available.
8. If this happens, restart
the device and try
9. If that fails to resolve
the problem, pair the
device with a Bluetooth
keyboard and use that
to enter your ID and
IT Services
Wi-Fi Set Up for iOS
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10. Click the Accept button
to accept the security
You are now connected to
IT Services
Wi-Fi Set Up for iOS
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