Get started with your Petzi™ Treat Cam™ in 3 easy

Get started with your Petzi™
Treat Cam™ in 3 easy steps
Download the Free Petzi app to your
smartphone or tablet, and set-up
your new Petzi account
Set-up your Petzi Treat Cam
• Plug one end of the power cord into
the back of the Petzi Treat Cam.
• Plug the other end into a power outlet.
• Watch for a slow, pulsing red light on
the camera.
• Start the Petzi App on your smart device.
• From the menu, select Petzi Treat Cam
• Click New (upper right) to add your
Petzi Treat Cam
• Follow the steps on your smart device
Load your pet’s favorite treats
into the Petzi Treat Cam
• Gently remove the white plastic cover
from the Petzi Treat Cam by pressing
the ridged buttons on either side
• Load crunchy treats less than 1” in size
into the top fill hole
• Replace the white plastic cover by
pressing it to the front of the Petzi
Treat Cam until you hear a click
Try it out!
• Open
the Petzi App on your smart device.
• Connect to your Petzi Treat Cam.
• Simply tap the buttons to see, speak, snap, and treat!
Watch the
excitement on
your pet’s face
when you
pop in.
Capture candid
images of your pet,
to save or share
with others.
Say hello to
your pet through
the high-quality
Dispense your
pet’s favorite
treat with the
Petzi Treat
to show how
much you care.
We’re here to help
You’ll find useful how-to’s, frequently
asked questions, and other helpful
information at our website:
Or contact us at: • 855.738.9452
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