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July 2002
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Caution: To reduce the risk of electrical shock, do not remove the cover or rear
panel of this unit. No user serviceable parts inside. Please refer servicing to
qualified personnel only.
Warning: To reduce the risk of fire or electrical shock do not expose this appliance
to rain or moisture.
Servicing: The user should not attempt to service the appliance beyond that is
described in the Operating Instructions. All other servicing should be referred to
qualified service personnel.
Features.................................................................. 3
Installation.............................................................. 4
Rack Mounting
Power Supply
Analog Audio Connections
Digital ADAT Connection
Controls .................................................................. 6
Sync / Samplerate Selection
Specifications ........................................................ 7
Thank you very much for expressing your confidence in ST Audio products by
purchasing the ADAM24 unit. With much experience in the audio industry over a
long period of time and along with valuable suggestions from our customers, our
engineers have developed a product we know you will be satisfied with. We
guarantee you uncompromising quality as well as excellent technical and audio
properties at an extremely affordable price.
The ADAM24 unit provides 8 input and 8 output channels with one digital ADAT
input and one digital ADAT output. This allows you to use it as a high-quality 24bit
AD/DA converter for devices with optical ADAT interface such as digital mixers,
professional soundcards or multichannel HD-recorders. The main functions
8 analog input channels, 24bit ADC
8 analog output channels, 24bit DAC
input channel 1/2 with integrated microphone preamp (balanced and
unbalanced inputs, -24dB ~ +50dB gain) on front panel
input channel 3~8: unbalanced line level 1/4" connectors on front panel
output channel 1/2 balanced (XLR) and unbalanced (1/4") on back panel
output channel 3~8 unbalanced (1/4") on back panel
optical ADAT input and output on back panel
Your ST Audio ADAM24 was carefully packed to protect the unit from rough
handling. Nevertheless, we recommend that you carefully examine the packaging
and its contents for any signs of physical damage, which may have occurred in
If the unit is damaged, notify your dealer and the shipping company immediately,
otherwise claims for damage or replacement may not be granted. Shipping claims
must be made by the consignee.
Rack Mounting
The unit fits into one standard 19" rack unit of space (1 3/4"). Be sure that there is
enough air space around the unit for cooling to avoid overheating. Please do not
place the ADAM24 on high temperature devices such as power amplifiers.
Power Supply
The ADAM24 comes with an external power supply that is used to supply
the 12V DC operating voltage. Please connect the power adaptor to the
12V DC input on the left side of the back panel. Please do not use a
different power adaptor.
Analog Audio Connections
The ADAM24 provides 2 input channels with adjustable gain level (-24dB ~
+50dB). You can use these inputs to directly connect microphones, guitars and any
other input which requires gain control.
For each of the two
channels (1/2) you
can either use the
balanced XLR or the
unbalanced 1/4" input. Please note that you cannot use both the XLR and 1/4" inputs for each channel
Some high-quality microphones require the use of Phantom Power, to enable
Phantom power push the +48V power switch. This will supply your microphones
on In1 and In2 with +48V phantom power. Please check the manual of your
microphone to make sure you need phantom power supplied to it.
The unbalanced inputs 3 to 8 on the front
work with normal line level. You can
connect other audio equipment to these
inputs using cables with 1/4" connectors.
You should use balanced connections (TRS,
3-pin) to avoid grounding problems in connection with other audio devices. This is
even recommended when an you use the ADAM24 together with other unbalanced
The back panel of the ADAM24 provides the analog outputs. Channel 1/2 is
available in balanced XLR format and in unbalanced 1/4" format. Output 3 to 8 are
available in unbalanced 1/4" format only.
Digital ADAT Connection
The optical ADAT in- and output are accessable on the left side
of the backpanel of your ADAM24.
All 8 analog input channels (inputs on the front panel) are
converted into digital signals and then transferred to the optical
ADAT output. The digital signal from the ADAT input is converted into analog
signals and then transferred to the 8 analog outputs (on the back panel).
If you use the ADAM24 both as an AD- and DA- converter simultanously, you
would connect the ADAT input of ADAM24 to the ADAT output of your device.
You would then connect the ADAT output of ADAM24 into the ADAT input of
your device. If you use ADAM24 just as AD- converter or just as DA- converter,
you will just need one optical ADAT cable. We strongly recommend the use of
only high quality optical leads to connect other ADAT devices.
III. Controls
The controls of the unit are placed on the front panel for easy access.
To switch on the unit, you use the power switch which is placed on the left side of
the front panel. The current power status is displayed by a LED just left to the
Sync / Samplerate Selection
If you use the ADAM24 as AD-converter only, it will usually supply the master
clock for your other digital audio signals. In that case, you can select the samplerate
which the unit operates at (44.1 or 48kHz) with the 44.1/48 switch on the front
panel. If this switch is enabled (pushed), the samplerate will be 48kHz, in the other
case it will be 44.1kHz.
The M/S switch controls if the unit supplies the master clock or if it syncs itself to
the digital clock from the ADAT input. If M/S is not pushed, ADAM24 will supply
the master clock (44.1 or 48kHz). Please note that the setting of the 44.1/48 switch
will be ignored when you use ADAM24 as DA-converter when the M/S switch is
enabled/pushed at the same time. In that case the unit works with the clock from the
device connected to the ADAT digital input of the ADAM24.
Please also refer to the manual of your digital devices that you want to use together
with the ADAM24 to learn more about master/slave clock settings. When several
units are connected via ADAT (or via other digital protocols), it is extremly
important that all devices are using exactly the same samplerate.
IV. Specifications
48kHz, 44.1kHz, Slave
input channels
8 (2 balanced+unbalanced, 6 unbalanced)
output channels
8 (2 balanced+unbalanced, 6 unbalanced)
balanced inputs
XLR connector (front panel)
unbalanced inputs
6.3mm / 1/4" connector (front panel)
microphone inputs
-24dB ~ +50dB gain on channel 1/2
+48v phantom power switchable
balanced outputs
XLR connector (back panel)
unbalanced outputs
6.3mm / 1/4" connector (back panel)
power supply
12V DC
AD/DA converter
AKM 24bit AD/DA converter
100dB[A] dynamic range
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