Tele-Pod Tripod (TPT-2017)
Allen Keys: (1) 3mm, and (2) 4mm
3/8-16 Thread
Thank you for purchasing the Tele-Pod Tripod. This lightweight, aluminum tripod
can be used with 3/8-16 or 1/4-20 camera heads or our Tele-Pod head.
Height Adjustment
Lock Knob
The Tele-Pod tripod consists of the tripod legs, an extending center column
with a reversible 3/8-16 or 1/4-20 thread adapter. See separate instruction
sheet for more features of the tripod.
Head installation on 3/8-16 stud.
1) Extend each tripod leg so that the quick-release plate is approximately level.
2) To install your camera head or telescope head on the 3/8-16 stud, simply
thread it on until it is tight.
3) Loosen the Height Adjustment Lock Knob and raise the center column a
few inches. Lock the center column.
4) Using the 3mm Allen Key, tighten the three Set Screws on the bottom of the
tripod flange to lock your head.
Tripod Flange Bottom
WARNING: If setting a up on a slope, ensure that the tripod legs are extended
so that the head is approximately level with the horizon. Use the bubble level
on the tripod for reference. Failure to due so could cause the telescope to tip
over! This risk increases when using larger, longer scopes.
Extend each tripod leg by loosening the Leg Clamps and tightening at the
desired height. Make sure the bubble is approximately in the center of the level.
Tele Vue
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