4500 INSTALLguide - 3- Unit Tap Rack Mount_4500 INSTALLguide

Rack Mount Kit Installation Guide
USR4500-RMK 3-Unit Tap Rack Mount
Package Contents:
● USR4500-RMK 3-Unit Tap Rack Mount
● Package of 10 cable tie downs
● Information card
Introduction — The RMK (Rack Mount Kit) is a high quality, space saving rack mount chassis used with
multiple USRobotics 5” x 5” TAP devices for a neat, orderly and professional installation. Typically, the RMK
chassis is installed where access with monitoring and analysis capabilities are important.
USR4500 RMK (3 Tap Unit) Specifications:
● Occupies 1U of rackspace
● 5” x 5” TAP Device Capacity: Three
● Dimensions H x W x D: 1.725” x 19.000” x 6.250; 44 mm x 483 mm x 159 mm
● Weight: Chassis - 3 pounds; 1.36 kg: Shipping - 6 pounds; 2.72 kg
RMK Installation — You may choose to insert TAP device(s) before or after RMK chassis installation.
● Select a location and align the RMK chassis holes with the corresponding rackspace holes.
WARNING: Installing on a universal flange middle hole will result in the RMK chassis invading an adjoining
standard 1U rackspace.
● Insert and tighten screws until the RMK chassis is secure in the rack.
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Installing a small form TAP device:
● Remove knockout by gently pushing, prying and wiggling it until metal tabs fail, then dispose of it.
● Insert the TAP device into the knockout opening
and slide the align tab on the rackmount into the
align slot of the TAP.
● Tighten the thumb screw until the TAP device is
secure in the RMK chassis.
Power Cable Management:
For models with redundant power available, it is strongly recommended that the second power adapter be
used to assure uninterrupted monitoring. To eliminate power as a single point of failure connect the second
power adapter to a different external power source circuit. To minimize power connector stress caused by
suspending the cable and power adapter, it is highly recommended that strain loops be required for the
power cable in this critical area.
● Allow approximately ten inches of slack clearance
between the power connectors and the power cable
tie down. This will allow sufficient clearance to plug
in the power connectors. Thread a cable tie down
through the two 3/16” holes located directly behind
the TAP device opening. Place the power cables in
the cable tie down and cinch firmly but not so tight
as to deform the cable sheath.
● Trim the excess cable tie to minimize space and provide a clean cabling installation. Cable management
considerations should deliver quality in installation consistent with industry standards to improve the level
of cabling regulation compliance.
Warranty and Support Information:
This product is subject to the U.S. Robotics Corporation Limited Warranty. To view a copy of the Limited
Warranty, please see: www.usr.com/support/4500
For information on how to contact USRobotics Technical Support, please see the USRobotics corporate web
site at: www.usr.com/support
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