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3 dB Bandwidth
Maximum Input
Insertion Loss per Balun Pair
Common Mode Rejection Ratio
Audio Source Impedance
Audio Receiver Impedance
Max. Distance via
Cat 5E/6 UTP/STP Cable
Pin Configuration (RJ45)
Cat 5E/6 UTP/STP
Cable: Coax
Order Information
Line level unbalanced analogue audio
DVD players, satellite receivers, MPEG players, laptops, hifidelity stereo audio amplifiers, audio switchers, AV
monitors and other line level audio equipment.
Transparent to the user
20 Hz to 20 kHz over the distance range
1.1 Vp-p
Less than 2 dB over the frequency range
Greater than 60 dB at 1 kHz
Greater than 40 dB over the frequency range
Less than 0.007% at 1 kHz
100 ohm maximum
10 kohm minimum
3,250 ft (1 km)
Audio 1 (White): Pins 1(R) & 2(T)
Audio 2 (Red): Pins 3(R) & 6()
24 AWG or lower solid copper twisted pair wire
Impedance: 100 ohm at 1 MHz
Maximum capacitance: 20 pf/ft
Attenuation: 6.6 dB/1,000 ft at 1 MHz
Shielded audio cable
Two (2) RCA-M 6” cable leads
One (1) RJ45
Operating: 0º to 55ºC
Storage: -20º to 85ºC
Humidity: Up to 95% non-condensing
ABS. Fire retardant plastic
2.40” x 2.25” x 1.00” plus 6” audio lead
3.1 oz (89 g)
500028 Stereo Hi-Fi Balun
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Stereo Hi-Fi Balun
Quick Installation Guide
The Stereo Hi-Fi Balun (500028) allows unbalanced line level stereo audio to be
transmitted up to 5,000 ft (1.5 km) via an unshielded copper twisted pair (UTP) cable in
a point-to-point connection. Used in pairs, the product is designed for high fidelity
applications where full audio bandwidth (20 Hz to 20 kHz) is required. Used in pairs,
the Stereo Hi-Fi Balun eliminates costly and bulky audio cables, allowing audio
equipment to be connected or moved within a structured cabling environment.
Applications include: Audio distribution, high-fidelity sound systems, and custom
residential audio systems.
To install the Stereo Hi-Fi Baluns, perform the following steps:
The following table describes some of the symptoms, probable causes and possible
solutions in respect to the installation of the Stereo Hi-Fi Balun:
One pair of Stereo Hi-Fi Baluns is required for each stereo channel.
Identify the pin configuration of the baluns. Two (2) twisted pairs are required as
shown in the following diagram.
Probable Cause
EMI interference
Poor audio quality
Split pair
No audio
No power
Open circuit
Defective balun
Audio phase cancellation Reversed wires
Audio weak
The Stereo Hi-Fi Balun is phase polarity sensitive. Therefore, in order to
achieve full stereo audio quality, please ensure that the wiring is straightthrough and according to EIA568 (A or B) standard.
Verify the colors of the RCA plugs and connect one (1) Stereo Hi-Fi Balun to the
left-audio and right-audio RCA connectors of the audio source.
Verify the colors of the RCA plugs and connect a second Stereo Hi-Fi Balun to the
left-audio and right-audio RCA connectors of the audio receiver at the remote end.
Complete the connection between the two (2) baluns, using standard UTP cable,
connector blocks and appropriate modular RJ45 outlets.
Power-on the audio equipment and check the audio quality. The audio should be
clear within the maximum specified distances. The following diagram shows a
typical configuration.
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Distance specifications
Possible Solutions
Check that wiring is not too close to
transformers and ballasts.
Ensure that the UTP pairs are not split and
that each pair of wires is twisted.
Check your audio system for power.
Check wiring to ensure continuity
Change Stereo Hi-Fi Baluns for another
Check for straight-through wiring.
Check DC loop resistance and verify if
distance spec is exceeded. Reduce cable
length or eliminate high-loss components.
If you still cannot diagnose the problem, please call MuxLab Customer Technical
Support at 877-689-5228 (toll-free in North America) or 514-905-0588 (International).
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