Publisher 2010 Beyond Basic
Link Frames and text boxes
 Publisher stores each block of text in a container called a text box or frame. When
you create a publication — for example, a newsletter — the text boxes become frames.
 Preset designs have frames that are already linked.
 When we use a blank document and create frames to hold text, we need to manually
LINK the columns/frames so that text automatically overflows into the next frame or text
 Toolbar buttons to link/unlink are located on the Text Box Tools under the Format
tab - Create Link and Break Link. Notice the two buttons look like chain links.
Linking/Connecting frames is a 3-step process:
 You manually connect text boxes by clicking the first text box to select it.
 Then clicking the Create Link button
on the ribbon. The pointer changes to a pitcher,
Then you click the text box you want to connect to.
Voila! The hidden text appears in the text box.
Typography (Drop Cap, Ligatures, Swash)
 Select text.
 Click on Format Text Box tab on the ribbon.
 Click on the Typography Group.
 Some typography commands will not be available with certain fonts.
Blank Publications
 Variety - Full page, business cards, banners, posters, folded cards, tent cards.
 Select publication from right hand publications/preview pane.
 CAN use some of the Quick Publications preset designs, color schemes and font
Adding Pages
 On the ribbon select Insert and Page.
 The Page Navigation pane shows all of the pages in the publication.
 Navigate to different pages by clicking on thumbnails.
 To delete a page - right-click on the page thumbnail, and select Delete Page from
pop-up menu.
Page Parts
On the Insert Tab – click on the Page Parts button under the Building Blocks group. (The
building blocks will aide you in designing your publication.)
Under Page Parts, insert the following:
 Headings
 Pull Quotes
 Sidebars
 Stories
Move and resize the objects. Edit the text within it.
Insert text boxes
 Click on text box toolbar button on the Home tab.
 Move mouse onto page and left-click and hold down mouse button and ―draw‖ the text
 Release mouse button and type text into text box.
 You can select text and format it; you can select text box and format it too!
Formatting Text Boxes/ Shapes
 Click on Drawing Tools tab.
 Add a shape fill and outline color by clicking on the commands under Shape Styles.
 Change the alignment of the text in text boxes and add columns to the text boxes by
clicking on Text Box Tools tab. Select the tools under the Alignment group.
Insert clip art
 Click on the Insert tab on the ribbon. Click on the Clip Art icon in the illustrations group.
 In task frame, type a keyword to search for clipart e.g.: cat and click GO.
 To Select one of the clip art pictures click on it.
 Format clip art by clicking on the Format tab.
 Insert a caption by
Adding Guides
 To add guides to your publication, click on the Page Design tab.
 Click on the Built-In Ruler Guides
 Click on the Insert tab and select WordArt.
 Once your WordArt tools are selected, the WordArt tools will appear in the format
 You can change the fill color, outline color, and add special effects to your WordArt.
 Remember you can roll your mouse over toolbar buttons to see what action they
Page Background
 Click on Page Design.
 Click on Background on the right side of the ribbon.
Master Page(s)
Apply reoccurring elements to your publication by using the master page. (Ex: Add columns,
logos, or incorporate a consistent design throughout your publication.) If you have different
design elements for different pages, you can create more than one master page.
Click on Page Design on the ribbon.
Click on Master Page.
Click Edit Master Page.
Once you made your changes to the Master Page, click Apply To. Choose which
pages you want to apply the Master Page.
Inserting Business Information:
To select text – highlight by left click and dragging the mouse over the text.
To select an object including text boxes or frames, click on the object/text box and the
resizing boxes will appear around it.
To move or resize an object/text box move your mouse over the object until your
pointer turns to one of the following : 4-head arrow [truck icon] = move, 2-head arrow
= resize then left-click mouse button, drag mouse pointer, and release.
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