park rules and regulations

PARK RULES AND REGULATIONS These rules are designed to ensure that you and our other campers have a pleasant stay at our park. GENERAL: The occupants renting sites are responsible for all the rules and for informing all other occupants and their guests of these rules. Any disregarding of these rules and regulations or non‐compliance with written requests from Park Management may result in immediate expulsion from the Park without refund. We the park management and staff, reserve the right to refuse entry or service to anyone. We will not be responsible for accidents or injury to our guests or loss of property while you stay here. THESE RULES GOVERN THE USE OF THE FACILITIES AT THE PARK AND ARE SUBJECT TO ANY CHANGES DEEMED REASONABLE BY THE PARK TO ENSURE AN ENJOYABLE VACATION BY ALL. ALCOHOL – Alcohol may not be transported off your site. ATV’S & DIRTBIKES – Riding of ATV’s and dirtbikes are not allowed on Park property. BICYCLES & MOTORCYCLES – Riding of bicycles is prohibited after dusk. Licenced motorcycles are allowed to drive directly to and from their site. They are not allowed to cruise around on Park property. BOATS – Motorboats and sailboats must be stored in designated areas and NOT on your own site. You must have current insurance including liability for your motorized watercraft. CAMPFIRES – You are responsible to control and extinguish your campfire. Management reserves the right to forbid campfires entirely in periods of excessive drought or when such fires pose a threat to the safety of others. Do not relocate your fire pit (fireplace) without permission from the Park Management. CHILDREN – Children have to be supervised by parents or guardians. Children under 18 must be on an adult supervised site by 11 pm. DOCKS – Only to be used by Occupants with assigned dock slips. (See dock rules). DRIVING/PARKING – SPEED LIMIT IN ALL AREAS THROUGH THE PARK IS 5 KM PER HOUR ‐ All unnecessary driving is discouraged. Roadways must be kept clear at all times for other vehicles or emergencies. Only driving with a valid licence is permitted. The same rules as on public roads apply, even to golf carts. Don’t drink and drive. Don’t drive with kids in the back of trucks or car trunks. Bass Lake Park, Georgian Bluffs, Ontario Updated: May 16, 2017 Parking is restricted to your own site or designated parking areas only. Parking on roadways and empty sites is not allowed. Parking is restricted to two cars per site. FIREWOOD – Firewood has to be purchased at the Park. No firewood can be brought in from outside the Park. FIREWORKS – No fireworks are permitted. FISHING ‐ No fishing in or near swimming areas is allowed. Fishing is restricted to Ontario provincial rules and regulations. GARBAGE & RECYCLING – Take your garbage to the garbage bin. No garbage from outside the Park is permitted. Please recycle the posted items into special designated bins. Only regular household garbage is allowed to be disposed of at our garbage station. All other items and hazardous garbage is not allowed to be disposed of in the Park. It is prohibited to put fire ash, branches, leaves or wood in the garbage bin. GLASS & BOTTLES – No glass or glass bottles of any kind are allowed in the Park except at your own site. GOLF CARTS – Golf carts are only permitted if an occupant has a walking disability. Only electric golf carts are permitted. Operators must have a valid drivers licence. Proof of liability insurance has to be provided to the Park office. Only golf carts with proper lighting on the front, lights or reflectors on the back and approved by the Park Management can be operated after dusk. All carts need to have a Park office issued, unique number attached to the front and back. Alcohol consumption or transportation is not permitted in golf carts. Breach of rules may lead to loss of privileges. MUSIC – All music has to be turned off by 11 pm. Please be considerate of your neighbours at all times. All music must be kept to a private listening level. OCCUPANTS PER SITE – A maximum of one family per site and one trailer or camping unit is allowed. Not more than 4 adults allowed staying overnight per site. Overnight rates are based on 2 people with at least one being 25 years old or older.. Extra charges will apply for all additional occupants. PETS – 2 dogs or 2 cats per site only. Cats must be kept within the confines of the trailer. No unattended chaining or tethering of a pet outside of the trailer shall be permitted. Pets must be kept out of any buildings comprising a part of the common areas and facilities of the Park, nor are they allowed at swimming areas or playgrounds. All pets must be tagged, have proper shots and shall comply with any applicable laws or municipal by‐laws. It is the Occupant’s responsibility to care properly for any pet and to clean and restore any areas of the site or the Park where mess or damage has occurred. Noisy, aggressive or unruly pets that constitute a nuisance or are not controlled by the Occupants will, upon written request from the Park Management, be permanently removed from the Park. PICNIC TABLES – One picnic table per overnight site. Any covers must be removed when not in use. No picnic tables will be supplied to seasonal sites. Bass Lake Park, Georgian Bluffs, Ontario Updated: May 16, 2017 PLAYGROUNDS – Playgrounds are closed between dusk and 8 am. PRIVACY ‐ Please refrain from walking across other sites. Respect others privacy. QUIET HOURS – Quiet hours are from 11 pm to 8 am. Excessive noise at any time will not be tolerated. TRAILERS/CAMPING UNITS PER SITE – Only one trailer or camping unit per site. SALES – All sales of RV’s /trailers, add‐a‐rooms, roofs and awnings within the Park must be handled through the Park office. No “FOR SALE” signs are permitted to be displayed on either the RV/trailer or on the site. Park Management reserves the right to disallow any sale of an RV/trailer intended to remain in the Park where the RV’s/trailer’s age and/or condition do not meet current Park standards. No trailers 20 years old or older may be sold in the park. SOLICITING – The Occupants acknowledge and agree that no business or sales of any kind shall be advertised or conducted on Park property without approval from the Park Management in writing. SWIMMING – Swimming in the lake is at your own risk and only allowed during daylight hours. SWEARING – Offensive language/profanities of any kind are not permitted on Park property. TREES & SHRUBS – No cutting, defacing, nailing, removal (dead or alive) of shrubs, trees, etc. is permitted on Park property including sites. Permission must be obtained from the Park Management in all cases. Ropes or clotheslines around trees or branches are not permitted. VANDALISM & THEFT – There is a zero tolerance policy in effect with respect to any acts of theft or vandalism within the Park. VISITORS – Daily visitors must leave the Park by 11 pm. All overnight visitors and their vehicles must be registered with the Park office. All visitors must pay applicable fees. Children under 4 years old are free. Seniors age 65 and over are free for day visits but not overnight. Proof of age is required. WATER USE – Water use is restricted to drinking and household purposes including watering flower beds. We also allow washing of trailers. All other uses (such as washing cars etc.) are not permitted. WEAPONS – No weapons of any kind are permitted on Park property. AGE OF RV’S & TRAILERS – Units in the Park are grandfathered, but subject to an inspection when re‐
sold if over 15 years old. Trailers /RV’s that are not in good condition are not allowed in the Park, regardless of age. Our park has an age limit of 15 years old or less for any unit brought into the Park. Please confirm with Park Management. AGREEMENT ‐ Every Seasonal Occupant must sign a Licence of Occupation that has to be renewed every year by September 30th. All notices to the Owner must be made in writing. ADD‐A‐ROOMS & ROOFS – Only pre‐manufactured roofs, add‐a‐rooms and enclosures by Sunspace or H&H are allowed. Existing buildings are grandfathered if in good condition until Seasonal Occupant Bass Lake Park, Georgian Bluffs, Ontario Updated: May 16, 2017 upgrades his/her unit or sells his/her unit on their site. See under site changes. Buildings erected without written approval have to be removed from the property. CONSTRUCTION – Any construction is only allowed to take place in May, June, September and October, any day, from 9 am to 5 pm. In July and August it is only allowed Monday – Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. All construction must meet applicable building codes and be approved by Park Management. DECKS – Size, design, material and finish used must be approved by the Park Management in writing. Decks must be stained in a natural wood colour or left unstained. All building materials must be new. All decks and structures must be properly engineered and meet applicable building codes. EQUIPMENT PERMITTED – One trailer or camping unit, deck, add‐a‐room and one shed are permitted on a site. The size of the deck and add‐a‐room will depend on the site and RV/trailer size. No extra tents except by special permission of the Park Management are allowed. One fireplace per site. FRIDGES – A second fridge is only permitted if stored inside a shed. Additional charges apply unless site hydro is metered. GRASS CUTTING & SITE MAINTENANCE – Grass cutting, weedeating and site beautification are your responsibility. If the Park Management cuts your lawn or does any other necessary maintenance, a fee will be charged. Please keep your site neat and tidy. No unnecessary building equipment, tools etc. are allowed to clutter your site. All must be kept in an approved shed or in your camping unit when not in use. INSURANCE – It is the Seasonal Occupant’s responsibility to have adequate trailer and liability insurance coverage. The Park office must be supplied with a copy of your insurance policy. The Park will not be held responsible or liable for any property damage or theft. NEW RV’S/TRAILERS – Only brand new trailers are allowed when moving onto a waterfront site. All other sites will only be allowed to move in trailers that are up to 15 years old, provided they are first approved by Park Management. OFF SEASON – Our Park is closed in the off‐season. We allow Seasonal Occupants in good standing to park in front of our entrance and walk into the Park to check on their unit in the off‐season. We do not allow anyone to stay overnight. Please inform the Park Management of your arrival for security purposes. SATELLITE DISHES/TV ANTENNAS – TV antennas and towers are not permitted. Small satellite dishes are allowed as long as they are mounted on trailers or locations approved by Park Management. Satellite dishes must not be mounted on trees or off the Seasonal Occupant’s site. Trees, tree branches and shrubs must not be removed to allow better satellite reception. SHEDS – Only one shed is allowed per site. Maximum size of shed is 8 X 10 feet. All new sheds and their location and size must be approved by Park Management in writing. Restrictions apply. Existing sheds are grandfathered if in good condition until Seasonal Occupant moves from the site. Bass Lake Park, Georgian Bluffs, Ontario Updated: May 16, 2017 SITE CHANGES (ADD‐A‐ROOMS, DECKS, SHEDS) – All site changes (new or relocating) such as add‐a‐
rooms, patios, roofs, decks, fireplaces, posts, fences, trees and shrubs etc. or removals must be approved by the Park Management in writing. SKIRTING – All trailers coming into the Park must be skirted. All skirts must be approved by Park Management. We encourage all of our Seasonal Occupants to skirt their trailers. STORAGE – Storing vehicles, utility trailers, boats, ATV’s, snowmobiles, dirt bikes or additional camping units on any site is not permitted, except in designated storage areas. NO UNLICENCED VEHICLES ALLOWED on the Park property. All on‐site accessories must be stored inside and not visible, except tidy piled firewood. RENTING OUT RV’S/TRAILERS – Subletting, renting or leasing out your RV/trailer is strictly prohibited. REPAIRS – No repairs to any motors, vehicles or watercraft are permitted on the property. TARPS – No tarps are allowed as a windbreak or cover on RV/trailer units during the open season. VACATING SITE – Any permanent improvements such as shrubs, trees as well as fireplace stones must remain on the site when it is vacated. Any structures such as privacy fences, fire rims etc. owned by the Park must remain on the site. Any removal without permission of the Park Management is subject to the cost of restoration. Please leave your site clean for the next Seasonal Occupant. Bass Lake Park, Georgian Bluffs, Ontario Updated: May 16, 2017 
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