Wirepath Surveillance Dome Camera Flush Mount

Installation Manual
WPS-MNT-FLUSH-DOM Dome Camera Flush Mount
Designed to simplify installation and overcome complexity of where to terminate connections, this
mount will fit a variety of metal junction boxes both interior and exterior weatherized boxes:
4” Octagon
4” Octagon
3-4” Cieling Fan Box
T Grid/Drop Ceiling J Box Kits
Installation Guidelines
When mounting to a junction box, we recommend the use of metal junction boxes, doing so will
provide the most secure installation.
While grommets and gaskets are provided to help block out moisture, we recommend that the
installation is completed with silicone on external connections and mount to junction box mating
surfaces. This will help ensure that moisture will not enter the wall.
Parts Included
A. (1) Dome Flush Mount
Not Shown
B. (2) #6-32x3/4”L - Flat Head Philips
C. (2) #8-32x3/4”L - Flat Head Philips
D. (3) M4x25L - Round Head Philips with
Rubber Washers
E. (1) Manual
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WPS-MNT-FLUSH-DOM Installation Manual
Important Note: To avoid damaging the dome surface during installation, keep the dome surface
away from walls and other objects. Do not remove the protective coating from the dome until
after the camera is mounted and the dome installed.
Microfiber or similar cloths can be abrasive, only use a dry eyeglasses cloth when cleaning the
lens to avoid damage that can blur the cameras image.
1. Attach the Extension Mount
Plate Mounting Holes
The Flush Mount is designed to fit a variety of junction box sizes. See the diagram below for the various
junction box sizes.
A. Single Gang
B. Double Gang
C. 4” Square
D. 4” Square (if 4” Square Box is rotated)
E. 3” Octagon
F. 4” Octagon / Ceilling Fan
A. Run the wires from the installation position
through the center hole in the Extension
Figure 1
B. Secure the extension mount to the junction
box or eve using the appropriate screw
locations. See Plate Mounting Holes for details
on the various locations available.
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WPS-MNT-FLUSH-DOM Installation Manual
2. Attach the Camera to the Mount
A. Remove the dome from the Camera Base
using the 3mm Allan key supplied with the
camera. Avoid contact of the dome with
surfaces in order to avoid scratching the
Figure 2
B. Connect the wires from the junction box or
conduit to the Cameras wires.
C. Align the mounting holes in the camera base
with the with the camera screw locations.
Tip: Inserting a mounting screw into the Camera
Base and then into the Dome Flush Mount
speeds up the alignment process.
Note: To avoid moisture from entering the
camera; ensure that the rubber grommets are
on the screws during installation.
D. Secure the Camera Base to the Dome Flush
Mount (A) using all 3 provided M4x25L - Round
Head Philips (D) screws with rubber washers.
Note: Internal camera components removed for
demo purposes. DO NOT disassemble the camera.
E. Loosely re-attach the dome cover onto the Camera base. Note that you will need to remove the
dome cover later to setup the camera once it is fully mounted.
3. Finalize the Installation (outdoor cameras)
For outdoor installations, we recommend adding a bead of silicone around the edges of the mount.
This will help ensure that moisture will not enter the wall.
4. Setup the Camera
Now that the camera is mounted, it can be setup for angle, zoom, and focus. Follow the instructions in
the manual for the Wirepath™ Surveillance camera that has been installed.
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WPS-MNT-FLUSH-DOM Installation Manual
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