Performance Management with nGenius for Flows

Performance Management with nGenius for Flows
As Enterprise environments continue to
grow, it is increasingly important for IT teams
to understand the traffic that is traversing
their network. Digital transformation is
expanding business services into cloud,
BYOD, and mobile computing areas, IT teams
need to evolve their network monitoring
strategy to look beyond basic link utilization
and packet loss.
NetFlow and other similar flow-based
data sources provides a cost-effective
way of collecting network and application
performance details from remote and branch
office locations where it might not be as
feasible to collect full traffic data. This remote
perspective is an essential component of
a robust service assurance platform that
incorporates packet-based, flow-based and IP
SLA-based data for a comprehensive solution
capable of isolating faults across multiple
domains very quickly.
nGenius® for Flows provides real-time
visibility by leveraging rich traffic-flow data
for extracting network performance metrics
rather than relying on server agents or
vendor-specific metrics, and a multitude
of point tools which require a specific
skillset to operate. Powered by Adaptive
Service Intelligence™ (ASI) technology, the
highly scalable and patented deep packet
inspection engine, nGenius for Flows
provides IT with a comprehensive view of
service performance across complex N-tier
application environment. nGenius for Flows
enables IT teams to quickly triage network
performance issues faster which ultimately
reduces Mean Time to Repair (MTTR). It
does this by correlating ASI data across
different tiers and by providing seamless
top-down workflows.
Performance Issues Solved By
nGenius for Flows
nGenius for Flows delivers end-to-end
visibility into the performance of an
integrated application environment including
router and switch performance metrics,
service enablers, end users, the application
and web tiers, and the network. As a result,
nGenius Collector 3300
Campus Edge
nGenius for Flows uncovers the full context
of service anomalies contributing to slow
application response times and poor user
experience including:
• QoS misconfiguration – Tracking QoS
tagging can be valuable for application and
voice performance over the backbone.
Mismatched policies or stripped tags
are one of the more common causes of
performance issues
• Insufficient network bandwidth – nGenius
for Flows uses specialized workflows to
illustrate application usage over time on a
per link basis, to help IT teams understand
how much bandwidth each application is
using, and whether some applications are
being starved out by others
• Which are the most utilized applications
and when – When performing traffic
studies at a remote or branch office
location, understanding the most
utilized applications at the site is key to
appropriately managing the provisioned
bandwidth available
nGenius Collector 3300
Campus Core
Data Center
Storage / Database
Blade Servers
Server Cluster
Figure 1: NetFlow traffic can be used to supplement traditional packet-flow data to provide a comprehensive end-to-end
performance monitoring solution.
l QUICK LOOK l Performance Management with nGenius for Flows
• Which clients and servers are consuming
the most network bandwidth – Top hosts
and conversations are also key indicators
for IT staff looking to understand their
network performance. Trended data
over time can provide organizations with
information that may point to seasonal
changes in utilization which in turn can help
better plan and budget necessary capacity
A common complaint of IT organizations
is that the tools at their disposal look at
the different components of their service
delivery chain in a vacuum. What they need
is nGenius for Flows to look at performance
metrics in context with the other service
components, to rapidly identify problems and
determine the root cause.
Support for xFlow, MIB-II and
In order to help IT resolve performance
degradation issues, nGenius for Flows relies
on the power of ASI. Through continuous
monitoring of network and application
traffic flows, ASI data enables nGenius
for Flows to provide a holistic view into
the impact of each component that could
potentially cause performance problems.
This highly structured data provides
operational insights and visibility into the
potential sources for service degradation
including mismatched QoS tags, link
congestion, and application slowness.
nGenius for Flows leverages the power
of NetFlow, sFlow, cFlowd, J-Flow, Huawei
NetStream®, IP FIX, IP SLA, and MIB-II data
to provide IT teams with an efficient topdown approach to problem identification,
service triage, and resolution. This ultimately
improves service triage and reduces MTTR by
allowing IT to:
• Plan capacity for their applications
and services
• Increase visibility to service activity at
remote and branch office locations from a
centralized vantage point
• Improve troubleshooting of issues
occurring across the enterprise
environment to meet user experience
goals and objectives
World Class Platform Supporting
Even The Largest Enterprises
The nGenius for Flows platform provides a
consistent set of service-oriented workflows
to enable seamless, contextual transitioning
across multiple layers of analysis. This
allows the platform to facilitate efficient and
informed hand-off of incident response
tasks across different groups fostering IT
team collaboration.
This platform simplifies the challenge for IT
in delivering high quality, consistent user
experience for network services by providing
the following key analysis layers:
• Service Dashboard – The dashboard
delivers real-time health status, metrics,
alarms, and intelligent early warning of
problems with infrastructure performance.
IT teams can use it to quickly spot any
performance issues related to a composite
service including the web components, key
middleware and service enablers, and the
database servers in a single view.
• Service Monitors – Enables IT teams
to quickly triage and isolate the sources
contributing to application performance
degradation across the network
environment. These customizable
views deliver insights into network and
application performance to facilitate rapid
triage and root cause analysis.
• Host Analysis – Search on individual host
addresses to understand individual user
performance issues
• xFlow Decodes – Troubleshoot xFlow
configuration by decoding the actual flow
datagrams to verify the settings configured
• Reporting – Use flexible templates or
custom reports to deliver regular status
updates to key stakeholders. IT teams
can tailor views to individual needs to
ensure the right information is always at
their fingertips
nGenius for Flows provides highly scalable
coverage for complex service delivery
environments. The Enterprise-wide site
license allows IT teams to run the application
from as many local servers as they want at no
additional cost. These servers are centrally
managed by the nGeniusONE® Global Server,
consolidating all collected data into a single
view. By using this distributed, scalable
architecture, local processing of analytics
and metadata takes place on the individual
local servers, speeding analysis and reducing
network overhead while still providing
centralized management and a single
unified view into all network and application
performance data.
Benefits of NetFlow with the
nGenius Solution
• Quickly and Efficiently Triage Issues
– Comprehensive service delivery
platform covers all tiers including the load
balancers, web, application, and database
tiers enabling IT teams to efficiently
research performance issues and quickly
identify the root cause and reduce MTTR.
• Capacity Planning – Manage available
network capacity and analyze application
performance to ensure sufficient
bandwidth is available and QoS policies
are tuned correctly for optimum end
user experience
• Improve IT Team Collaboration – Using
common workflows across all application
tiers, the platform improves time to
knowledge by enabling collaboration
between network, application, security and
database teams
• Find problems before they become user
affecting – IP SLA monitoring measures
the responsiveness of applications to
identify performance degradations before
users are impaired
• Enterprise Class Scalability – Expand
visibility to flexibly address a range of
xFlow environments, even the largest
enterprises, from a single pane of glass
• Part of a Broad Service Assurance
Solution – with nGeniusONE – Use
nGenius for Flows standalone to monitor
xFlow, MIB-II and IP SLA, or combine with
packet data in the nGeniusONE platform
for a truly world class Enterprise solution
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