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Three Point Alignment Shown
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Torch and Plate Alignment Tool
Messer Cutting Systesms Laser Pointer allows the machine operator to
identify the plate edge or feature of the plate with a known location for
proper alignment or layout.
Plate Alignment:
- Identifies the edge of a plate by locating 2, 3 or 5 points along
an edge.
- When activated, the plate alignment routine (part program
rotation) identifies necessary points and the part program
automatically offsets (rotates) to the actual plate radial
Up to four Laser Pointers can be mounted on separate carriages, and
set to one of three states on the Global Control: On, Off or Auto. In
the “Auto” position, the Laser Pointer will turn on automatically when
required to aid in plate alignment and turn off automatically during
cutting or marking process.
Available on all machine models.
- Once aligned properly, the part program can cut the part or
nest as if the plate were square to the machine axes which
simplifies set-up, reduces cycle time and eliminates scrap.
Layout Assistance:
- The Laser Pointer creates a red dot on the plate that can be
used during a dry run cycle to trace the path that will be taken
by the cutting or marking tool. Layout assistance is an added
benefit to any Messer machine as it helps reduce scrap by
minimizing material usage and guarantees the part or nest will
fit on the plate.
Laser Pointer
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