Manual and Installation guide

Manual and Installation guide
CatX AV Dual VGA receivers
Cat5/6 extenders
Audio + VGA Video with Dual VGA outputs over Cat5/6 UTP cable
Product type
CatX AV Rx2
150m receiver
CatXQ AV Rx2
300m receiver
1 x RJ45 input
1 x RJ45 output
2 x 15HD male output,1.3mm DC Jack
2 x 3.5mm stereo Jack output
Overview - CatX AV receivers
CatX AV receivers provide a flexible solution for outputting VGA video + Audio over Cat5/6 UTP cable
up to either 150m or 300m.
The CatX AV Rx receiver can be used for distances up to 150m
The CatXQ AV Rx receiver can be used for distances up to 300m
An external power supply is required for both types of AV receivers. Please refer to the ‘External
power’ section in the technical specification at the end of this manual. CatX AV receivers are Video and
audio compatible with CatX Mini AV and VP transmitters and receivers.
Connecting the AV receiver to your transmitter (Tx) unit
Connect your AV receiver to the transmitter using correctly terminated Cat5/6 UTP cable (refer to the
Termination of UTP Cable section of this manual).
Power options for your AV receiver unit
An external 5V PSU (part no: PS-5V1A-1.3-**) is required to power each AV receiver.
Please Note: If any outputs of a CatX AVP Tx4 or Tx8 unit are connected to AV receiver units, it is
possible to power the transmitter using a USB power lead connected to any suitable USB port.
An audio source will only be output by your AV receiver if it is connected to a CatX Mini AV Tx
transmitter or an AVP transmitter that has AV mode selected on the Cat5/6 output. A stereo audio
speaker can be connected to the unit, using one of the audio output sockets on the CatX AV receiver.
Connecting multiple AV receivers in series
CatX AV receivers have an input and output for Cat5/6 UTP cable. This allows multiple AV receivers to
be connected in series. Every AV receiver is also a transmitter, allowing the distance from any VGA and
audio source to be extended up to 2000m. This allows greater flexibility in planning your extender
system beyond 300m.
The maximum overall distance from the source transmitter to the final receiver unit should not exceed
150m and 300m AV receivers may be mixed together in series. The distance between the transmitter,
first AV receiver unit and each subsequent receiver is either 150m or 300m, depending on the type of
each receiver unit in the daisy-chain.
CatX AV receivers are completely video and audio compatible with CatX Mini transmitters and
receivers. A CatX mini transmitter can be connected to an AV receiver and a CatX Mini receiver can be
used as the final receiver in a daisy-chain of multiple AV receivers. CatX Mini VP receivers will require
an external power supply if connected to an AV receiver.
Connection of CatX units to Cat5/6 UTP cable
Before connecting any Cat5/6 UTP cable to the input/output of your AV receiver unit please refer to the
‘termination of UTP cable’ section of this manual.
Connecting any CatX transmitter or receiver to incorrectly terminated cable will damage the unit. Any
unit damaged in this way is not covered by the manufacturers’ warranty.
Distance adjustment (CatX AV Rx2 and CatXQ AV Rx2 units)
There is a tune adjustment control on the front panel of your AV receiver. You should use this control to
optimise the quality of the display on your VGA output device.
When tuning multiple AV receivers that are connected in series, tune the closest receiver to the
transmitter first, followed by each additional receiver in sequence.
Turn the Tune control anti-clockwise and then slowly turn t clockwise until a sharp clear image is
Once this adjustment has been made, no further adjustment is required unless the length of cat5/6
cable attached to the receiver RJ45 input is altered.
Skew correction (CatXQ AV Rx2 only)
In addition to the distance adjustment control, the CatXQ AV Rx2 receiver also includes ‘S’ and ‘Q’ skew
correction controls.
The ‘S’ and ‘Q’ ‘Skew’ correction controls can be adjusted by hand or using a small flat blade screwdriver.
Refer to the ‘Skew correction system user guide’ on how to use these controls to obtain a skew free
CatX units compatible with AV receivers
The CatX AV Rx2 and CatXQ AV Rx2 receivers are compatible with the following CatX units
CatX AVP Tx2 – 2 port Audio + VGA Video or VGA Video + power transmitter up to 300m
CatX AVP Tx4 – 4 port Audio + VGA Video or VGA Video + power transmitter up to 300m
CatX AVP Tx8 – 8 port Audio + VGA Video or VGA Video + power transmitter up to 300m
CatX Mini VP Tx – CatX Mini Audio + VGA Video transmitter up to 300m
CatX Mini AV Tx – CatX Mini Audio + VGA Video transmitter up to 300m
CatX Mini VP Rx – CatX Mini VGA Video + Power receiver up to 150m
CatX Mini AV Rx – CatX Mini Audio + VGA Video receiver up to 150m
Termination of UTP cable
CatX units may be damaged or fail to operate unless the units are connected together using UTP cable
that has been correctly terminated, as shown below. Any structured cable used for connection to CatX
units must not be connected to any other network (Data or Voice). Do not connect CatX units using a
crossover patch cable.
VGA Resolutions
150m receiver
300m receiver
Technical Specification
CatX AV Rx2
Maximum Distance
VGA Video
VGA outputs
Audio outputs
External Power
Operating Temp.
CatXQ AV Rx2
150m of Cat5/5e/6 UTP cable
300m of Cat5/5e/6 UTP cable
75 Ohms RGB input/output; VGA --- UXGA compatible; 1080P compatible
RGBHV, RGSB, YUV, Y/C, CVBS formats supported
Separate or composite HV (TTL); Horizontal 15-130KHz; Vertical 30-150Hz
2 x Female HD15
2 x Summed Stereo
5V PSU (1.3mm plug)
All metal finish
0 - 40 oC non Condensing
Product codes and accessories
CatX AV Rx2
CatXQ AV Rx 2
CatX AVP Tx 2
5V PSU (1.3mm plug)
CatX AVP Tx 4
5V PSU (1.3mm plug)
3.5 Jack audio cable
Part Number
CX-AV-R -2
USB 5V supply 0.35m
USB 5V supply 0.7m
Please specify PSU type by replacing **
with the following codes.
UK - UK 3 pin
EU - European Schuko
US - US 2 pin
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