Quick Start for the Media Consoles

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Quick Start for the Media Consoles
System Power and Starting the Data Projector
On the touch screen press “Touch here to begin.” You will be asked to enter the authorization
code given to you when you obtained your console key. The screen will change to the Projector Page. Touch the button labeled “Power ON.” Return to the Pojector Page by pressing the
upper left button labeled “System Power.” Remember, system power must be turned on for
other functions to work.
In large auditoriums with dual projection systems content selection and display is always
a two step process. First, select the source using the named buttons. Second, send to the
screen or screens on which you want the content displayed. The system audio will be for the
most recent source you sent to a screen.
Adjusting the System Volume
To change volume for all audio sources, except microphones, press the up or down arrows
in the upper right corner of the touch screen. The Mute button is red when the speakers are
muted and green when sounds are audible.
Using the Microphone
If a wireless microphone is located in the console drawer, hook the transmitter to your clothing
and clip the microphone near your neck. The microphone power button is located either on
the top next to where the microphone cord connects to the unit or on the face behind a sliding panel. Turn the transmitter on, Un-mute the microphone and adjust it’s volume from the
touch-screen. When you are done, please turn it off and put away.
Using the Document Camera
On the touch screen, press the “Document Camera” button on the left edge of the screen and
press “Power On.” Doc Cam function controls will appear on the touch screen. You can also
control Zoom and Focus functions from the Doc Cam itself.
Liberal Arts Instructional Technology Services
For Assistance call the Help Desk 471-9666
Quick Start for the Media Consoles
Playing a Video Tape or DVD
Press the button labled “VCR” or “DVD.” The touch screen will show function controls.
You may also control the the VCR/DVD player from the face of the unit itself. When you insert
a videotape the VCR will start playing right away. If your tape is cued press “Stop” as soon as
you insert the tape cassette.
Using the Computer
Both computers share a single monitor. The keyboard and mouse are located on a retractable shelf on the console’s left side. Press the “PC” or the “MAC” button to choose a computer. Logging in to the computer requires a valid UT EID. Remember to log out when you are
Using the Universal Serial Bus (USB)
There are USB extension cables co-located with the Laptop bundle. Each is labled appropriately either Mac or PC. Additional ports are available on the face of some computers.
Playing Music, PC and Mac
The console computer’s compact disc drive will play audio CDs as well as DVD movies. After
you insert a disk and close the drive door, the player application will automatically start. Selections are made using normal computer inputs.
Using a Laptop Computer
Laptop connection cables (computer VGA, audio, and Ethernet) extend from the top of the
console and can be used to connect a laptop into the audio-visual system. There is an outlet
on top of the console to provide AC power. Once your computer is connected press the
“Laptop” button on the touch screen. If it doesn’t display try restarting while it is connected
and selected.
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