Memory – The rules Contents: 64 picture cards (32 pairs of cards

Memory – The rules
Contents: 64 picture cards (32 pairs of cards)
For 2-8 players
The objective of the game is to collect the post pairs of cards.
Shuffle the cards and place them face down on the table. You can place them
randomly or put them in a grid pattern. Important: No card touches another.
How to play
Players decide who goes first. Play then continues in a clockwise direction. On your
turn, turn over 2 cards. If the pictures on the cards match, keep the pair and go on
again. This continues until you turn over two cards that are not a pair. In this case put
the two cards back so they are face down and it’s the next players turn. Revealed
cards should be left lying face up long enough so that everyone can see the picture
before they are turned face down again. The position of the cards should not be
End of the game
The game ends when the last pair has been collected. To find the winner, players
build a stack with their cards. The player with the highest stack wins.
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