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Radio Automation Software
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ON-AIR Module
From our innovative On-Air interface to our industry leading Voice Tracking modules, with iMediaTouch you can feel secure knowing
you have the most reliable, tested & user friendly software running your radio operations.
Since it’s unveiling in 1984, iMediaTouch has been continually enhanced in order to meet the evolving needs of radio stations worldwide. Our 6th generation release includes an exciting set of new features based on collaboration with our customers and technology
partners. Our On-Air module can be broken down into three key components that provide radio talent with the following functionality:
Cart Section
Provides live assist, satellite or complete dependable broadcast automation
Simultaneous touch screen, mouse (drag n drop) or console bi-directional start/stop
Up to 12 discrete audio play outs supported with playback pitch control
Dynamic sports log allows for unattended sports (such as Baseball) broadcast automation including rain-outs & overtime log management
Non-Stop Broadcasting - auto failover features from primary server to local on-air computer or secondary server (if provided)
RDS, XML, HD2 PAD data and Audio over IP supported
Complete website integration via XML or HTML output including album graphics and upcoming/last played information for dynamic front/
back sell promotions
Simple & flexible satellite interfacing with automatic failover “playback resume” for feeds and pre-recorded shows
In Studio, Remote and Wide Area system configurations – up to 4 remote connections supported
Dynamic Dual Screen options available
Tab Section
ShowLog Tab - provides unlimited hot keys, color configurable by the user with start/stop, auto repeat (great for music beds), auto fade
and auto load functions
Info Tab - displays extended cart information about the audio cut including the album graphic and when the song was “last played” and
scheduled “to play next” to help ensure a no repeat workday
Hooks Tab – provides a dynamic hook player for automated “coming up next hour” promos
Back Sell Tab – for live assisted front/back sell music promotions
Feeds Tab – provides talent with access to all pre-configured satellite shows to instantly switch to ABC News, WWI, Rush or any other
satellite show during a live broadcast
Blade Section
Segue Editor Blade - Newly enhanced dynamic segue editor for on-the-fly segue adjustments
Record Blade – great for recording audio such as phone bits that can be instantly edited & added to the log on-the-fly
Weather Blade - uniquely displays a five day weather forecast including weather graphics
Coming soon – other useful Blades such as a Music Master Blade for instant in-studio “PD approved” music content.
Production Module
A virtual audio workbench that is the most advanced Trans-coder in the industry,
iMediaTouch offers you complete database management of your audio assets.
An audio database manager software for any studio, administrative or wide area remote
access desktop, where no proprietary sound card is required.
The ONLY trans-coder software for radio that supports MPEG2, MP3, WMA, WAV &
(Optional cost Dolby AC3) using any Windows WDM compatible sound card
User interface is designed for simultaneous audio importing, exporting, CD ripping,
normalization, trimming, cut labeling, leveling and wave form editing
Up to six levels of security - password protected
Manages expiry and activation dates right down to the hour/minute on audio cuts
Waveform editor copies - cuts - pastes multi format audio files
Provides jpeg ingest and storage for album graphics and banner ads tied to audio files
LogTools Module
Build and create playback schedules with ease. iMediaTouch integrates with most
traffic and music programming systems to build your schedules.
Interactive play-out of Tails and Heads – ability for Program Directors to audition the
schedule even before it airs!
Fast access to your audio library & satellite feeds for schedule changes
Merges with the most popular traffic and music programming systems
Real Time “ON-AIR” log updates on the fly from remote desktops (no log reloading)
Visual reports or searches for log errors
Creates as-run reports and validates schedules before airing
Schedules hot-button loads for DJ shift changes and satellite drop liners
Clock template generator to simplify satellite format creation
Password protection for startup
VoiceTrack Module
VoiceTracking on iMediaTouch has never been easier. Imagine producing 6 hours of
live sounding programming in less than an hour. In fact you can voice track as far in
advance as you have music scheduled. Your listeners get the complete live assisted
air broadcast even though the talent recorded the shift hours ago.
Interactive play-out of Tails & Heads with user time adjustable play-out
Dynamic adjustment of segue markers & four volume points on each track for tight play-out
Full use of ALL ON AIR Hot Buttons for live mix or post VoiceTrack insertion
After recording a voice track, software allows drop in of music bed and sound effects
with adjustments to the level and fade In/out points
Drop in up to 6 SFX into the recorded file with full volume control for each SFX
Auto Post and Auto Duck allows for quick tightening of voicetracks
“On The Fly” Voice Tracks can be inserted into today’s log
Program Manager can generate music logs well in advance that allow immediate
VoiceTrack recording
iMediaTouch Optional Modules
With iMediaTouch Optional Modules, stations can enhance their iMediaTouch System with additional award winning solutions brought to you by
OMT technologies. Need to automatically import content from a variety of sources? Want to record, log, skim or podcast your daily broadcasts?
Wish your website had more interactive media rich content? With iMediaTouch Optional Modules all this is
possible....and more!
Contact your Sales Representative for more information and pricing on these optional modules.
Remote VoiceTrack
ON-AIR Remote
iMediaTouch Remote Voice Tracking
iMediaTouch ON-AIR Remote
iMediaTouch’s Remote VoiceTrack module is the best
“out of studio” experience in radio allowing talent to
record, edit and insert voice tracks into any station’s
log from any internet home connection or professional
studio. Unlike other competing Remote Voice Tracking
solutions offered by other vendors, every feature
available with our in-house VoiceTrack Module is
available with our remote version.
Connect to your On-Air studio from any remote
location using iMediaTouch’s ON-AIR Remote
Module. Perfect for multiple talent morning shows
and sporting event broadcasts, ON-AIR Remote
seamlessly controls your station from anywhere
using a high speed internet connection.
Digital Logging Software
Automatic Content Importer
iMediaLogger set a new standard in software based
audio logging, archiving, skimming, podcasting and
storage, delivering the simplest way to manage each
and every one of your recording needs with just one
workstation. OMT raises the bar again with
iMediaLogger v3 making our proven digital logger
even more versatile and stable then ever before!
The iMediaImport Module automatically imports
sstation content and “Cart Chunk” content from but
no limited to: NPR Content Depot Audio Files, FTP
Site Audio Transfers, Network Shared Folders ,
Productions House Spot Delivery, Music and
Programming Services, Third Party Multi-Track
Software and Newsroom Applications.
Live Assist & Cart Replacement
Wide Area Content Management
A simple, yet powerful iMediaTouch module, iMediaPix
is ideal for your live assist operations needing commercial, ID and promo solutions. Browse an infinite
number of categories, create logs for your broadcast
day or load up a great playlist for your morning show –
iMediaPix is the all in one simplified solution for radio.
iMediaAccess offers a total solution for your wide
area facilities. Not only can you send audio files to
the remote location, but you can play and manipulate the file once there. iMediaAccess also allows for
distribution of play lists and schedules, covering not
only the files to play, but how to play them.
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