Windows 7 and Vista Installation of Bixolon Display with Regit Express

Windows 7 and Vista Installation of Bixolon Display with Regit Express
There are varied methods for installing hardware between the different Windows versions and several
paths that can be taken with each version. Here is a method to install the driver if you cannot get the
instructions that came with the device to work.
1. Download and extract the driver for your machine (64 or 32 bit) the 32 bit is also located on the
included Bixolon CCD. Pay attention to where you extracted the files, as you will need this location
2. Insert the BCD-1100 into a USB slot. A Windows message will say Installing Device Driver
Software. It should not find your software.
3. Go to Windows button, then the Control Panel and open Device Manager.
4. Under Other Devices, right click USB Serial Port.
5. Click (left) the Properties selection on the drop down menu.
6. Click the Update Driver button near the bottom (Reinstall Driver on Vista).
7. Click Browse my computer for driver software.
8. Click the Browse button and browse to the extracted folder BCD_win_v.1.0.5SE_x64 (or
BCD_VirualCOM for 32 bit).
9. Click/Check the Include Subfolders box.
10. Click OK, then Next.
11. Drive is not signed, click Install the driver software anyway.
12. The Driver installs.
13. , Close the Install window.
14. Observe the COM number assigned to the USB Serial Port (COMx).
15. Close all opened screens including Device Manager.
16. Open Regit Express Office.
17. Click the customer display ICON (or Setup, External Customer Display).
18. Place the COM port number in the Select COM Port Number box.
19. Select the Bixolon BCD-1100.
20. Click OK/Save.
21. Return to the Cash Register.
22. Test by entering a product into a transaction.
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