(Red/Green Shimmering Laser)
To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, or injury when using any electric appliance,
precautions should be made. These precautions include but are not limited to:
Read all instructions.
CAUTION! — Use only as directed. Improper use may result in damage to the eyes due to
direct exposure to laser radiation.
This product has a polarized plug to reduce the risk of electric shock. It will therefore only
fit into a polarized outlet one way. If the plug does not fit, reverse the plug. If it still does not
fit, contact a qualified electrician. Do not use with an extension cord unless the plug can be
fully inserted. Do not alter the plug.
This unit is certified as a Class IIIa laser product by the US Federal Laser Product
Performance Standard (FLPPS) according to regulations in 21 CFR Subchapter J. Class IIIa
laser products can be hazardous when directly viewed.
Avoid looking directly into Class IIIa lasers. This product, as well as other demonstration
laser products like some laser pointers, are classified as Class IIIa laser energy levels. This
product uses diffractive optics to scatter the beam of energy. This scattering effect causes
the energy concentration to drop below the exposure limits for momentary or accidental
viewing at a relatively short distance from the laser aperture. As with all bright light sources,
when you operate this device in public areas it is recommended that up-close access to
the light be restricted.
While the Class IIIa laser in this device may be hazardous on its own, it is encased in a
protective housing and uses diffractive holographic optics, therefore users are not directly
exposed to laser radiation during operation or maintenance. Each individual laser beam is
less than 5mW, which is about the same as an average laser pointer.
DO NOT attempt to open the protective housing or operate the device if the aperture
windows are damaged. If the unit requires service that involves removing the protective
housing, contact the manufacturer. Opening the protective housing voids the warranty.
Use only three-wire outdoor extension cords that have three-prong grounding plugs,
plugged into grounded outlets. Acceptable extension cord types:
Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) protection is to be provided on the circuit(s) or
outlet(s) to be used while operating portable laser light in a wet location. Receptacles with
built-in GFCI protection are available for this purpose.
Light Projector
Ground Stake
Mounting Plate
Pivot Clamp
Weather-Resistant Cap
Activating Remote
Pull the strip from the battery compartment on the back of the remote. To test
the remote’s battery connection, press any button and the LED will illuminate
for 1 second. If the LED does not illuminate, open the battery compartment to
make sure battery is properly installed.
Screw the ground stake or mounting plate into the bottom of the light projector
clockwise until tight (fig. 1). To adjust the angle of the light projector, loosen the
pivot clamp screw by turning it counterclockwise. Once the angle adjustment
is made, twist the pivot clamp screw clockwise until tight to secure (fig. 2).
Plug the 2-prong adapter into the power supply transformer. Screw on the
weather-resistant cap tightly to help protect the connection from weather.
The mounting plate can be attached to a wooden structure such as a deck
using 4 screws (not included). The unit
can be detached from the mounting plate
Fig. 1 without removing the entire assembly simply
by unscrewing the unit counterclockwise.
IMPORTANT: Point Night Stars directly at your home and never point
Night Stars directly into the sky. Do not project Night Stars at or within
the flight path of an aircraft within 10 nautical miles of an airport. If the
surface at which you intend to point the Night Stars laser is within 10
nautical miles of an airport, lower the angle so that it does not point into
the sky. Do not point laser light toward oncoming pedestrians, vehicles, or
traffic routes on land, sea, or air.
Fig. 2
Press the button on the back of the laser unit to set shimmer speed or
turn off. Settings are fast, medium, slow, still, and off. Pressing this button clears flash settings. See the
below chart for remote operations. The remote can be used hand-held or mounted to a surface.
Light On/Off
Change Light Color
Press On/Off while unit is plugged in and
remote will connect to unit in 5 seconds
Flash Setting
Shimmer Speed
Toggle between flashing
or steady light
4 settings: still, slow, medium, fast
2-Hour Timer
Sets the unit on a 2-hour on,
22-hour off daily cycle
6-Hour Timer
Sets the unit on a 6-hour on,
18-hour off daily cycle
Range: Up to 11 yards
Choose red, green, or dual-colored light
(Clears flash setting)
Cancels timer settings
8-Hour Timer
Sets the unit on an 8-hour on,
16-hour off daily cycle
4-Hour Timer
Sets the unit on a 4-hour on,
20-hour off daily cycle
IF REMOTE IS NOT CONTROLLING THE LASER while you are within remote control
range, and if the remote LED comes on when you press the buttons, your remote may not be synced
with the laser light. In this case, follow these syncing instructions:
Syncing the Remote:
Be sure you are within 5 ft. of laser to sync. Do not use an extension cord during syncing process.
1. R
emove the battery from the remote, then reinstall battery. This resets the remote.
2. U
nplug the laser from the power source and wait 1 minute. This resets the laser.
3. W
ith remote in hand, plug laser into wall outlet. QUICKLY, BEFORE 3 SECONDS PASS, press
the ON/OFF button on remote AFTER plugging the laser in. DO NOT press the ON/OFF button at
the same time you plug in, it must be done within 3 seconds AFTER plugging in. DO NOT hold the
button down.
Do not use an extension cord during syncing process. Once the laser is synced, it may be unplugged
and used with an extension cord. Occasionally, re-syncing the remote with the laser may be necessary.
In this case, repeat the steps above. To sync two or more lights to the same remote, unplug them all,
then plug them back in at the same time. AFTER plugging them in, press the ON/OFF button within 3
seconds. Remove remote battery before long-term storage.
� Only use supplied transformer connected to a properly grounded outdoor outlet.
� Do not use with dimmers.
� Operate in temperatures of -4˚F to 90˚F. There may be a slight delay if operating below 55˚F.
Please allow up to 10 minutes for light to warm up and reach its full projection. Green laser
startup time may take up to 30 minutes in temperatures below 14˚F.
� When hanging the laser light, for safety purposes it is recommended to mount using a sturdy
hanging clamp and safety cable.
� The laser light is weather resistant, but do not leave the laser or power supply transformer in
standing water. If using with an extension cord outdoors where the power supply transformer
may be exposed to weather, plug into a GFCI outlet only.
� Heavy snow can block the laser light. If heavy snow is expected, mount the laser light in such a
way that it will not be covered by snowfall.
Product Specifications
Laser Classification
Class IIIa
Maximum Laser Power
(Single beam) Less than 5mW
Laser Wavelength
Green: 532nm / Red: 660nm
Laser MTBF
More than 5000 hours
Power Consumption
Up to 5 watts
Power Input
120VAC (when used with supplied transformer)
Indoor / Outdoor
Operating Temperature
-4˚F to 90˚F
Maintenance free — no user serviceable parts
Remote Battery
23A (L1028), included
Limited 1-year warranty
Model No. LL03-SHIM-R
REV- 071916
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