4h crop lifter instructions

In the Box:
Part Number
4H Assembly
Carriage Bolt - 7/16-14, 2" Long, Grade 8
Carriage Bolt - 3/8-16, 2 1/2" Long, Special, 7/16 Head, Grade 5
Hex Nut - 7/16-14, Grade 8
Hex Nut - 3/8-16, Grade 8
Lock Washer - 7/16, Grade 8
Lock Washer - 3/8, Grade 8
Flat Washer- 3/8, Grade 8, SAE
Instruction Sheet - 4H
Jam Nut
Hex Nut
Lock Washer
Set Screw
Carriage Bolt
The 4H is a rugged, fully adjustable crop lifter used in demanding applications. It features spring loaded action and infinite height adjustment by means of a locking hex head set screw. The nested receiver pocket for
the sickle guard provides the ultimate in solid mounting. Both 3/8” and 7/16” carriage mounting bolts are
included for use with various platform applications.
Safety Precautions
1. Take all reasonable safety precautions when installing the crop lifters. This includes, but is not limited to,
placing controls in neutral, stopping the engine, setting the parking brake, and switching off the ignition
key. In addition, support the cutterbar head with blocks or safety stands when working beneath it.
2. When engaging the sickle guard in the receiver pocket, be sure the tip of the sickle guard does not
contact the inside of the casting This will prevent complete seating of the sickle guard and solid mounting.
3. Be sure to use the appropriate supplied lock washer with the carriage mounting bolt.
4. Torque the 3/8” carriage bolt to 23 ft. lbs. or the 7/16” carriage bolt to 52 ft. lbs.
5. After adjusting the set screw for proper tip height, be sure to tighten hex jam nut at least 1/8 turn.
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Mounting Procedure - Standard
Since there is no adjustability in the mounting of the crop lifter to the sickle guard, all the height adjustment
must be accomplished by adjusting the set screw. However, there are some considerations during the
process of fastening the crop lifter arm to the sickle guard as follows:
1. Be sure there are no obstructions under the cutterbar which will interfere with the seating of the mounting
surface on the underside of the sickle guard. These include but are not limited to skid plates. If there is
slight interference, the arm of the crop lifter can be relieved with a grinder.
2. Since sickle guards vary in size and shape, care must be taken to be sure the sickle guard seats firmly in
the arm pocket.
3. Long, narrow sickle guards may bottom out in the arm pocket before they can seat securely. If desired,
the tip of the sickle guards can be shortened with a grinder.
4. Only mount the crop lifter on sickle guards that are in line with one of the sickle guard mounting bolts.
5. Both 3/8” and 7/16” carriage mounting bolts are included. Use the larger of the two that will fit.
6. Be sure to use the appropriate supplied lock washer.
7. Torque the 3/8” carriage bolt to 23 ft. lbs. or the 7/16” carriage bolt to 52 ft. lbs. Trim bolt as required.
Crop Lifter Spacing
Sickle guard and cutterbar geometries can limit the available crop lifter spacing options.
The following are starting recommendations that can be altered as the application requires.
Down Grain/Peas
Swath or Windrow
Rowed Beans and Milo
Space crop lifters 6” - 9” apart
Space crop lifters 6” apart
Space crop lifters 6” - 9” on each side of row. Close spacing
will reduce crop loss by raising crop uniformly.
Mounting Procedure - John Deere 600F, 600D, 600R, 900D
1. Refer to standard mounting instructions above where applicable with the exceptions
that follow below.
2. Mounts on 12” centers on left prong of long-short sickle guard pictured on right.
3. Use the included 3/8-16 x 2 1/2”, 7/16” carriage special mounting bolt, washer, and
nut, as well as the supplied 3/8” flat washer between the crop lifter arm and skid plate.
4. When tightening the carriage bolt, the sickle guard must be pushed forward in the skid
plate square hole, while the crop lifter must be firmly seated on the sickle guard tip. After tightening, the
sickle guard must be seated solidly in the arm pocket and the arm must clear the yellow skid plate liner.
5. Torque the 3/8” carriage bolt to 23 ft. lbs. Trim the bolt as required.
Adjustment Procedure/Operating Height - All Applications
Loosen the set screw completely. On level ground, lower the cutterbar until the lifter
engages the ground. Check to see if the tip of lifter point is 1/4” above the ground to
prevent digging in. Lower the cutterbar until it does. Tighten the set screw and hex
jam nut to secure the adjustment. This is the proper height setting for fields with
level ground. Any less may result in the tip digging into the ground.
For use on fields with uneven ground, lower the cutterbar an additional 3/4” to
ensure tip-to-ground contact in the low areas. Be sure the crop lifter tip still has
IS-4H 07-12-2016
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