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JA-154J two way remote control – four buttons
Takes over a user´s identity: A choosen user will be recorded
as the source of some events in the control panel history.
Action delay(s): This is valid for panic, fire and health problems.
The delay is selectable in the interval 0 – 240 s. During this time it
is possible to cancel the reporting by pressing any button.
The JA-154J is a component of the
JABLOTRON 100 system. It uses
2-way communication. It is designed to
remotely control setting / unsetting,
trigger panic alarms and control other
appliances. The remote control works
as a segment of the JA-100 system
keypad. It checks and indicates the
system and battery status by acoustic
and optic indication.
Battery replacement
Figure: 1 – LED indication; A – unset button (turn off a PG output, B – set
button (turn on a PG output); C – turn off PG button (unset button); D – turn
on PG button (set button).
Enrolling the remote control to a
control panel
There must be a JA-110R radio module installed in the control panel.
The control panel has to be in Service mode (fw of the control panel
must be LJ60409 / MD60409 or higher). Proceed with this according to
the control panel installation manual. Go to the F-Link software, select
the required position in the Devices tab and launch enrollment mode
by clicking on the Enroll option.
Enroll the remote control to the control panel by pressing any button.
The enrollment is confirmed by the yellow LED flashing 3 sec. It is also
possible to enroll it by F-Link software, by entering the production code.
This code is on the sticker in the battery area inside the remote. The
remote takes 1 position in the system.
When you want to remove the remote control from the system,
just erase it from the particular position. (e.g.: somebody has
lost it)
If it is not possible to enroll the remote control to the control
panel check if the remote control lock is maybe active.
Otherwise perform a reset of the remote control (See
particular paragraphs).
Setting the properties
Perform settings using F-Link software (F-Link version 1.1.1 and
higher) – Devices tab. Click on the JA-154J’s Internal settings.
Then a window appears with a request to press any button on the
JA-154J. When the button is pressed, the JA-154J opens 2-way
communication. Now you are allowed to configure the settings from
F-Link. This mode will be closed in 5 minutes. LED (1) lights yellow.
Click on Continue to confirm opening programming mode. Now
F-Link shows a dialog where you can set the parameters of the
Button sound: The remote control confirms pressing the button
by a short beep.
Acoustic signalling of an alarm status change: Beeps once
when the section is set / PG output is switched ON, beeps twice
when the section is unset / PG output is switched OFF, three times
on unsetting the section after an alarm.
Confirm bypass: When the system is set with a bypass it means
with a disabled or an active device, buttons B and D have the same
behaviour as a segment on the keypad regarding the bypass
function. A bypass is set in the control panel see the Parameters /
Confirm bypass tab. This is not valid in the case of common
section control. Control by common section always sets everything
regardless of any active devices.
Button functions: The reaction can be set for button pairs +
and + (A+B and C+D) or a single reaction for button
(C) and
a single reaction for button (D). To give a reaction to a selected
button, see the options in following table:
Reaction for button pairs
Reaction for a single button
• None
• Set/Unset
• Partially
set / Set /
• PG
• None
• Set / Unset
• Partially set
• PG
Audible panic
Switch mode
Low battery indication is signalled on the remote control after any
button is pressed. The action assigned to the button is done and
the yellow LED flashes with 3 quick beeps. The remote still works
as usual but the RF range goes slowly down. If a new battery (type
CR 2032) is inserted, low battery indication ends. Low battery
reports are sent to the control panel too. To change the battery
unscrew the 2 screws from the back plastic, remove the cover with
the metal strut from the housing. Then press any button a few times
and insert a new battery.
Don´t throw the used battery into the trash but take it to a suitable
recycling station.
Locking the keyfob
The remote control buttons can be locked (blocked) against
accidental pressing. Locking is disabled by default, pressing any
button triggers its function immediately.
If the buttons are locked, a control command is sent when a
button is pressed 2 x quickly (panic too).
The lock can be activated by pressing and holding the pair of
buttons (A, B) at the same time. After pressing both buttons all
LEDs (1) quickly flash and then after 3 sec the red LED stays lit.
Now release the button (B) and then press it again. Activation of the
lock function is confirmed by double flashes of the red LED and a
double beep. After this procedure release all buttons.
The remote control lock is deactivated by repeating the
procedure above. Deactivation of locking is confirmed by one flash
of the LED and one beep.
Reseting the remote control
The remote control can be reset to default by pressing and holding
the pair of buttons A and B. After both buttons have been pressed the
red indication LED starts to light after a 3 sec delay and then keep
holding both buttons until the yellow LED starts flashing. Now release
button B and press it again. A reset has been successfully done and
confirmed by the lit yellow LED and the remote control’s 5 beeps. Now
release both buttons.
LED indication board
Unset/PG OFF
yellow LED lit (3 s)
Partially set
red LED lit (3 s)
Quick flash by yellow LED +
acoustic indication
(3 x quick beeps)
Quick flashes by yellow LED
(10 x)
Remote control low battery
Remote control is out of RF
range or has been jammed
Technical specifications
type CR 2032 (3,0 V)
(power supply type C acc. to EN 50131-6)
Typical battery lifetime
approx 2 years (10 daily activations)
Communication band
868 MHz
Communication range
approx. 30 m (open area)
Op. environment acc.to EN 50131-1
II. Indoor general
Operational temperature range
-10°C to +40°C
Security grade acc.to EN 50131-1
Can be operated according to
ERC REC 70-03
Complies with
ETSI EN 300220, EN 50130-4,
EN 55022, EN 60950-1
Audible panic
Switch mode
JABLOTRON ALARMS a.s. hereby declares that the JA-154J is in
compliance with the essential requirements and other relevant provisions
of Directive 1999/5/EC. The original of the conformity assessment can
be found at www.jablotron.com - Technical Support section
Note: Although this product does not contain any harmful materials
we suggest you return the product to the dealer or directly to the
producer after use. For more detailed information visit
Takes over a user´s access priviledges: This will take over the
access priviledges to sections and time limited access settings of a
selected user.
JA-154J two way remote control – four buttons
Green LED lit (3 s)
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