Rackmount Installation Guide
Assemble the side rails and
secure each with (2) screws.
Attach front of the rails to
front of rack with (1) fastener
for each side in the upper
mounting hole.
Attach rear of rails to rear of
rack with the (2) fasteners for
each side.
Tighten the (2) screws used to
assemble each rail in step 1.
For 2U* UPMs and battery
cabinets, attach (1) angled
mounting bracket to each side
of the UPM and/or each side
of the battery cabinet using
the (8) screws provided.
For 4U** UPMs - attach (2)
angled mounting brackets to
each side of the UPM using
the (16) screws provided.
Lift the battery cabinets and
UPM onto the mounting rails
and slide each into position.
Secure the 2U UPM and
battery cabinet with (4)
fasteners and the 4U UPMs
with (8) fasteners provided.
Rackmount UPM and the
external battery cabinet are
designed to be floor standing as
an alternative to rack mounting.
The UPM and external battery
cabinets use identical mounting
hardware and the procedure for
mounting is the same for both.
Each unit and each battery
cabinet must be mounted
to their own rail kits that
are included.
Middle Rack Installation
Standard Rack Installation
Floor Standing Installtion
* Example of a 2U unit
** Example of 4U unit
Rackmount Installation Guide
If any equipment has been damaged during shipment, keep the shipping cartons and packing materials
for the carrier or place of purchase and file a claim for shipping damage:
1. File with the carrier within 15 days of receipt of the equipment;
2. Send a copy of the damage claim within 15 days to your service representative.
Use all supplied mounting hardware on each UPM and External Battery Cabinet.
NEVER depend on devices installed on lower levels to support other devices.
Two people are recommended for safe installation.
Never attempt to mount the UPM or external battery cabinet with the from mount ears
only. Continuous support is required throughout the mounting procedure to prevent
damage or injury.
Call tech support at 800-369-7179 with questions
A02-00083 Rev. B
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