Keyboard Editor

Keyboard Editor
From the
page, tap Keyboards
Tap the
to create a New Keyboard.
to open the Keyboard Editor:
Tap keys to select them.
your keyboard
In this space
in the keyboard editor.
Merge Unmerge
Select keys: Tap the key. Up to two keys can be selected at a time.
Deselect keys: Tap the selected key to deselect it.
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Insert a space: If you insert a space at the end of a word or sentence, the space will be automatically be
inserted when typing in the notepad, thereby reducing keystrokes.
Merge cells: Tap adjacent cells, then tap
. Two keys can be merged at a time.
Unmerge Cells: Tap the merged cell, then tap
Add Images to keys: Select a key, and then tap
. Choose pictures from your iPad, camera or the
Pixabay image database. For larger images, first merge the keys.
Crop Image: Use Apple’s Photo app > select the photo > tap EDIT, and then CROP. Drag the corners of the
grid, drag the photo to reposition it, and then tap Crop. To set a specific ratio, tap Constrain.
Audio: Tap the
to start recording and the
will play when the key is tapped in the notepad.
to stop. Tap the
to play the audio. Recorded audio
Change the color of the text and background for individual keys: Select keys, and then pick text and key
Clear key: select the key, then tap
to remove all the text and images from a key.
Delete keys: select the key, then tap
. Note that once a keyboard is saved, you cannot restore a deleted key. If you want more flexibility you can match the background color of the key to that of the grid,
as this has the same effect as deleting it.
Undo / Redo: tap
to undo or redo up to 10 actions
Editing a Saved Keyboard
If you want to keep your original keyboard, first make a copy of it before making changes to it.
• Copy the keyboard: open the folder, tap EDIT on the homepage, select the keyboard, tap
and DONE.
• Make changes to the keyboard: Select the keyboard, edit it, and return to the home page.
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