RR20T Crated Processor Assembly Manual

Range Road RR20T
Firewood Processor
Crated Unit
Assembly Manual
Crated Unit
1.) Undo 8 -18mm x 19mm Nuts and bolts , 2 on each leg of top
2.) Lift top of Metal crate off and move out of work area.
3.) Remove Shrinkwrap.
4.) Unwrap Wheels
5.) Remove bag containing Bearing, washer, nut, cotter key and
cap, place on workbench, set unwrapped wheels out of the way.
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Page 2
6.) Unwrap the following, place on workbench
sawdust chute
sawbar engagement arm and extension
fenders (2)
bar oil container, do not misplace the loose hose
towbar jack
Log roller Arm
Splitter Wedge, Axle
Chainsaw Bar Cover, Safety Cages (2), Hydraulics Cover
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Box 944
Eckville AB T0M 0X0
Page 3
The Processor should now be sittin on the crate with all loose pieces
7.) Lift processor off crate with forklift, crane or jacks, make
sure that straps will not catch anything on unit when tightened and
that unit will be balanced.
Lift high enough to be able to install Axle, Wheels and Tripod
8.) Remove lower crate from work area
9.) Install Tripod leg at front of processor
10.) Loosen Axle retention Bolts and lock nuts (18mm x 18mm)
11.) Slide Axle through tube, make sure the bolt holes face
upwards, centre the axle in the housing, tighten bolt, tighten lock
nut, repeat on opposite side
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Eckville AB T0M 0X0
Page 4
12.) Grease all 4 wheel bearings, use a flat screwdriver to remove
dust seals from hubs
13.) Install Wheel on axle
14.) Install Bearing, then washer
15.) Screw on Castle Nut make sure to line threads up
16.) Tighten castle nut until nut is snug and wheel is hard to turn,
then back the nut off ¼ turn until cotter pin hole lines up
17.) Insert cotter pin and bend
18.) Install hub cap, use a rubber mallet to press into place
19.) Grease wheel hub generously through grease zerk on back of
Range Road Enterprises Ltd
Box 944
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Page 5
Repeat on opposite side
20.) The four lug nuts of each wheel should be torque to
Lower unit to floor
21.) Install sawdust chute 10mm Nut x Bolt through body, nuts go
ion the sawdust collector side.
22.) Remove cotter pin from bottom tube on large safety cover
23.) Remove 8 – 10mm Nuts and bolts from edge of large safety
24.) Line up holes in edge of large safety cage with the holes in
the side of the chainsaw cover
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Box 944
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Page 6
25.)Install 8 – 10mm bolts and nuts, tighten
26.) Install Bar Oil Tank onto back of chainsaw safety cover with
13mm nut
27.) Remove 10mm bolt and nut from holder above splitting trough,
keep plastic tube as well
28.) Put large safety cage cover into place, slide through hole in
29.) Re-install 10mm Bolt, tubing and nut, snug up lock nut, do not
30.) Remove nut from bar lube fitting, insert hose over barb and
snug up fitting (14mm)
31.) Route hose through hole in cover to bar oil tank, remove nut,
insert hose over barb and snug up fitting (14mm)
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Box 944
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Page 7
32.) Remove nut from Bar Oil tank fitting, insert hose through nut
and over barb, snug up nut over hose
33.) The chain can now be adjusted to ensure the tension is
set correctly. Proper chain tension is achieved when the chain
can be pulled away from the bar by hand ¼”-­‐ ½”. To tighten
or loosen the chain, the two bolts can be loosened using a
12mm wrench. Next, the allen key bolt can be turned
clockwise to tighten or counter-­‐clockwise to loosen the chain.
The two 12mm bolts can be tightened again to hold the bar
34.) Hook sawbar return spring into slot.
35.) Apply grease liberally to the metal surfaces that touch below
the spring, this will help them slide
36.) Remove 2 10mm Nuts & Bolts and plastic tubing for small
safety cover mount
37.) Set small safety cage in place, re-install 10mm bolts nuts and
Range Road Enterprises Ltd
Box 944
Eckville AB T0M 0X0
Page 8
38.) Bolt roller travel mount to processor, 2 – 13mm bolts and nuts
(mount may be in Toolbox)
39.) Mount toolbox, 2 – 13mm bolts and nuts
40.) Position & tighten chainsaw actuator tab so it will activate
valve when moved, can adjust later if needed
41.) Find the ends of the 4 Hydraulic hoses that are not hooked up
42.) Connect hydraulic hose to saw motor, make sure hose is routed
cleanly and not rubbing, connect marked Hoses to corresponding
port, “A” to “A”, “H” to “H”,etc.
Make sure hoses are routed cleanly and will not rub
43.) Undo 17mm nuts on engine mount bolts and apply Loctite, retighten
44.) Remove 10mm nut, lockwasher and flatwasher from starter
solenoid, Install loop from red wire onto stud of solenoid and reinstall washer and nut, do not overtighten nut
Range Road Enterprises Ltd
Box 944
Eckville AB T0M 0X0
Page 9
45.) Remove 13mm bolt from hydraulic pump mount, put ring from
black wire on bolt and re-install
46.) Tighten wires onto correct battery terminal (red +, Black-),
install terminals on battery and snug up 10mm bolts
47.) Remove 2 Allan head screws from tabs behind small safety
48.) Remove 10mm Bolt & nut from side of sawdust collector
49.) Remove 10mm Bolt & Nut from lower bracket by engine mount,
flip bracket outwards 180° and re-install Bolt & Nut, do not
50.) Put Hydraulic cover in place (large Orange curved cover),
Install 10mm Bolt & Nut in lower hole
Range Road Enterprises Ltd
Box 944
Eckville AB T0M 0X0
Page 10
51.) Install 10mm Bolt & Nut in side of sawdust cover
52.) Install 2 Allan head bolts ion top of cover, tighten all bolts
53.) Remove 2 – 13mm Bolts & Nuts from chainsaw engagement arm
54.) Attach extension to drawbar and tighten 13mm bolts
55.) Remove 2 – 13mm Bolts, Nuts & Bracket from bottom of
engagement arm
56.) Put engagement arm in place, install bracket and 2 – 13mm
Bolts & Nuts, Tighten
57.) Remove 16mm bolt x 17mm nut from drawbar
Range Road Enterprises Ltd
Box 944
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Page 11
58.) Slide drawbar into tube on front of processor, Re-install and
tighten 16mm bolt x 17mm nut, loosen 18mm nuts on 2 retainer
bolts, tighten bolts against drawbar, then re-tighten nuts to lock
into position
59.) Remove 16mm bolts x 17mm nuts from drawbar
60.)install jack and tighten bolts
61.) Tighten bolts on drawbar coupler
62.) Remove cotter pin from fixed position roller shaft on log roll
arm, rollers are not marked so you may have to trial fit to see
which roller is in the fixed position
63.) Slide pin through both brackets and roller and re-install cotter
64.) Fold log roller arm into travel position and make sure travel
safety pin slides into place, adjust mount position if necessary
65.) Mount fenders using the 2 long 13mm bolts and nuts supplied
with each fender, make sure that if the fender has signal light
mounting holes they face to the rear
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Page 12
repeat on opposite side
66.) Find the Hydraulic tank cleanout cover on the bottom of the
tank below the wedge, remove one bolt and coat the threads with
silicone or a thread sealant, re-install bolt and move to the next
one until all 4 are done, this will prevent any oil leaking through the
67.) Install splitter wedge
If unit was purchased without an outfeed conveyor connect
unmarked loose hydraulic hose to open port on return Tee and
tighten, then proceed to step #68 .
If unit was purchased with an outfeed conveyor, DO NOT do this
68.) Open conveyor box, remove shrinkwrap from conveyor, box
Conveyor Top Section
Lower Section, includes Hydraulic pump
Top and bottom sections may already be bolted together
Range Road Enterprises Ltd
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Page 13
Top Roller
69.) Pull conveyor leg out of holders and re-intall in top tube only,
place lower conveyor in place and install 2 mount bolts, do not over
tighten, conveyor must be able to swing up and down freely
70.) Remove bolts at rear of processor body
71.) Put conveyor in place and re-install bolts, tighten
72.) Install belt, be careful when unwrapping so you don’t lose the
lacing pin. Mate the ends of the belt together to make sure as
many laces overlap each other as possible, insert pin
73.) Slide top roller into place
74.) Pull belt into position
75.) Install lower side extensions, lower end mounts with an allan
head bolt x17mm nut, bolt on motor side is also used to secure
chain for leg
Range Road Enterprises Ltd
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Page 14
Upper end is secured with 13mm Bolts, spacers and nuts, the travel
cable is also installed with theses bolts
76.) Hook up hydraulic hoses, one from processor to conveyor, 1
from conveyor to processor return tee
77.) Check engine oil, top up or fill as necessary
78.) Add bar oil
79.) Flush hydraulic tank, pour 2-3 litres of hydraulic oil into tank,
then unscrew drain plug on bottom of hydraulic tank and drain to
flush out any contamination
80.) Make sure all return hoses are run the cleanest way, so they
won’t rub or pull tight, you may have to swap Tee’s or hose positions
81.) Add 20L aw32 hydraulic oil
Range Road Enterprises Ltd
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Page 15
82.) Check all bolts, hoses and fittings, including engine mount bolts
to make sure nothing is loose
83.) Add fuel to engine fuel tank, do not fill above red level marker
in tank neck, the tank vents through the cap, if fuel is above this
line engine will not run very well and will stall
84.) Check adjustment of chainsaw chain, remember this is a
chainsaw so the chain should not be tight, the bottom should hang
off the bar slightly
85.) While supporting conveyor pull out safety pins and slowly lower
unit, adjust leg until conveyor is at desired height, attach safety
chain to catch at bottom of leg
86.) Unfold conveyor so that it is full length, pull pin and engage
locking clasp between upper and lower conveyor, re-insert pin
87.) Engage conveyor lock between upper and lower conveyor
88.) Remove travel cable from operator side of conveyor, let it hang
out of the way on opposite side
Check to make sure nuts are tight on cable clamps
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Page 16
89.) Turn adjusting bolts until conveyor is snug, if belt is too loose
drive pulley will spin without turning belt, if it is too tight a jammed
piece of wood could tear belt
90.) Grease conveyor bearings, 2 at top of conveyor, 1 at bottom
91.) Make sure that manual ram engagement bar is in up position,
Start engine and let idle until engine and hydraulic oil are at
operating temperature
92.) While engine is warming up, adjust conveyor belt to run in
center of upper and lower pulleys, upper puller has bolts on either
side for adjustment
Lower pulley only has adjustment bolts on side opposite of drive
When adjusted properly belt rides in center of lower pulley
93.) When unit is up to operating temperature operate saw and ram
multiple times to make sure they are adjusted and working properly
94.) Shut unit off
95.) Check all nuts, bolts, hose and fittings one more time, check
for leaks
The following is for units shipped with no engine or the engine
shipped un-mounted
Range Road Enterprises Ltd
Box 944
Eckville AB T0M 0X0
Page 17
Install Lovejoy coupler on engine crankshaft, snug but do not tighten
Find the Hydraulic pump and housing
Line the Lovejoy connectors up and trial fit the pump to the motor,
adjust the lovejoys so that there is a small space in between the
metal couplers (approximately 1/16”)
Tighten the bolts holding the housing to the engine and recheck the
spacing on the lovejoy
Place the main suction hose, the main pressure hose (goes to cage
by-pass valve) and the conveyor pressure hose in the area where
they will hook to the pump
Place engine mounts on frame and mount engine, do not overtighten
these bolts, the just need to be snug
Hook up main suction hose to the side of the pump with only 1
fitting, it will be larger than the others
Hook up the main pressure hose for the unit to the back fitting,
straight across from the suction line and the conveyor pressure hose
goes on the outer – single section of the pump
Range Road Equipment (Except Pellet Machines & Hammer Mills)
Range Road Enterprises Ltd
Box 944
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Page 18
This equipment comes with a 12 month warranty against Manufacturer’s defects and excludes
wear parts. If any product or part is proved to be defective within 12 months from date of
purchase, by reason of improper workmanship and/or material we will replace, or repair at Range
Road Enterprises Ltd. discretion, that part or product at no charge to you, excluding any
freight costs. Pellet Makers & Hammer Mills come with a 6 month warranty against
Manufacturer’s defects and excludes wear parts.
Items not covered:
Wear parts –including Saw Bar, Saw Chain, Drive Sprocket, Lovejoy Coupling & Rubbers, Tires, Bearings, Etc.
(Conveyor Belt – does not include rips or tears)
The engine is warranted separately by the engine manufacturer (Honda, Lifan, Kohler, Princess
Auto, Subaru, Etc.)
The warranty begins on the date of sale and is warranted by Range Road Enterprises Ltd. to the original purchaser
only. This Warranty does not cover items that have been damaged by accident, alteration, abuse or improper
If the equipment is used commercially (Over 50 cords of firewood per year for processor) or a rental, warranty
for this product is limited to a period of 90 days from the date of purchase.
Warranty cancellation
Unauthorized modification voids the warranty, Including but not limited to, welding, engine modification, pump and
hydraulic system modification. The warranty is void if the user violates the assembly and/or operating &
maintenance instructions.
Range Road Enterprises Ltd. shall not be liable under any circumstances for any incidental or
consequential damages or expenses of any kind, including but not limited to – the cost of equipment
rental, loss of profits, or cost of hiring services to perform tasks normally performed by the equipment.
Range Road Enterprises Ltd. obligation under this warranty shall be exclusively limited to repairing or
replacing (at Range Road Enterprises Ltd. discretion) products which are determined by Range Road
Enterprises Ltd. to be defective upon delivery F.O.B. (return freight paid by customer) Range Road
Enterprises Ltd., and on inspection by Range Road Enterprises Ltd.. This warranty does not apply to
defects due, directly or indirectly, to misuse, abuse, negligence, accidents, unauthorized repairs,
alterations, lack of maintenance, acts of nature, or items that would normally be consumed or require
replacement due to normal wear. In no event shall Range Road be liable for death, personal or property
injury, or damages arising from the use of its products. Range Road Enterprises Ltd. does not issue
credits or refunds on products purchased directly from a distributor or dealer.
Range Road Enterprises Ltd
Box 944
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Page 19
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