calumet 7000 series tripods
7100 tripod
with three-way quick-release head
Features include:
• 4-section legs with
convenient quick-release
leg locks
• 3-position leg-angle
adjustments with
spring-loaded lock
• Reversible sliding
center column
• Split-shaft column
allows for low-angle
• Three foam leg covers
offer over-the-shoulder
carrying comfort
• 3-Way pan/tilt head with
a 1⁄4-20 quick-release
plate and safety lock
Maximum Height*: 49.25" (125.1cm)
Maximum Height**: 57.75" (147cm)
Minimum Height: 9" (23cm)
Closed Length: 21.3" (54cm)
Maximum Load: 11 lbs. (5kg)
Weight: 4.5 lbs. (2kg)
* without column extended
** with column extended
Leg Angle
Leg Extension and Setup
One leg at a time, unlock the
top quick-release leg lock (A)
and pull out the top
telescoping section all the way
and relock quick-release.
Repeat until top section of all
three legs are fully extended. If
additional height adjustment is required, unlock the
middle and bottom quick-release leg locks (B and C) of
each leg individually and extend to desired height.
Next, using both hands, pull two of the legs away from
the center column (D) and touch tip of third leg to ground
and pull the two legs towards you until leg angle is equal
on all three legs.
Each leg can be set to
three different leg
angles of spread. Pull
each leg away from the
center column and it
will automatically lock
into the first position. To
change the angle of a leg, pull out the leg-angle lock (E)
and begin to pull out the leg. To set the leg at the second
position, push in on the leg-angle lock before you pass the
second-angle notch and pull the leg into the second
position. To set the leg at the third position, repeat this
procedure by placing the leg-angle lock against the thirdangle notch. To return the leg to the original position,
simply push leg back in towards center column until the
leg-angle lock clears the first-angle notch and slide the
lock back into lock position.
calumet 7100 tripod
with three-way quick-release head
Extreme Low-angle
Attaching Camera the
to the Quick-Release
(QR) Plate
This tripod is equipped with
a split-shaft column
allowing you to remove the
lower section for extreme
low-angle positioning of your camera on the tripod. Simply
unscrew the lower section and pull the three legs out to
their widest-angle setting. In order to protect the threads on
the top section of the column, it is recommended that you
remove the cap at the bottom of the lower section and
attach it to the bottom of the top section.
Mount the camera to the
QR plate by screwing the
male threaded mount into
the camera’s base-plate
mount using the pop-up handle (F) on the under side of QR
plate. Before fully tightening, be sure that camera is parallel
to the plate with the lens side of the camera over the small
hole in the QR plate. When fully tightened, replace pop-up
handle flat against QR plate.
Center Column Height
Mounting Camera
to the Head
To release and raise the
center column, simply turn
the column-lock knob (F)
counterclockwise and lift up
on column to desired height
and turn lock knob back into
locked position.
With camera facing
forward, insert the
quick-release plate
under the front lip on
top of the head and
push down on the camera until the locking lever clicks into
locking position, holding plate in place. Make sure the plate is
securely locked in place by rotating the safety lock (H)
towards head into its locked position.
Attaching the Locking Handles to the Head
There are two locking handles that need to be attached to
the head. The longest handle locks the forward and
backward tilting movement. The shorter handle locks the
side-to-side tilting movement. The panning movement is
locked by a small knob located at the base of the head.
Removing Camera from the Head
Removing the Quick-Release (QR) Plate
from the Head
Using the Medium 3-Way Head
To remove the QR plate (G) from the head, open the safety
lock (H) by rotating it clockwise away from the head until it
clicks open. Then rotate the locking lever (I) clockwise until
the QR plate pops up.
First release the safety lock and, while holding the camera
securely in one hand, rotate the locking lever away from head
until plate pops up and is released from head.
Each movement of the head — side-to-side tilt, forward-toback tilt and pan — has its own lock. The bottom locking knob
(J) controls 360° panning movement. The short locking
handle (K) controls side-to-side tilting movement. The long
locking handle (L) controls forward and backward tilting
U.S.A. 630.860.7447 x2258
United Kingdom 08000 964396
Germany 040 4231600
Belgium +31 20-697-7171
Netherlands 020-697-7171
Tripod Safety Tips
• Do not exceed maximum weight load.
• Always engage safety locks when using tripod.
• Remove camera before transporting tripod.
• Do not leave tripod unattended when working in
public places.
• Tripod does not require regular lubrication, but if
required, use a standard lubricant, oil or grease.
• Clean with mild detergent and a soft cloth.
Remove dust and sand from locking threads
and sliding segments.
• If tripod is found to be or becomes defective from
normal use, please contact your nearest Calumet
service and repair center.
Three Year Parts-and-Labor Warranty
IMPORTANT: In order to take full advantage of our three-year warranty, please register your product
today buy logging on to our website at Be sure to have your
receipt in hand when registering to easily locate your order number when prompted. Registering
online will also give you the option to receive other great offers from Calumet.
Calumet warrants these tripods to be free from defects in material and workmanship for
three years from date of purchase. If this product is found to be defective in material or workmanship,
Calumet Photographic will, at its option, repair or replace it without charge, subject to the following
limitations and exclusions:
• Warranty extends to the original purchaser only and is not transferable or assignable.
• Returned product must be accompanied with proof of purchase if online registration is not
• Warranty shall not apply to any product that has, in Calumet’s judgment, been subject to misuse,
abuse, negligence, accident or unauthorized repair.
Calumet’s obligation is limited to repair or replacement of tripod and/or head only, and no one is
authorized to assume any obligation not in accordance with the above. Should service be necessary
under this warranty, please contact us to receive the required Return Merchandise Authorization
Number (RMA#) and return the product with the freight prepaid to the address provided at that time.
Collect shipments will not be accepted. Product will be repaired or replaced and returned to you
prepaid. For technical assistance or to place an order, please call.
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