SD Card Settings

SD Card Settings
Quick Installation Guide
Card Settings from Web Internet Explorer
First Download the IP Finder :
Make Sure that the IP Camera and Your Computer is in the Same LAN
After Search Out Your Camera IP ,then Click the Open
Defaulted User and Password is : admin /888888
Enter the Setting pages
,and then SD Card Record Setting pages:
From this Page ,You can Format the SD Card,Setting the Record Schedule,Audio
Format SD Card Step is : Format- Submit-(wait a few seconds)-Refresh-Reboot
And more from the Alarm Setting Pages you can setup the SD Card Record
When Motion Detection Alarms.
Card Setting from APP Phone
Install the App(there are three way can find suneyes app):
Android APP:
①Search “ SunEyes T
” from the GooglePlay App Store.
②Visit the URL:;
③ Scan
follow the instruction to download the SunEyes T APP.
Iphone/Ipad APP:
①Search “ SunEyes T
” from the iTunes App Store.
②Visit the URL:;
③ Scan
follow the instruction to download the SunEyes T APP.
" SunEyes T" will be shown on the phone
Run the software and click “Add”
Click “scan”, and then point the phone camera towards to the UID sticker.
The UID can be found on the label on the bottom of the camera. After a “beep”
sound, the UID is scanned successfully.
You also can click “search” to add cameras in the LAN.
You also can write it into it manually
The default password is: 888888 .
PlayBack Video from TF Card
Click the icon
“check Camera TF Record” and then the App will Get the
TF Card Recording Video
Enter the TF Card Setting ,You can Format SD Card
Card Setting From PC Software
1. Visit
2. Click
"Add Camera", to connect camera.
to download and Install PC client.
Add cameras in LAN: click “Find” button and select the cameras.
Add cameras in WAN: Input UID Manually(UID can be found on the bottom of
the camera or Color Box Label)
Default password: 888888
3. Click
"OK" to confirm add camera.
4.Right click the windows and click the “Start”
5. Right Click the Video,Enter: Camera Options,Then Enter “Camera Parameters”
and You Need to Click “Get” Button to get the camera data.
Then you can Format the SD Card as below :
Remarls: Make Sure you Click the “Get
”Before Setting.
Download PDF