Product Brief DA7321 Dual I2S Audio Codec with configurable DSP

Product Brief
DA7321 Dual I2S Audio Codec with configurable DSP
& SRS Sound Support
General Description
Portable audio for advanced smartphones and other converged devices supporting multiple audio/voice
channels with optional DSP audio effects.
DA7321 is a multi-channel Audio CODEC processor with adjustable DSP effects that consists of 5 analogue inputs
and 5 DAC driving outputs suitable for a variety of low power, digital portable audio products. Featuring a high
efficiency headphone amplifier and supporting economic single supply voltages of 1.6V. The ultra-low 3.85mW
power consumption extends music playback time for battery operated equipment.
An embedded DSP engine provides a variety of audio enhancements and processing. N-band parametric EQ in combination with dynamic range control
enables louder and cleaner audio delivery on headphone and speaker peripherals. A psychoacoustic bass boost (PBB) can be enabled for improved
perceived low frequency response for playback on low cost small factor speakers. The dynamic range control offers more perceived loudness without
causing distortion in the audio signal chain.
SRS Sound (formerly known as SRS WOW HD) is also supported on DA7321. This signal processing technique significantly improves the audio image
size, bass sensation and dynamics of an audio system. This allows the end user to enjoy a better listening experience of music and video content played
back over headphones or speakers in portable mobile devices surrounding the listener with an engaging and powerful representation of the audio
The two I2S/PCM interfaces support all common sample rates between 8 to 96kHz in master and slave modes. Asynchronous rate conversion is also
available to allow optimal performance for advanced mixing when running from 2 different clock domains. The integrated PLL supports a large range
of input and output frequencies.
DSP filter engine for digital audio enhancements (dynamic range
control, psychoacoustic bass boost, N-band parametric equalizer
for speaker EQ, SRS Sound)
5-channel DACs with SNR 98dB (‘A’ weighted @ 48kHz)
4-channel ADCs with SNR 95dB (‘A’ weighted @ 48kHz)
Dual audio interfaces with asynchronous sample rate conversion
Stereo Playback/Record 3.85mW & 3.5mW
Accessory detection (microphone and headphones)
Ultra low power class G Stereo Headphone Driver with
- 2x23mW Output Power (32Ω) @ 1.6V supply
Differential mono earpiece driver
- 80mW Output power (32Ω) @ 3.3V supply
2-wire control interface
Pop & Click suppression circuitry
4.4x4.4mm BGA package, 0.5 mm pitch
SRS Sound
Tablet PC’s
Mobile Internet Devices
Psychoacoustic Bass Boost
Block Diagram
Feature Highlights
Digital Processing highlights
Asynchronous SRC for advanced mixing
Dual I2S interface
Capless headphone driver eliminates large AC coupling capacitors
SRS Sound support
Dynamic range control (Compressor/Expander/Noise gate)
Psychoacoustic Bass boost
N-band parametric equalization for speaker, headphone
and Microphone
Support Collaterals
Noise Gate Threshold
Make -Up
Noise Gate
Noise Gate
Soft Knee
Soft Knee Thresholds
PC based GUI to optimise the DSP features
Dynamic Range Control curve
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SmartControl™ Audio Tuning tools to configure DSP engine
Driver support for Linux & Android O/S
Limiting Threshold
n Ratio (A/
Compression Threshold
Limiting Level
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