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Classroom Projector
To switch inputs press the Input button on the remote to bring up the menu.
Pressing Input again will toggle to the next available input. Repeat until you
are on the desired input. On some remotes, press Video for the VCR/DVD
or Computer/RGB for the PC.
Input Options:
Input Device
Projector Input Selection
use the remote control
PC input
Video input
Connecting a Laptop to the Projector
To connect a laptop to the projector use the AUX VGA cable and refer to the
table below. If you do not have any video displaying and the projector is on
RGB1 compare the lights on the ATEN Video Matrix switch to
the table:
Video Source/Output
Video Matrix settings
Buttons 1 and 2 are green
Buttons 1 and 2 are amber
The audio from both the computer and VCR/DVD player will
play through the speakers regardless of the projector’s input.
If you have trouble with the wireless keyboard and mouse they
may need to be reconnected to the receiver. Press the Connect
button on the keyboard or mouse, then press the Connect
button on the receiver.
Call the IT Helpdesk at 398-2106 for assistance.
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