A 4395 500W 100V Public Address Mixer Amplifier

Redback® Public Address Amplifiers
Product Guide
A 4395 500W 100V Public Address Mixer Amplifier
A 4395 500W 100V Public Address Mixer Amplifier
The Redback A 4395 is a 500 Watt Mixer amplifier for installations
requiring a high power zone amplifier. Ideally suited for use in shopping centres, pedestrian precincts, public transport facilities and
convention centres.
Flexible input design
The amplifier has two audio inputs, with input 1 either a balanced
XLR input or dual RCA line input, and input 2 a dual RCA. There is
also a music input on the front of the amplifier for connection of
portable devices. This input when connected, over-rides the rear
input 2 audio source and is adjusted via the volume 2 level control.
Phantom power (15 Volts) is available at the 3 pin XLR on input 1
and both inputs 1 and 2 have adjustable input sensitivies.
Key Features
3 Australian made
3 10 year manufacturer warranty with local product support
3 Robust design incorporating latest MOSFET technology
3 Very low noise and distortion
3 70V, 100V and 4-16Ω outputs
3 240V AC or 24V DC operation
3 24V DC @ 1A output for external devices
3 300mA battery trickle charge
3 Adjustable input level sensitivities
3 Bass and treble controls
3 Phantom power on microphone input (XLR Input 1)
High Performance
3 Multi stage thermally cued fan cooling
A 4395 conservatively delivers 500W RMS of power.
Frequency response extends from 50Hz to 12kHz at a total
harmonic distortion (THD) of less than 0.5%. Output may be 100V
line or low impedance (4 - 16Ω) speaker loads.
3 Output peak limited
3 Thermal overload protected
3 Signal presence Indicators
Protection Features
3 Fault indicators
Fitted with in-built thermal overload shutdown, over current and
short circuit protection for reliable operation in all conditions.
3 Rack mountable (suits 19” racks)
3 Power status indicators
VOX Muting Functionality
A VOX circuit with front panel sensitivity adjustment, allows input 1
to mute input 2.
About Redback® Public Address Amplifiers
Redback® amplifiers are proudly designed, engineered and
manufactured in Australia.
Each unit is covered by a comprehensive 10 year parts and labour
warranty. Redback® offers rock solid reliability from over 30 years
experience in the commercial sound industry. Redback® offer locally
available servicing and parts, plus the ability to offer feedback direct to
the manufacturer.
Made in Australia by Altronic Distributors Pty. Ltd.
Ph: 1300 780 999
Fax: 1300 790 999
Internet: www.altronics.com.au
A 4395 500W 100V Public Address Mixer Amplifier
Rear Panel
9 10 11
1 240V AC input
5 20A DC resettable blade fuse
9 RCA input 1
2 100V/70/4-16Ω line terminals
6 24V DC battery charge link terminal
10 DIP input selection options
3 24V DC 1A output terminal
7 24V DC input terminals
11 XLR 3 pin balanced (input 1)
4 20A DC resettable blade fuse
8 RCA input 2
Power output:
Output line:
500 Watts RMS
< 0.5% @ 1kHz
100V, 70V or 4-16Ω
Mic 1
Line 1-2
3 pin XLR fem. (balanced)
Stereo RCA line 1-2
3.5mm jack line 2
Signal to noise ratio (Limiting by-passed)
Mic inputs:
Typically 75dB below rated output.
Line inputs:
Typically 81dB below rated output.
Mic input frequency response:
50Hz - 12kHz, -3dB
Line input frequency response:
50Hz - 15kHz, -3dB
Input sensitivity:
100mV or 1V
Power supply:
240V AC or 24V DC
Current draw:
350mA standby, 17A full load
240V AC power:
IEC power connector
24V DC power:
Screw terminal
10A AC, 20A DC fuses
VOX muting:
60dB below rated output
LED indicators:
Power, signal present,
output peak limiting, overtemp, current limit,
shutdown, VOX active, 24V DC, mains
Volume 1:
Volume 2:
Redback® Public Address Amplifiers
Product Guide
Controls mic 1 / line 1
Controls mic 2 / line 2 (and music input)
±10dB @ 100Hz
±10dB @ 10kHz
On/Off switch
483W x 410D x 88H mm
Screw terminals for 100V line,
70V line and 4-16Ω
Notes: We do not recommend using this amplifier with a combination of low
impedance and 100V line speakers.
Architect Specifications
A 4385A
The amplifier shall have a power output of 250 Watts RMS. The unit shall have 4 inputs. Inputs 1 to 3
consisting of one balanced XLR microphone input and dual RCA line input. In addition, a local music input
shall have a 3.5mm stereo line unbalanced input. Frequency response shall be 50Hz – 10 kHz (-3dB) for
microphone inputs and 60Hz – 15 kHz (- 3dB) for line inputs.
The unit shall have separate volume controls for each microphone / line input and tone controls providing
10dB cut or boost at 100Hz and 13dB cut or boost at 10kHz.
The unit shall operate from 240V AC or 24V DC with a LED indicator, and be fuse protected. The unit shall
have overload protection via DC fuses.
The amplifier shall be capable of delivering full power of 100V RMS into a 333 ohm (125W) inductive load
with less than 0.5% distortion measured at 1 kHz and with system hum and noise typically -75dB with all
volume controls at minimum. The speaker outputs shall be 100V and 4-16 ohms provided via screw
terminals. Tape output shall be provided via dual RCA sockets. Internal muting shall be provided by the VOX
muting circuit. Muting should be configurable so that input 1 shall over-ride inputs 2, 3 and local music or
input 2 shall override input 3 and local music.
The amplifier shall be housed in a high quality 2RU metal chassis suitable for rack mounting.
The amplifier shall be a REDBACK PHASE 4 model A 4385A
Made in Australia by Altronic Distributors Pty. Ltd.
Ph: 1300 780 999
Fax: 1300 790 999
Internet: www.altronics.com.au
© 2015 Altronic Distributors Pty. Ltd. Specifications subject to change without notice. E&OE. Revision date: 28/10/2015.
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