MP42 / MP42X
Four Input / Two Output Mixer
1. INPUT LEVEL ADJUSTMENT – Sets the level of each input channel into the mix.
2. DIAGNOSTIC LED – Indicates the presence of Phantom Power and / or whether the input s
being overdriven.
3. MIC / LINE SENSITIVITY – Sets the sensitivity of the input channels preamp allowing an input
of varying
level. (Input #2, #3 and #4)
4. RCA CONNECTORS – Allows connection of source components that utilize RCA connections
using standard cables. This connection is summed mono internally, and provides a mono source.
5. EURO STYLE CONNECTORS – Used on all inputs to provide connection points for balanced
or unbalanced input.
The MP42 input module provides four independent inputs. Input channel 1 accepts line level
inputs only, and uses both a Euro-Style connector or paired RCA’s for line level sources. The
RCA inputs are summed mono internally for use with the output of a computer sound card, CD
Player, AM/FM Tuner, Cassette Deck or any other unbalanced audio source.
Input channels 2, 3 and 4 accept Mic or Line Level inputs, and use Euro-Style connectors.
Sensitivity is adjusted with the Mic/Line trim control on the module. The module provides 15V
of Phantom Power for each of these three inputs, independently, and can be assigned with jumpers
(JP1, JP2, JP3) on the module’s circuit board.
The three Mic / Line inputs have an LED that illuminates Green if the Phantom Power is engaged
for that input. The LED illuminates red if the inputs’ preamp is being overdriven. If both conditions
occur the LED illuminates Amber. If excessive drive signal is applied to the preamp while the
phantom power is engaged the LED may turn Red from its Amber condition.
Input gain of INPUT 1 can be set at –6dBu, 0dBu or +6dBu.
Each input channel can be assigned to output to channel 1, channel 2 or both via the Input Routing
DIP switch on the module’s circuit board.
*Carver Professional reserves the right to improve its products at any time.
Therefore, features and specifications are subject
to change without notice.
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Rev. 12.27.01
MP42 / MP42X Specifications
Measurement Conditions (unless otherwise specified):
±15vdc power supply
One input selected, Level and Gain @ maximum
Source Impedance: Balanced Mic/Line 150ohm, Unbalanced Line 25ohm
Output Terminations: 10k ohm
0dB Reference Output Level: 0dBr= 0.775Vrms
1kHz Signal
Mic/Line Inputs #2, 3, and 4
Input Type: Euro-block, balanced
Voltage Gain: 6dB to 44dB (continually variable from Line to Mic)
Mic Input Impedance: Designed for use with: 50 to 600ohm
Actual (typical): 1200 ohm
Line Input Impedance: Designed for use with greater than or equal to 10k ohm
Actual (typical): 20kohm
Equivalent Input Noise: -125dBV with 150 ohm source, 20 to 20,000Hz
Mic Clip Level: -24dBV (0.5% THD+N)
Line Clip Level: +13dBV with gain set to minimum (0.5% THD+N)
Mic Input Sensitivity: -46dBV for 0dB output
Line Input Sensitivity: -8.2dBV for 0dB output
CMRR, Mic: >70dB @ 1kHz, >70dB @ 10kHz (-46dBV input level)
CMRR, Line: >88dB @ 1kHz, >70dB @ 10kHz (-8.2dBV input level, gain @ minimum)
Peak Indicator Threshold: Red at 5dB below clipping
Phantom Power: +15Vdc, individually selectable for each channel with internal jumper
Phantom Power Indicator: Green when selected
Line Input #1
Input Types: Euro-block balanced, RCA unbalanced (both are summed together pre level and gain settings)
Voltage Gain, RCA unbalanced: -2.2dB
Voltage Gain, balanced: 0dB (unity gain)
Selectable Gain Settings: +6dB, 0dB, and -6dB (internally selectable with jumper)
Input Impedance, balanced: 50k ohm
Input Impedance, unbalanced: 22k ohm
Input Clip Level: +22dBu
Input Sensitivity, balanced: 0.775mVrms (0dBu) for 0dB output (0dB gain setting)
Input Sensitivity, unbalanced: 1Vrms (2.22dBu) for 0dB output (0dB gain setting)
CMRR, balanced input: >75dB @ 1kHz, >63dB @ 10kHz (0dBu input level, 0dB gain setting)
Outputs Ch1 and Ch2
Output Type: 20 pin polarized header interface to CV amplifier
Input to Output Routing: Inputs can be internally switched to Ch1, Ch2, or both outputs
Output Modes: Normal, Parallel Mono, Bridged Mono (internally selectable with jumper)
Frequency Response: 15 to 37,000Hz, -3dB limit (all inputs)
S/N Ratio, Mic/Line Inputs #2, 3, and 4: -96dB with gain control @ 50% (A-Weighted)
-75dB with gain @ maximum (A-Weighted)
S/N Ratio, RCA input #1 unbalanced: -90dB (A-Weighted)
S/N Ratio, input #1 balanced: -95dB (A-Weighted)
THD+N, Mic/Line inputs # 2, 3, and 4: <0.004%, 20 to 20,000Hz (gain @ minimum)
<0.03%, 20 to 20,000Hz (gain @ maximum)
THD+N, RCA input #1, unbalanced: <0.005%, 20 to 20,000Hz
THD+N, input #1, balanced: <0.005%, 20 to 20,000Hz
Output Clip Level: +22dBu
Channel Separation between Ch1 and Ch2 Outputs: 85dB @ 1kHz
(with Input #2 @ -46dBV, Input #1 terminated with 150 ohm)
Channel Separation between Ch1 and Ch2 Outputs: 87dB @ 1kHz
(with Input #1 @ 0dBu, input #2 terminated with 150 ohm, gain at minimum)
Channel Separation between Ch1 and Ch2 Outputs: 65dB @ 1kHz
(with Input #1 @ 0dBu, input #2 terminated with 150 ohm, gain at maximum)
Regulatory Compliance:
Proposed ETL/C Mark to:
CE Certification to:
UL6500, 2nd Edition
EN55103-1 & EN55103-2
Operation Temperature Range: 0°to 70°C (32°to 158°F)
Storage Temperature Range: -45°to 70°C (-113°to 158°F)
Dimensions (H x W x D): 81mm x 158mm x 109mm (3.20 x 6.25 x 4.30 in.)
Net Weight: 0.26kg (0.58lbs)
Shipping Weight: 0.4kg (0.8lbs)
Furnished Accessories: (4) Input terminal blocks, 3 pin
Rev. 12.27.01
9300 North Decatur - Portland, Oregon 97203 - Tel: 503.978.3344 - Fax: 503.978.3302
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