Security when off the corporate network, off the VPN.

Security when off the corporate network,
off the VPN.
Our need: always-on network security
It’s quite simple: the more your employees can work from anywhere, the more productive
and profitable your business becomes. But as the way we work has changed, so how
will your security change? Over the years, you’ve implemented a security stack with best
practices to protect your intellectual property, employee information, and customer data.
You’ve stacked multiple security solutions (e.g. firewall, proxy, antivirus) for “defense-indepth.” And yet, you’re still re-imaging laptops and flooded by security alerts.
First dilemma: too much malware reaches you
The bottom line
The VPN is not always-on
despite “best practice” or
“locked down” policies. And
your firewall, proxy, and AV
are not enough to protect your
mobile workforce.
Your security stack must wait until malicious traffic reaches your perimeter or endpoints.
Then, your firewall, proxy, and antivirus can detect and prevent the threat. If you use a SIEM,
it receives too many alerts for every attack that reaches each of these security layers. Your
CISO is asking, “Would a better firewall or proxy or antivirus result in more effective security,
OR do we need something new?”
Second dilemma: perimeter security is often blind
Whether you’re using Office 365, Salesforce, DocuSign, or other industry-specific cloud
apps, the data your employees need to access is no longer on-premises. As remote users
work more and more via the cloud, visibility is lost. Perimeter security appliances and VPNs
are no longer always going to protect your devices and data. Your CISO now wonders,
“How can we enable the business to work from anywhere, yet, ensure consistent,
always-on security?”
You cannot rely on the VPN
You need off-network security
beyond the
Remote access to the corporate
network is no longer required
to get work done.
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over all
Always ON
Enable your employees to
embrace the cloud and work
from anywhere.
The reality today
“B y 2018, Gartner estimates
that 25% of corporate data
traffic will bypass perimeter
security and flow directly
from mobile devices to the
Solution: Cisco Umbrella becomes your first line of
Better together
Cisco Umbrella is a cloud security platform that provides the first line of defense against
threats on the internet wherever users go. Because it’s built into the foundation of the
internet, Umbrella blocks threats over any port or protocol before they ever reach your
network or endpoints. Plus, it delivers complete visibility into internet activity across all
locations, devices, and users. Our service is transparent to your employees and devices
because it leverages existing internet infrastructure, VPN agents, and OS components.
• 60,000 businesses use
Cisco AnyConnect VPN.
By analyzing and learning from internet activity patterns, Umbrella automatically identifies
current attacks and uncovers internet infrastructure staged for emerging threats. Then
it proactively blocks requests to malicious destinations before a connection is even
• Now when businesses use
both, there are no extra
agents to deploy.
• 12,000 businesses use
Cisco Umbrella for always-on
security — even when the VPN
is off.
With Umbrella, you can stop phishing and malware infections earlier, identify infected devices
faster, and prevent data exfiltration. And because it’s delivered from the cloud with an
open API, Cisco Umbrella provides an effective security platform that is simple to use and
automated. It’s the fastest and easiest way to protect all of your users in minutes.
Why organizations use Umbrella
The easiest and fastest security you’ll ever deploy.
• There is no hardware to install or software to manually update.
• For the first time, adding security won’t add any additional latency.
• Our endpoint footprint is one-quarter the size of antivirus because everything happens in
the cloud, and when a new version is available, it automatically updates without reboots.
The largest reduction in security noise and break-fix busy work.
• Noise from your security stack’s alerts can hide the most damaging attacks from your
incident response team.
• Prevent both garden-variety and advanced threats before an IP connection is ever
attempted or a file is ever downloaded, so there are far fewer alerts to triage and prioritize.
• Simply put: AV, firewalls, and proxies are not enough.
The best way to extend protection beyond the perimeter .
• Convert your local threat detection into global threat prevention using our API-based
cloud service.
• Many turnkey integrations are available—go to to learn more
about our most popular integration.
• Using our API, easily extend and immediately block any malicious domains detected by
your existing security stack.
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