To print using the GoPrint pay-for-print system you will need to select

To print using the GoPrint pay-for-print system you will need to select the appropriate GoPrint queue. From your
application, select FILE-Print .
From the drop down printer menu choose the GoPrint hold queue to which you wish to send your print request. Press
the OK button to send your request, then walk to the GoPrint Release Station.
Click on the button corresponding to the workstation from which you sent your print request. Use the “back” and
“next” buttons to scroll through until you find the button for you workstation.
Select print job that you wish to release to the printer. There may be other print jobs waiting to be released by
previous students at your workstation. Press the “GoPrint” button when you have selected your print request.
Check that the print job selected is actually the print request that you wish to print.
Note the cost of the job and make sure it is what you expect. Swipe your “UWIN Card” through the GoPrint swipe
card reader to request the cost of the print job be deducted from your account.
You must have enough funds already in your account before the print job will be released.
In the top right corner of the window, note your account’s current balance prior to releasing your print request. Press
the “Accept” button to debit your account and release your job to the printer.
The printer that your request will be released to is displayed upon the screen.
You should immediately go to that printer to pick up your print job as there may be many people sending their own
requests for printing.
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