neoptix® ofx-2

OmniFlex-2™ Temperature Measurement System
Field-upgradeable multi-channel
fiber optic temperature measurement made simple
• Available with up to 104 channels
• 3.5 inch color touch display (320 x 240 pixels)
• 19-inch rack-mountable enclosure, for a
maximum of 13 OmniModules (104 channels)
• 6 GB logging memory
• Hot swappable slide-in OmniModules
• Ethernet interface, with web server
• Accuracy of ±1 oC
• Easy to add more channels and features later
• Intuitive operation through touch display
Product Summary
Description: Multi-channel fully upgradeable
Fiber Optic Temperature Monitoring system.
Field upgradeable to as many as 104 channels.
Can be controlled via flexible color touch screen
and powerful webserver software. The Ethernet
interface allows reliable and sizzling
connection to any PC or MAC computers.
Application: For general purpose temperature
measurements, where immunity to
electromagnetic fields is required. Ideal for
transformer heat runs, medical and high voltage
applications, and other demanding
industrial applications.
• Acquisition as fast as 0.1 second per channel
• Voltage or current analog outputs
NEOPTIX® OFX-2 OmniFlex System
The Neoptix OmniFlex-2 system is a fully upgradeable, multi-channel fiber optic temperature monitoring system
featuring up to 104 channels. It is designed with reliability, versatility and upgradeability in mind
Flexible rack
mounted enclosure
The OFX-2 system starts with a standard 3U or 6U / 19-inch rackmount chassis that can
accommodate up to thirteen multi-channel fiber optic OmniModules, providing up to 104
channels per system. Multiple chassis can easily be cascaded together using a simple Ethernet
router. You can easily add modules yourself – just remove the blank panel at the location where
you want to add the new OmniModule and slide the module into the chassis. Fasten the module
in place and the software will automatically insure full module operability.
Wide range of
modules to select
The OmniFlex system allows using various types of modules in the same chassis. These modules can easily be swapped to match
the needs of specific projects in your laboratory or testing facility. Measurement rates are up to 10 Hz per channel. Two parameters
should dictate how you select your OmniModules: 1) Sampling speed and 2) Number of desired channels. Two chassis sizes are
available: The 3U version can accommodate 6 OmniModules, while the 6U version can be fitted with a total of 13 OmniModules.
Local color display
A color LCD display on the CPU module allows performing some basic parameter settings. This
touch display is also very useful to preview probe temperature data, as the data is acquired in real
Powerful yet simple
web server software
The powerful web based software is the perfect companion to the OmniFlex system. Indeed, it offers a
seamless interface to any PC or MAC computer.
It allows for displaying all channels at once, and provides a versatile logging facility to files that are
directly readable by Microsoft Excel. It also includes a module configurator that
allows physical configuration of OmniModules with the software, with graphic
capability, and more...
Cascading multiple chassis together is also very simple: just use an Ethernet switch
or router to add many chassis together. Using a common wireless router would even
give you Wi-Fi connectivity!
Designed to address
a large variety
of applications
Since its introduction in 2006, OmniFlex systems have been used in aerospace applications, R&D applications going from food
packaging research to cryogenic research, to medical and demanding industrial applications, and much more; it is the perfect tool
to measure temperatures when strong electrical and/or magnetic fields are present. It has also been a tool of choice for monitoring
temperatures during power transformer heatrun testing.
The ideal tool for
monitoring during
transformer heat
run tests
The OmniFlex is the ideal tool for monitoring T2 probes during temperature rise tests. It gives the user a stable and consistent
system to work with.
No more quick learning of a new conditioner with the danger of missing the heat run test altogether! The OmniFlex allows you to
work within a known environment, with guaranteed data consistency.
Now with an isolated
Ethernet interface
As the OmniFlex is mostly used as a laboratory instrument, we have upgraded its interface to Ethernet 10/100BASE-T. While making it
easier to interface to modern PC computers, it offers full electrical isolation between the PC and the OmniFlex chassis. This is particularly
important when working with high power devices, which could cause ground loops and large potential differences between electrical
apparatus. The web server software offers fast data transfers and removes need to install any software on your PC.
An optional OmniModule offers 16 analog outputs, with 0-10 V or 4-20 mA outputs.
Temperature probes
The OmniFlex is compatible with all Neoptix fiber optic probes, the T1, T2 and TX probes. These probes can be
ordered in lengths of up to 1 kilometer
Fiber optic extension
These cables are made with a polyurethane jacket reinforced with Kevlar threads and are designed to withstand
the harshest conditions. Available in many standard lengths; custom lengths are also available from 1 meter to 1
kilometer. The temperature range is -50 ºC to +85 ºC. Cables should be routed into protective conduits or tracks.
More accessories
Contact Neoptix to get information about the latest options and fiber optic accessories, such as optical feedthroughs, tank wall
plates, junction and NEMA boxes, and so forth.
Model name
OmniFlex-2 (OFX2)
Number of channels per
Up to 48 channels for the 3U chassis (or up to 24 direct channels)
Up to 104 channels for the 6U chassis (or up to 52 direct channels)
Number of modules per
Up to 6 OmniModules for the 3U chassis
Up to 13 OmniModules for the 6U chassis
Note: If used, the analog output module will occupy one module space
Data logging
6 GB memory, in Excel compatible files
Slide-in OmniModules are hot swappable, and recognized
automatically by the software.
Operating Mode
Built-in web server (based on Linux technology)
Chassis includes 3.5 inch color touch display
(QVGA, 320 x 240 pixels) for system configuration
Communication (hardware)
Ethernet 10/100BASE-T (RJ45 connector)
RS-485 isolated serial port, 5-position screw terminal block
USB-2 type A
Analog outputs
Requires optional OFX2-AOUT module (see next page)
0-10 V or 4-20 mA outputs (software selectable)
Programmable span and zero, for each channel
Operating temperature
-20 to +60 °C, 5-90% humidity, non-condensing
Storage temperature
-30 to +80 °C, 5-90% humidity, non-condensing
Light source
Light source lifespan and optimal system performance superior
to 300 years of continuous use.
No degradation of total system accuracy over light source lifespan
Form factor
19 inch rack 3U or 6 U, rack-mountable
Optical: Standard ST connectors
Ethernet: RJ45
Serial port and analog outputs: 3.81 mm pitch screw connectors
USB: Type A
3U chassis: Width: 483 (19 in) Depth: 170 Height: 180 mm
6U chassis: Width: 483 (19 in) Depth: 170 Height: 360 mm
Weight: 3 to 8 kg, depending on the number of installed modules
IEC 61000-4-2 ESD / IEC 61000-4-3 Radiated RFI
IEC 61000-4-4 Burst / IEC 61000-4-5 Surge
IEC 61000-4-6 Induced (Conducted) RFI / IEC 61000-4-11 Voltage dip
FCC 47 CFR Part 15, Sub B
ICES-003 Issue 4, Feb 2004
20 to 28 VDC (24 nominal). 2.5 A universal medical grade power supply
included (input 100 to 240 VAC, 47-63 Hz)
Chassis 3U: Maximum 40 watts with all OmniModules installed
Chassis 6U: Maximum 60 watts with all OmniModules installed
Probe compatibility
Compatible with all Qualitrol / Neoptix GaAs fiber optic temperature probes
Probe signal optimization
System has built-in Neoptix WTune™ probe optimization algorithm
Chassis and CPU module
To order an operational system, it is required to order a chassis, a
CPU module and OmniModules (see below)
Chassis: OFX2-CHA3U or OFX2-CHA6U
CPU module: OFX2-CPU
OFX2-04, OFX2-08, OFX2-4D and OFX2-AOUT (see next page)
and I/O
Mechanical and
Ordering Code
NEOPTIX® OFX-2 OmniFlex System
Available slide-in OmniModules:
Ordering code
Number of channels
Sampling method
Sampling Rate
250 milliseconds per channel
10 Hz per channel
1 Hz per channel
Chassis touch color LCD
Analog output
Probe compatibility
All Neoptix probes
Measuring range
-80 to + 300 ºC
16 outputs
0-10 V and 4-20 mA
Software selectable
750 gr
425 gr
5 watts
6 watts (max)
Communication and I/O
Operating Mode
Through Neoptix OmniFlex chassis
Mechanical and Environmental
Operating temperature
Same as chassis
Storage temperature
Same as chassis
Width: 51 mm; Height: 133 mm; Length: 165 mm
450 gr
500 gr
Power requirement
20 to 28 VDC through chassis (nominal: 24 VDC)
2 watts
3 watts
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