Aura Patented transducer technology provides the excursion of two standard 18" transducers
800 WRMS power handling
25 hertz low frequency usable response
Reduced Velocity PortTM (RVP) for reduced power compression and low distortion
The Aura model RS-8.1 is a high quality subwoofer system designed for high output and low distortion in critical sound re i n f o rcement applications demanding usable output to 20 hertz. The
RS-8.1 features the Aura 1808 18 inch low frequency transducer in a unique enclosure designed to
minimize port power compression and distortion.
The RS-8.1 features the Aura 1808 18 inch subwoofer driver. The 1808 is capable of two inches of
peak to peak travel and 1.5 inches of total linear excursion - twice other 18 inch transducers. The
patented Neo-Radial Technology (NRT) employed in the magnetic structure is the heart of the
1808. NRT is based upon high energy Neodymium magnets arranged in a radial configuration,
placing the entire voice coil in a linear magnetic gap. The voice coil is a one inch long edgewound
ribbon design and is mated to a rugged dual spider suspension. The NRT geometry increases
power handling, lowers distortion and, as an added benefit, provides complete magnetic shielding.
Most of the output of a vented subwoofer is generated by the port. The Aura 1808 transducer can
generate twice the volume of displaced air due to its large excursion capabilities - and this volume of
displaced air must be handled by the port. Ports with small areas can "seal up" at high air volume
velocities causing power compression, reduced output and distortion. The RS-8.1 enclosure features
a Reduced Velocity Port (RVP) to ensure free flowing air velocity and maximum output at the highest sound pressure levels. Additionally, the port is flared at both ends to reduce port turbulence - and
as a result, lower distortion. The physical location of the port at one end of the enclosure allows
arrays of subwoofers to be arranged so adjacent ports can be closely coupled.
The enclosure itself is constructed of rugged Baltic birch and covered in industry standard carpet.
Handles are installed on two sides for easy of handling.
The enclosure features a split grille design so the port grille can be removed for maximum port output. Two 4-pin SpeakOn connectors are standard, but can be exchanged for 2 Canon EP connectors.
(preliminary specifications)
Rated Impedance:
8 ohms
Minimum Impedance:
8 ohms
Power Handling:
Array Size:
Continuous Pink Noise: 800 watts Peak Power: 3200 watts
Sensitivity: 98 dB 1W/1m
1 RS-8.1
2 RS-8.1
4 RS-8.1
Half Space Reference Efficiency:
Max Continuous Acoustical Power Output:
29.6 W
118.4 W
473.6 W
Maximum Continuous SPL:
127 dB
133 dB
139 dB
Frequency Response:
25 - 125 hertz
Recommend Low Pass Crossover Frequency:
63 - 125 hertz
Recommended High Pass Filter:
Enclosure Tuning Frequency:
Net Enclosure Volume:
Dimensions (H x W x D):
Input Connectors:
20 - 25 hertz
25 hertz
225 liters (8 cu. ft.)
915 x 572 x 762 mm
36 x 22 1/2 x 30 in.
4 pin SpeakOn (2 wired in parallel)
Input Terminals:
pins 1+, 1-
System Polarity:
EIA, positive voltage to pin 1+ produces forward cone motion
Net System Weight:
63.6 kg (140 lbs)
Shipping Weight:
70.5 kg (150 lbs)
Aura 1808 with NRT TM
1. High Temperature Neodymium
Ring Magnet
2 .L ow Carbon Steel “Tear Drop"
Return Structure
3. Edge wound Anodized
Aluminum Voice Coil
4 .T h e rmoset Composite &
Nomex Former
5. Diameter Dual Spider
6. Forced Air Cooling
7. Fiberglass reinforced ribbed
paper cone
8. High Excursion cloth surround
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