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CANOR TP106 VR amplifier User Guide
Dear lover of music,
thank you, that you have purchased our CANOR TP106 VR amplifier. To preserve and
maintain the best characteristics of your amplifier, we recommend you carefully read the
following lines.
Safety instructions
Please, read before placing the device in action.
1. Read the instructions - all safety information and instructions should be read before using
the amplifier.
2. Keep instructions - security and user instructions should be stored for possible later use.
3. Follow the instructions - all the security and user instructions should be followed.
4. Water and moisture - amplifier should not be placed near water, for example near the baths,
swimming pool, kitchen sink, etc..
5. Accessories - do not use accessories not recommended by the manufacturer.
6. Location - do not put a device on the fragile backing. The device may fall, which can cause
serious injuries to children or adults, as well as damage to the device. Use only backings or
stands recommended by the manufacturer or sold to dealers at the same time with this device.
Any location of the device should be in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and
only accessories recommended by the manufacturer should be used.
7. Wall mounting - the device should be mounted on the wall only if the manufacturer
8. Ventilation - equipment should be placed so that it guarantees it a good airflow. This means
that it must not lie on the sofa or upholstered furniture, in the working condition it must not be
covered. It would then prevent proper air flow around the vent holes of device.
9. Heat – the device must be located so as to avoid the heating from heat sources, for example
heaters or stoves or other heat-producing equipment. The distance from the rear wall of the
device may not be less than 20 cm, and 30 cm above the area of the amplifier may also be no
obstacle. Alongsides of the unit should be ensured minimum 20 cm distance from other
10. Power source - the device must be connected only to a power supply, for which it is
11. Power cord - it is necessary to pay particular attention to a power cord, it must be
positioned so as to avoid stepping on it and to ensure it is protected against mechanical
12. The longer the period during which you do not use the amplifier – you should disconnect
the power cord from the mains supply, or at least turn off the main power switch located on
the rear panel.
13. Subjects containing liquid - do not place these objects (vases, flower pots), so that they
can fall on the amplifier, possibly a fluid could leak out of them on the amplifier.
14. Damage requiring service - equipment should be repaired only to qualified service once:
a) power cord is damaged
b) the device fell into the water or was poured
c) the device was exposed to rain
d) the device works incorrectly
e) the device fell to the ground or is otherwise mechanically damaged.
15. Repairs - all repairs must be entrusted to qualified service.
16. General warning - use the device only in accordance with the instructions.
Caution! To help you avoid an electric shock, do not expose the amplifier to
rain or moisture
Connecting the speakers and signal cables
Input connectors are located at the rear of the amplifier and correspond to the position of the
selector switch on the front of the unit as shown here ⊳Input - Input (located at the sides of
the backlighted CANOR logo). Input change to select either whereby buttons or remote
All inputs use RCA connectors and are connected by the usual rules, thus right channelRED, left channel-WHITE. On the output RCA connectors labeled TAPE OUT, you can
connect the recording equipment, for instance tape recorder, MiniDisc, etc.
The CANOR TP106 VR does not have input suitable for turntable pickup, it is necessary to
use a separate phono preamplifier, for example CANOR TP 305, which is then connected
between the turntable and a free line level input of the amplifier. For further information
contact your dealer please.
Speaker outputs are made up of two pairs of gold-plated speaker terminals labeled OUTPUT
+ and -.
Output transformer is optimized to connect the speakers with nominal impedance 4 to 8 ohms.
These connectors are located at the rear of the amplifier. Ensure that the polarity is observed
and matches the speakers.
Caution! Make all connections only if the device is disconnected from the
Switching on
If you have already connected all signal sources and speakers, connect the amplifier to the
mains. Please ensure the position of the volume control is fully counterclockwise (zero
Turn the amplifier on with the main Power Main switch, which is located at the rear panel.
When you turn on the switch, the amplifier is put into standby status - at the front panel the
red LED diode starts flashing. Pressing the Power button (at the front panel) initiates
controlled switching on sequence.
The first forty seconds the red LED diode blinks rapidly two times per second. Then the main
toroidal transformer gets connected (the CANOR logo lights up, and the volume control
backlights), and then begins the slow start-up of voltage provided by slow heating of vacuum
During the second forty seconds the red LED diode blinks slowly once per second. During
flickering of the red LED diode the amplifier can be switched off only by the Main Power
switch at the rear of the panel, or by the Power button at the front panel - amplifier in this
mode can not be turned off by remote control.
After eighty seconds of turning on, the red LED diode goes out and the yellow LED diode of
the first input TUNER lights up– not untill that time the input signal using high-quality signal
relays gets connected. Then you can use the ⊳Input - Input buttons to select an arbitrary
Operate the input source and increase the volume control in a clockwise direction until an
audio signal is observed and you hear the sound from the speakers. If for any reason no output
is observed, please refer to the trouble-shooting guide.
When switching off by that Power button the amplifier only remembers the last selected input
and automatically re-selects after reclosure.
Trouble-shooting guide
The amplifier is completely broken: power cord is not properly connected to the mains.
Solution: connect the cable properly
No input signal to one or both channels:
Solution: select correct signal source using the input buttons
⊳Input - Input. Verify that the input signal cables are properly connected.
Verify that the output signal cables are properly connected to the speakers.
Lack of bass output, impossible stereo location
Solution: Check polarity of speaker connection
Caution! Inside your CANOR TP106 VR amplifier there are no parts or
adjusting features that user can set or correct
Should you encounter a problem which you are not able to alleviate or identify despite above
information, please contact your dealer for further advice. Only when the problem cannot be
resolved should the unit be sent to the responsible distributor in your country.
European Community Directives
This product is designed and manufactured in order to comply with existing laws of the
European Community. This product is certified by testing laboratory and bears the CE mark.
Revision 12.2008
Output power
2x 40W
Input sensitivity
400 mV/40 W/1 kHz
Frequency range
20 - 20 000 Hz + -0.1dB/5W
Input impedance
25 kOhm
Harmonic distortion
<0,05 % /1 kHz, 5 W
Signal to Noise ratio
>93 dB
12AT7–4pcs, 6L6GC-4pcs, 5AR4-2pcs
230 V/50-60 Hz
Dimensions (WxHxD)
435 x 170 x 390 mm
25 kg
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