LFH9399/00 Philips dictation and transcription set - PC

Philips Pocket Memo
dictation and transcription
set with SpeechExec
workflow software
Push-button operation
Get more done in less time
with digital dictation and transcription
The Philips dictation and transcription set combines ergonomically designed hardware
and user-friendly software. Creating high-quality dictation files and transferring them to
your typist has never been that easy.
Professional recording solution
• Professional editing via push-button operation
• Exchangeable memory card for unlimited recording
• High-quality built-in microphone for excellent sound quality
• High recording quality in DSS and MP3 format
• Lightweight metal body for convenient working
• Direct charging via USB for economical recording
Professional transcription solution
• SpeechExec workflow software for easy data management
• Ergonomic foot pedal for convenient playback control
• Lightweight stereo headphones for enhanced wearing comfort
• Priority setting for getting urgent jobs processed first
• Automatic file download via USB for quick transcription
Dictation and transcription set with SpeechExec workflow software
Push-button operation
Exchangeable memory card
Priority setting
Lightweight metal body
Virtually unlimited recording capacity thanks to
an exchangeable memory card.
With the included priority setting option,
urgent recordings get processed first.
The ergonomically shaped light weigt metal
body is ideal for convenient working over
longer periods of time.
DSS and MP3 recording
Ergonomic foot pedal
Professional editing functions
The DSS format was developed for use in
digital voice recorders, allowing a high
compression ratio with little loss of quality.
The DSS format also allows you to store
additional information in the file header, which
facilitates the organization and the
transcription of dictation files. The MP3 format
is the common audio format for consumer
audio storage, as well as a de facto standard
encoding for the transfer and playback of music
on digital audio players.
Slim, ergonomic design guarantees hands-free
control of all playback functions with minimal
physical strain.
Easy and fast file editing (insert, overwrite,
append) via convenient push-button operation.
High-quality microphone
Professional headphones
The high-quality microphone delivers
increased recording sensitivty and excellent
sound quality.
Lightweight under-the-chin-style stereo
headphones designed to deliver excellent
sound quality, with soft ear cushions for
enhanced wearing comfort.
Automatic download via USB
When plugged in, the Pocket Memo dictation
recorder automatically downloads your audio
files directly onto the computer.
Dictation and transcription set with SpeechExec workflow software
Push-button operation
What is included?
Digital recorder LFH9375
USB foot control
Stereo headphones LFH0334
SpeechExec Transcribe software
SpeechExec Dictate software
Headphones: 3.5 mm
Microphone: 3.5 mm
USB: Mini-USB 2.0
Docking connector
Memory card slot
• Rechargeable: yes, via USB
• Battery lifetime: up to 23 hours in SP recording
• Batteries included: rechargeable
Foot pedal
• Connectivity: USB plug
• Product dimensions (W × H × D): 19.5 x 13 x 3.5
cm/7.7 x 5.1 x 1.4 in.
• Weight: 0.660 kg/1.5 lb.
• Type: LCD
• Diagonal screen size: 44 mm/1.7 in.
• Backlight: white
Storage media
• Exchangeable memory card
• Memory card types: Secure Digital (SD), Secure
Digital (SDHC)
• Mass storage class compliant
Audio recording
• Recording formats: Digital speech standard (DSS),
MPEG1 layer 3 (MP3)
• Built-in microphone: mono
• Recording modes: XHQ (MP3/stereo), HQ (MP3/
stereo), QP (DSS/mono), SP (DSS/mono)
• Bit rate: 13.5, 28, 64, 128 kbps
• Recording time (2 GB card): 349 hours (SP), 170
hours (QP), 72 hours (HQ), 36 hours (XHQ)
• Sample rate: 44.1 (XHQ), 32 kHz (HQ), 16 kHz
(QP), 12 kHz (SP)
Style: under chin
Acoustic system: open
Magnet type: neodymium
Diaphragm: PET dome
Voice coil: copper
Sound quality: optimized for voice playback
Impedance: 2 × 32 Ohm
Maximum power input: 2 × 10 mW
Sensitivity: 103 dB
Speaker diameter: 14 mm/0.6 in.
Cable connection: one-sided
Cable length: 3.0 m/10 ft.
Connector: 3.5 mm, right angled, stereo
Connector finish: gold-plated
Product dimensions (W × H × D): 16 x 15 x 1.8
cm/6.3 x 5.9 x 0.7 in.
• Weight: 0.660 kg/1.5 lb.
System requirements
• Processor: Pentium IV 1GHz recommended
• RAM memory: 1 GB (2 GB recommended)
• Hard disk space: 100 MB for SpeechExec, 850 MB
for Microsoft .NET 4
• Headphone output or speakers
• Operating system: Windows 7 (32/64-bit),
Windows Vista (32/64-bit), Windows XP (32 bit)
• Free USB port
• DVD-ROM drive
• Graphics card: DirectX-compliant graphics card
with hardware acceleration recommended
• Sound device: Windows-compatible sound device
Green specifications
Speaker type: built-in round dynamic speaker
Speaker diameter: 30 mm
Speaker output power: 200 mW
Frequency response: 300–8,000 (XHQ), 300–
8,000 (HQ), 300–7,000 (QP), 300–5,700 (SP) Hz
• Professional editing functions
• Multiple language support: 5 languages (EN, FR, DE,
• 2 smart buttons
• Author ID setting
• Control via push buttons
• File lock
• One-thumb operation
• Priority setting
• Voice-activated recording
• Automatic software updates
• Battery type: AAA/LR03 Alkaline, Philips AAA NiMH LFH9154
• Number of batteries: 2
• Compliant to 2002/95/EC (RoHS)
• Lead-free soldered product
SpeechExec Dictate software
SpeechExec Transcribe software
USB cable
Secure Digital memory card
2 × AAA Ni-MH batteries
Quick start guide
Design and finishing
• Color(s): Digital dictation recorder: silver/black
• Material: Digital dictation recorder: full metal body
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