Package Contents Outdoor Housing Wall Mount Power

Package Contents
Outdoor Housing
Wall Mount
Power Adapter
Cross Bridge
Power Cable
The ICA-501 / ICA-230 installation steps are similar. Below is the installation of ICA-M230.
Open outer carton, there are 2 boxes inside:
Wall mount
Outdoor housing
Take out all the components.
Wall Mount
12V DC
*Cross bridge
*Power cable
Feed power adaper and LAN cable through wall mount bracket.
Insert the cables into outdoor housing. The cables should be in and out from the central of electric board.
Fasten the wall mount onto the outdoor housing. Use L-wrench to screw up.
Take out the small screws, cross bridge and ICA-M230. Screw up the ICA-M230 to the bridge.
Move LAN cable from central to side. Insert power adapter to electric board connector marked “DC In”.
Minimum requirement is 12V DC 1.5A adapter (DC for both ICA-M230 and heater/fan)
Move LAN cable from central to side
Power adapter insert to “DC in” connector
Insert “power cable” to the electric board connector marked “DC Out”.
If ICA-M230 is obtaining power from a PoE device, you don’t have to connect the power cable for
Power cable
Insert to “DC
Out” connector
Put cables in order
Take out the screws and standoff, fix the bridge (with ICA-M230) onto the outdoor housing
Insert the power cable and LAN cable to the ICA-M230 connectors. Fasten the transparent cover to the
outdoor housing. The installation is done.
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